Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Biological Weapon Lyme Disease Claims Another Life -- Lyme Disease Is One Of Many Bio Weapons Based On The Mycoplasma Brucellosis

The latest casualties of the U.S. Military created biological weapon Lyme Disease. May they rest in peace now that their terrible suffering has ended.

The list of the most recent Lyme Disease casualties can be seen at the following link:

You can learn more about the creation of bio weapons like Lyme Disease through the following two books. The third book focuses on the National Cancer Institute's creation of the AIDS virus under Dr. Robert Gallo, which was contracted and paid for by the United States Military. AIDS would show up in the U.S. population in the 1970's, the result of gay men being injected with what they thought were free Hepatitis B vaccines, yet which were in reality the AIDS virus. The same scenario played out in other countries under the auspices of the World Health Organization, whose citizens had been given the virus under the pretense that they were being innoculated with various vaccinations. As a result, both Haiti and Africa, like the United States, would eventually experience AIDS cases in epidemic proportions.

The Brucellosis Triangle by Dr. Donald A. Scott


LAB 257, by Michael Christopher Carrol

Both can be purchased over the Internet.

Dr. Horowitz' book, " Emerging Viruses: AIDS & EBOLA" can be downloaded for free from the following Website.

It is a very well written piece of investigative journalism which should and definitely will shock your sensibilities.

*Dr. Horowitz book Emerging Diseases -- AIDS & Ebola can be downloaded at the following Website in PDF format for free:

George W. Bush's 21ST Century Brown Shirts

In the 21ST Century, the Neoconservative controlled Bush Administration has decided to resurrect the Brown Shirt concept of 1930's Nazi doctrine.

And since the attacks on 9-11 and the Patriot Act authorized National Security State that America has become, entire U.S. communities are being brainwashed into taking part in a modern day version of Hitler's Brown Shirt groups. To those who are unfamiliar with this term, Germany's Brown Shirts were comprised of German youth groups who were brainwashed by Adolph Hitler's Nazi Party, into becoming national spies. These children were then charged with the task of spying on their own communities, and eventually even their own parents.

Since 9-11, we have seen a resurgence of this Hitler Brown Shirt dogma here in the United States. However, this time around, it is not just the youth who are taking part in such spying. Adults are also joining in the fray here, and entire communities are now being used in which to covertly attack individual citizens through the use of myriad forms of psychological warfare, which include the use of gaslighting tactics such as street theatre.

And today's Brown Shirts have a very definite advantage over their 1930's counterparts -- the use of high tech satellites and mini camera equipped cellphones which have them spying on everyone; even each other.

The Illuminist Nazi's who harbor themselves within the shadow government in this country are in their glory, having taken the American people from within while destroying their Constitutional Republic and economy, and without most of them even realizing it. In this case, I cite a quote from the 1948 movie classic "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House," in which actor Melvin Douglas states to Cary Grant, after Grant has been thoroughly rooked into purchasing a derelict old home - "You've been taken to the cleaners and you don't even know that your pants are off."

In this case, it's the American middle class who's been thoroughly taken to the proverbial cleaners, however, through an Illuminati fabricated matrix of black propaganda failed to realize it. I hope they wake up soon.

Editor's Note:

I should also note the FBI and DHS' continued use of certain members of the TI community in which to covertly attack my person through the use of carefully, yet cleverly manipulated text on certain Websites in regard to articles that I have written. The fact that they would criticize those who are taking part in their own harassment, yet use similar tactics in which to attack someone else does nothing to enhance their own credibility. They are nothing but provocateurs for the same federal agencies who attack them.

Not a very effective way of combatting these crimes, when they throw in with the enemy. That is unless these particular TI's are in fact Intel agents of either the United States or some other country whose prime agenda here is to destroy the TI community from within by creating a sense of distrust to bring about such divisiveness -- a very likely possibility given the anonymity which the FEDS have over the Internet. Isn't that what the FBI's COINTELPRO operations have always been about? The use of deceptive practices in which to cause subterfuge within activist communities that challenge some aspect of the U.S. status quo.

However, I do find this an extremely clever way for the FEDS to obfuscate their own outrageous crimes; although, they did exactly what I expected they would do. Set up a smokescreen in which to focus the attention of the TI community away from the divisive activities of these federal agencies, while they continue to systematically dismantle the TI community. There are many legitimate TI's who are being demonized within the TI community by such provocateurs who pose as members of this community, which only serves to further such divisiveness, and which is why I encourage legitimate TI's to maintain their own identities (by describing their own accounts as targets of non consensual experimentation on their own Websites if possible) instead of being homogenized into communities which are clearly being manipulated and misdirected by these provocateurs.

I would wager at this point that if half of the people in these communities are legitimate TI's, it's alot. The key is to attempt to identify by their covert actions who may in fact actually be a provocateur posing as a TI. Also keep in mind that the Intel community is notorious for using blackmail in which to control those whom it has sensitive information on, and as such certain TI's who may have once been legitimate can now be compromised and forced to secretly promulgate an Intel false flag operation in order to destroy legitimate activist groups, which they were once loyal to.

Moreover, the federal agencies who continue to manipulate these people are also obfuscating their own extensive criminal activity, using demonization tactics in which to discredit many of those who are accurately reporting on the most egregious federal crimes ever documented.

The National Security Agency has now been exposed for its electronic branding of the American people, by encoding the distinct electromagnetic fields which each person's body emanates into its super computer database, and for the express purpose of illegally spying on these Americans, while subjecting them to non consensual human experimentation -- perhaps the greatest scandal in both American and human history.

What this means to each of you is that you have none of the privacy that you thought you had, because the NSA can track your body's own bio electromagnetic field in which to spy on you all the time, while both reading and influencing your subvocalized thoughts. Therefore, nothing that you say or do is private any longer. Even in the privacy of your own homes!

And at the forefront of this exposition are John St. Clair Akwei and those few of us who know for certain that the NSA has perpetrated this outrageous crime against us, and whose intent is to ensure that the rest of the people on this planet become aware of the NSA's New World Order terrorist roots before the New World Order controlled U.S. Intel community can finish us off.

Moreover, common sense would indicate that after decades of the most aggressive illegal spying of many of our persons, if these agencies had been able to indict us for some crime, they would have done so a very long time ago. So their excuses for such spying fly in the face of logic, and instead speak of a treasonous conspiracy to covertly dissolve the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The FBI does not need to resort to entrapment and other forms of COINTELPRO in order to catch legitimate criminals, since all they have to do is wait for these criminals to commit crimes. When the FBI is forced to resort to entrapment and the fabrication of evidence, it is because the people whom they are trying to arrest are not committing crimes and these agents have grown tired of waiting for them to do so!

Moreover, the FBI/NSA and their illegal satellite surveillance of our persons for decades at a time, has had nothing to do with any legitimate legal investigations.

Which raises the question, why spy upon us so invasively and for so long? The answer here is clear enough. To use us for the express purpose of non consensual experimentation. Subjects of government sanctioned covert mind control research.

And that is where this entire situation falls apart for these agencies. Because they have committed crimes against the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights that are so outrageous, and involve the use of classified satellite based technologies which prove that agencies like the NSA and FBI truly are terrorist organizations, and that these agencies are now in the process of unraveling.

The most logical reason for why they are demonizing those of us who have been targeted for non consensual experimentation and are now speaking up in regard to it. We are modern day MKULTRA survivors whom the Intel community is attempting to silence. However, we are stilling speaking out and this is terrifying the criminals within U.S. Intel whose resume includes some of the most diabolical crimes ever committed against humanity.

At least it's better late than never to expose these federal criminals to the American public, since you cannot take one word of what an agency like the FBI or DHS says at face value. These agents are manipulators with a set of cojones the size of Kansas. And this is why they take to demonizing those whom they cannot legally indict, in the court of public opinion. The FBI in particular is so criminal in its operations that it must blackmail those who can testify to these operations in order to silence them.

There is no rule of law here because it is these federal agents themselves who are violating the constitutional rule of law and whose refusal to accept responsibility for having done so will only magnify their own complicity in the future.

Why else would they go to such extremes in which to inflame public sentiment in regard to those whom they have subjected to such outrageous abuses? They are covering up for their own crimes! This is why many of us are being tried in the court of public opinion, without any regard for our own rights as citizens of this country.

No machination of the FBI or its criminal brethren can change this fact. No more than I (or for that matter other TI's) can see these reprobates tried in a court of law for the crimes that they continue to commit against us.

However, there is a much larger issue looming here than just the rights of individual citizens. We are truly in the midst of a cataclysmic event in which the Illuminati are gradually being exposed for their efforts in which to destroy humanity through the use of rampant genocide, as well as their agenda in which to take complete control of this planet through the infrared spectrum, by means of satellites and artificial intelligence super computer infrared predation of the human mind.

However, given the completely lawless society which the United States has become, there is little hope short of civil revolution, of ever seeing these criminals in court, and just as importantly, of having the RNM technology which U.S. Intel has deployed against many of us presented as evidence before a jury. Especially when one considers the deleterious effects that these mind control weapons have on the human brain, and that virtually all American citizens are catalogued within the NSA's computer database by way of their own EMF fields.

So is it any wonder why we are seeing situations like the Virginia Tech shooting taking place?

There is absolutely no rule of law in what these federal agencies are perpetrating here, in a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the facts in regard to their rampant violations of our rights as American citizens. It is also quite obvious that those being duped by these federal provocateurs are ill informed in regard to the history of criminality that the FBI and its Intel brethren in crime have committed against the American people and the rest of the world for more than a half a century. These agencies have tortured and murdered a great many people. They have burned men, women and children to death. These are BAD people.

In the FEDS' attack on my person I am documenting the most precedent setting violations of the 4TH Amendment in United States History. The agents involved are criminals who are looking to obfuscate their own extensive crimes through the use of myriad forms of calumny. However, the information that I am promulgating in regard to being used as an unwitting target of this technology is only going to further indict these monsters as time goes on, because I have been telling the truth in regard to what they have and continue to subject both my family and self to, and nothing is going to change that.

When you are illegally tracked by way of a government satellite and experimented upon by subhuman refuse, you have a right to defend yourself, and to expect that these government agents will be held accountable for their crimes.

However, the United States Federal Government is no longer accountable for any of their crimes. In case you haven't been paying attention, these so called government employees aren't accountable for anything. They just pass the buck to one another in order to further confuse the situation.

And where's this mismanagement gotten us? A situation in which the American middle class is paying to bail out Wall Street's financial debacles, while being subjected to this government's standard fear tactic mentality.

2008 was in and of itself a precedent setting milestone in regard to Wall Street which will likely be topped with a total collapse of the U.S. economy in 2009, and a subsequent depression, not unlike the one created by the Federal Reserve Bank in the years preceding 1929.

The situation has gotten so bad, that I even hasten to call it the United States Federal Government any longer, since the United States was created as a Constitutional Republic, and has degenerated into a national security state where a shadow oligarchy furtively rules this nation. And in diametrical opposition to the paradigm on which this country was founded.

Technically, this may be still be our country -- geographically speaking anyway; however this Illuminati "thing" that masquerades as a government has nothing to do with the America that our forefathers founded for us two centuries ago.

Moreover, those who would aid and abet such criminals as the ones who are presently running this shadow government, which utilizes satellite based weaponry in which to read and manipulate the thoughts and actions of the citizens of this planet, deserve to be enslaved by such a government.

And anyone who does not believe that Illuminati overseen federal agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS and the rest of their like minded treasonous, torturous and murderous brethren are New World Order terrorists and pawns, is simply not paying attention to how these agencies are operating. They are attempting to completely nullify the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights from our nation -- given this fact, how can these federal agencies and their agents provocateur be anything other than terrorists?

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