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The Illuminati And Its Influence On The Fall Of America's Constitutional Republic -- How Illuminism Has Adversely Affected The Lives Of Americans

How The Illuminati Adversely Affect Your Lives

As American citizens you have long had questions in regard to why the U.S. Federal Government cannot end the inflation which has essentially destroyed the value of your currency, and has you working harder than ever just to afford the basic necessities in life. The statement, "it doesn't matter whom we elect as President, since nothing ever changes" is perhaps the best indictment against the Illuminati and their control over the United States of America.

Yet this collective understanding by the American people has never actually cited the roots for such problems, or the fact that from the time that the United States of America was created, there has been a conspiracy in which to destroy this country, because this newly created Constitutional Republic offered freedoms and the same rights to all its citizens, that in the past had only been afforded to the nobility. A situation which so terrified the monarchical overseen societies from around the world, that they conspired to destroy the United States, fearing that if this type of government could be successfully propagated in other countries, that such freedoms would result in the dissolution of these monarchies and their tyrannical doctrine of rule.

The Illuminati eventually succeeded in accomplishing this agenda with the central bank that the American people have come to know as the Federal Reserve System. The privately held Federal Reserve System, was in fact the Illuminati's third try at installing a central bank in the United States -- its first two attempts ultimately failed, when our Presidents during the 19TH Century realized that a central bank is used to create a nation of debtors who are then enslaved by this bank through such debt.

The Illuminati thus set about the task of finding other ways in which to upset the U.S. economy including waging war on the United States in 1812. The War on 1812 was the direct result of charter for the Illuminati's first central bank, The First Bank Of The United States, not being renewed. This so angered the head of England's Rothschild Bank, Nathan Rothschild, that he started a war against the United States knowing that the country would be forced to borrow money to fight this war against England, and go into debt, which is exactly what happened.

However, by the time the Civil War occurred, then President Abraham Lincoln had a brilliant idea. Instead of borrowing money from a central bank in which to fight this war, Lincoln decided to offer U.S. Government bonds to the American people. The would allow American citizens to pay for the war out of their own funds, and they be paid back after the war was over. These bonds were held by the American people as collateral.

President Lincoln had found a way of beating the Illuminati at their own game, by preventing them from controlling the United States through the creation of unnecessary debt. Unfortunately, the Illuminati understood this too well, and colluded in a conspiracy in which to murder Lincoln, which they did a few years later.

It has taken the Illuminati nearly two centuries in which destroy the very foundations on which the United States of America was founded. And in the present day it is the American middle class who's most adversely affected by this treasonous conspiracy. The middle classes of other countries are also experiencing similar attacks on their inherent rights as citizens, as their own Illuminati controlled governments quietly seek to disenfranchise them of these rights, in an attempt to resurrect a global state of feudalism.

The following work will take time for you to read. However, having done so, you will have a far greater understanding of why the modern day world has turned out as it has, and why the Illuminati and their elitist reign on this planet are responsible for the suffering that you are being forced to endure.

This is the best book ever written in regard to the Illuminati and their furtive control over this entire planet. Not only is it thoroughly researched, writer David Rivera incorporates many of his own profound observations in regard to many historic events that were intentionally misreported to the public by the CIA controlled U.S. media. Please read this book and then share it with family and friends in order to have a better understanding of why you now find yourselves in the modern day predicaments that you do.

For it is the Illuminati whom are responsible for virtually all of these problems, including the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve System, which has been used to both corrupt our own federal government as well as destroy our economy and financial well being.

Final Warning: A History of the New World Order
Illuminism and the master plan for world domination
-- by David Rivera, 1994 source: View From the Wall

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