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An Open Letter To The FBI & Other Terrorist Organizations Who Operate Under The Facade Of Legitimate Law Enforcement

"In Regard To The Shadow Government Which Has Controlled The Three Branches Of The U.S. Federal Government For More Than Half A Century: A Corrupted Government Which Feigns Self Righteousness Is Worse Than No Government At All."

-- James F. Marino

Target Of NSA Non Consensual Human Experimentation


An Open Letter To The FBI And Other Counter Intelligence Agencies Who Operate Under The Facade Of Legitimate Law Enforcement While Perpetrating Covert Forms Of Terrorism Against Targeted American Citizens.

Written By James F. Marino

US Government Mind Control Torture Victim

The FBI and other federally funded government organizations have in every way possible violated the Constitution Of The United States Of America, as they continue each day to psychologically torture both my family and self. These attacks include a vicious and calculated campaign being waged to destroy our sanity. Your illegal use of psychological warfare on us (and the additional use of classified and advanced terrorist/mindcontrol technology on my person, which includes electromagnetic weapons (specifically psychotronics), is duly noted.

*Since the PNAC Bush Administrations' attacks on 9-11, the FBI is now funded to the tune of more than 6 billion dollars a year.

You agents are terrorists who should be subjected to the punishments befitting of such lowlife creatures. You are not defenders of the American people as your sordid COINTELPRO history clearly shows. Instead, you are the ultimate predators, given access to weapons which allow you the covert ability to torture Americans, and the plausible deniability in which to hide behind your criminal and cowardly acts, under the cover of law.

The psychotic and vicious acts which you mercilessly perpetrate against many American citizens, only further illustrate your true purpose in this country; to serve those in power by covering up their crimes, and protecting the status quo at all costs, while crushing any dissidence in the process through the use of covert forms of terrorism. Such terrorism includes but is not limited to psychological warfare and myriad forms of satellite predation, including the use of classified and satellite based electronic warfare programs which are deployed against American citizens. The FBI, NSA and CIA are not liberators of free speech within the United States Of America; they are suppressors of it.

You are not a proponent of the United States Constitution and the civil liberties afforded to each American by this legislation. Instead, you are diametrically opposed to such freedoms; a situation which is regularly demonstrated by the American Civil Liberties Union's ongoing battles with the FBI over its egregious violations of the Constitutional rule of law.

The FBI is the antithesis of the American way of life, and a threat to the American people.

Moreover, your presence in this country is an offense to each and every American citizen, and the very freedoms that America was founded on. If our founding fathers could see the complete subversion of government that the federal intelligence community has managed to perpetrate in this once great nation, they would surely be turning over in their graves.

In efforts to propagate your criminal activities under the color and cover of law, FBI agents have murdered, either directly, or by your knowledge of and complicity in the cover up of other murders, countless numbers of American citizens, including many Native Americans whom you persecuted when they peacefully organized in support of their civil rights. Your COINTELPRO style attacks on the American Indian Movement (AIM) at Wounded Knee, which left over 60 Native Americans dead, and an innocent man (wrongfully convicted in the deaths of two FBI agents) by the name of Leonard Peltier imprisoned for life, are documented for future generations of Americans to see.

Your notorious attacks on any types of activism are also well documented. Did you really think that you could get away with conspiring with the Oakland, California Police Department, to murder eco activist Judi Bari by bombing her car? Did you honestly think that the public would not find out about this evil machination of yours, or that you tried to cover it up by framing Judi for the bombing while she lay near death in a local hospital, from injuries sustained in this bombing?

Just what kind of lowlife creatures are you anyway? Actually, you have already answered that question time and time again, by your complete indifference to both the law and human life.

Moreover, you obviously knew that Judi wasn't a terrorist, or you wouldn't have gone to the considerable trouble of bombing her car and then setting her up so that she'd get the blame for bombing.

Talk about being vindictive.

Of course, you couldn't get an indictment against Judi, because a federal grand jury knew there was no real evidence against her, yet clearly suspected FBI involvement in her attempted murder, based on forensic evidence which proved that the bomb in her car was placed under her seat, and not behind it as the FBI had claimed.

And when Judi sued you in court, even your positions as federal officers could not save you from a jury who saw right through your lies, and awarded Judi and her partner Daryl Cherney over 4 million dollars in damages. It must have really been something for you and your giant egos to experience when the jury found in favor of them instead of the FBI.

Even if Judi had to win this victory posthumously.

You agents are the most pathetic and EVIL of psychopaths. And the most abject cowards; those who torture and murder without conscience, yet attempt to defend such revolting violence.

Moreover, exactly how is it that can you defend your use of psychological warfare on women and little children while they lay huddled in terror in the corner of their home, as you Nazi minded reprobates let them burn to death at WACO? You committed similar murders decades earlier at the home of AIM activist John Trudell, whose mother, wife and three young daughters you burned to death, as revenge for John Trudell's burning of an American flag on the steps of the J. Edgar Hoover Building the very same day. Didn't you see the fear of your own children in the eyes of the Branch Davidian's children as you burned them alive?



And you pieces of murderous and treasonous garbage are in no position to EVER stand in judgement on anyone else. Your outrageous crimes may be accepted by the U.S. Congress, but they will never be tolerated by the American people; especially when these people wise up to what the FBI and the rest of its treasonous cohorts in U.S. Intel really stand for: The Fourth Reich!

As for your attack on Judi Bari, did it even register with any of you that when a federal jury goes against the FBI in court that the FBI itself must have really overstepped its bounds? Probably not, since you are still committing the same criminal acts that you always have, over and over again!

What about Dr. Steven Hatfield, whom you all but accused of being the anthrax mailer? You never found any evidence to link him with this situation, yet you systematically went about the process of dismantling his life and reputation. And you never even once offered an apology to the man whose life you completely destroyed.
However, years later Dr. Hatfield would sue you and win a sizable settlement in court, only to find you changing your tack at the last minute and then blaming Dr. Bruce Ivins for the anthrax mailings. And your method of criminal operation changed little in your attack on Dr. Ivins, using your COINTELPRO tactics in which to drive him to the commission of suicide.

Or did you covertly murder Dr. Ivins in a made to look like suicide like you have so many others? You certainly did not protect and defend the U.S. Constitution in this case, trying Dr. Ivins in the court of public opinion instead of a courtroom!

And you used the same pathetic tactics in the Olympic Park bombings, when you attempted to destroy the career of Richard Jewell by accusing him of being the Olympic Park bomber, when you in fact had no real evidence to prove it. Jewell also sued the FBI for slander and won a sizeable award in court.

You agents are truly despicable!

And we certainly can't forget about the FBI's attack on Michael Boren Williams and his family, when he attempted to expose George H. W. Bush's history of criminal operations, including ties to CIA drug trafficking, in his 1988 campaign run against Gary Hart now can we? The following is quoted directly from Michael himself:

"On 18. March 1988, several FBI agents ("America's Gestapo") battered down the door of my Colorado home with an FBI battering ram, shot my 2-year-old daughter's puppy in the head, and proceeded to seize virtually everything my family and I owned. While they were in the process of doing this, they stripped my wife (6 months pregnant) and baby daughter and performed body and cavity searches on both of them in the presence of a room filled with FBI thugs. The had no search warrants for this mob style seizure."

"To make a long story short, I was tortured for two years in the worst prisons in the world, ending up in the infamous Marion, ("Son of Alcatraz"). Why would the feds send an educated man, a corporate president, whom they admitted was "not dangerous at all" to the most maximum security prison there is? Because my REAL "crime" was resurrecting Senator Gary Hart's 1988 Presidential campaign and trying to expose ex-C.I.A. Director George Bush's rampant criminal activity to the American people."

"Can you imagine that? A man has to DIE fighting for justice in America? Must I die in order to be the one man who stands up to these demonic, power-crazed maniacs? I have sworn to fight them to my last drop of blood and my last breath of air, so I may, indeed, die fighting. Better to die as a hero than live as a coward."

And did you really think that the world would forget about your COINTELPRO tactics against Dr. Martin Luther King jr. or the Black Panther Party? Both of whom you destroyed in one way or another. Exactly how did you engineer Dr. King's death anyway?

It must truly stick in your craws, that Dr. King is became far more powerful in death, than he ever was in life - his immortality continues to expose the FBI for the Gestapo crime syndicate which this organization really is.

And of course anyone who's bothered to research the FBI through the U.S. Library Of Congress is also well aware that the FBI never received the legislative charter required for its to operate within the Constitutional rule of law, which is why the FBI must be considered null and void in the United States.

And if it was not for the Black Panther Party's liberation of files from an FBI office back in 1971, and its liberal sharing of them with the media, do you think that the American people would have ever found out about your COINTELPRO activities?

Yes COINTELPRO, short for counter-intelligence program.

The tactics used to promulgate disinformation to the American people, while you carry out your seditious crimes against them. This covert term keeps coming up over and over again in regard to the FBI. Yet you agents of doom claim that you no longer use these tactics, but of course, those of us who have been terrorized and defamed by you know different. They just fall under the terms domestic terrorism and national security these days; how convenient for you. Especially when considering how you now use the Patriot Act in which to covertly demonize those of us whom you cannot arrest, yet whose inherent rights as American citizens you have blatantly violated in the most egregious of ways, while trying us in the court of public opinion.

You are cold hearted criminals. Sociopathic pathic bastards who have no conscience. Your cold blooded murders of the Branch Davidians is alone evidence enough of this.

Did you expect us to forget about the more then 70 men, women and children whom you burned beyond recognition, or that when the FBI and BATF determined that their psychological warfare campaign against the Branch Davidians was not effective enough, they decided to open fire on a group of Davidians as they were trying to surrender to you?

Many who witnessed these attacks have also reported that the FBI and BATF were using psychological warfare on the Branch Davidians, and quite possibly psychotronic weaponry as well. I have personally seen many photos of the charred remains of the Davidians and they are permanently etched within my memory as I expect they are in yours.

And I hope that you take these visions of your insidious acts of cowardice with you to your own graves; especially the photos of the helpless children whom you so wantonly murdered.

And lest we not forget about the two federal marshals who invaded the Weaver Compound in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in a blatant attempt at provoking the Weaver Family into confrontation. A confrontation in which 14 year old Sammy Weaver would be shot dead as he ran from a federal marshal.

And then there's the cold blooded murder of his mother shortly after that, as FBI sniper Lon Horichi shot an unarmed and terrified Vicki Weaver straight through her head, as she held her baby in her arms. Just the vision of this act send chills down one's spine. And yes, there was the shooting of Dad, Randy Weaver as well. Even the Department Of Justice was appalled at the FBI's horrendous behavior in this situation.

And you could not convince a jury that the FBI had acted properly here either, as they awarded Randy Weaver over 3 million dollars in damages, the result of your vicious and unprovoked attacks on Weaver and his family.

What did you agents think? That attempting to bribe Randy Weaver in order to silence him would nullify your cold blooded murders of his wife and young son?

But this punitive award could not bring back Vicki or Sammy Weaver, now could it? And of course, no one should ever forget that this entire situation was started by two federal marshals, who decided to trespass on the Weaver's property just looking to start trouble. These federal marshals clearly broke the law looking to propagate a violent situation so that they would have had a plausible reason in which to murder the Weaver family.

(The FBI attempted to do the same thing with tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown, but were sidetracked by their friend Danny Reilly who saved the Browns' lives on that day, and is now, like Ed and Elaine wrongfully imprisoned.)

And it was both Vicki and her son Sammy who paid for it with their lives.

Vicki never got to see her family grow up, and Sammy will never have the chance to have a family of his own. You want to talk about justice in this country, because neither of these people ever received any.

Still yet another FBI victim of COINTELPRO, actress Jean Seberg, was constantly hounded by you, the result of her support for the Black Panther Party. Your relentless attacks on the late actress not only forced her to miscarry in her pregnancy, but eventually drove her to commit suicide. Just the way you have been attempting to drive this author to commit suicide over the past several years, courtesy of your wicked COINTELPRO operations.

Or was Jean's death really a suicide after all? Perhaps you just murdered Jean Serberg and made it look like one. The FBI's attacks certainly did nothing to improve the quality of her health, that's for certain. Photos of Jean over the last year of her life showed a woman who'd aged at least 10 years during that time, due to your relentless psychological operation campaign against her. Richard W. Held, then a key figure in the FBI's COINTELPRO operations, was directly responsible for Jean's death.

And instead of being punished for it, this lowlife criminal thug (much like the way in which his cohort in crime - Lon Horiuchi was rewarded for his cold blooded murder of Vicki Weaver), went on to a successful career as head of security for Visa International -- if you work for the FBI crime definitely does pay -- and for some agents quite well.

Ultimately, whether or not Jean died by her own hand or was murdered by the FBI in a "made to look like suicide," you people and your despicable COINTELPRO tactics will forever be remembered as the cause of her untimely death. You took a beautiful and talented young woman and you destroyed her! Jean's blood, like so many others who've fallen victim to the FBI, is on your hands!

The FBI are cold blooded torturers and murderers!

You have violated the civil rights of countless numbers of American citizens, and in many instances allowed innocent men and women to be imprisoned, due to either your own incompetence, or crimes in which you were involved, then covered up.

You people are "constitution raping" criminals in the deepest sense of the word, and your ultimate legacy will reflect this, as the American people awaken to the despicable crimes that the FBI and other government organizations, including but not limited to the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Secret Service, Bureau Of Tobbaco Alcohol And Fire Arms, and the Drug Enforcement Agency are guilty of.

And unlike you, the American people will find legal recourse in which to rid themselves of the likes of your kind. Any future mention of you will only exist as a once powerful, but no longer threatening malignancy within their memories, the accounts of which, they will pass on down through their own progeny. If in fact you are ever remembered at all.

Damn every cursed and treasonous one of you, for its miscreants like you who give the human race a bad name.

James F. Marino
Enemy of the New World Order
NSA target of non consensual human experimentation
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