Thursday, January 01, 2009

The New World Order's Control Over the U.S. Media To Promulgate Its Black Propaganda Continues To Be Problematic -- ABC's Latest NWO Disinformation

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is now promoting a new television series called: "Homeland Security USA." The program is nothing but a clever piece of black propaganda being distributed through the ABC Television Network in an attempt to improve Homeland Security's tainted image.

The real problem here is that The Department Of Homeland Security was created based on a complete fraud to begin with -- the Neoconservative Project For A New American Century's "War On Terror" MEGA LIE, which through the Bush Administration's White House Iraq Group propaganda machine, has served to create what in reality is the equivalent of an FBI on steroids.

There has also become an increasing amount of difficulty in determining where the FBI's jurisdiction in this country leaves off and where Homeland Security's begins.

However, while there may be difficulty in determining who's the top dog in this case, there is no doubt that DHS and the FBI are both operating under the Illuminati's false flag operation -- the Mega LIE war on terror. And they are going to milk this piece of treasonous deception for all its worth so that they can destroy what's left of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights for good.

Without the Bill of Rights, as American citizens you will have no protections at all. Furthermore, if this government decides to go after you for whatever reason it deems to, there is nothing (short of the guns you own -- if you in fact even own a firearm) to prevent them from kicking in your door and carting you off to a prison camp. That is just how bad off the American people are in the present day. What's worse is that enough of them have begun to realize that their freedoms are disappearing, yet are now fearful of speaking up in defense of these freedoms, which only serves the interests of the Illuminists who are now working to enslave you.

See Richard Behan's E-book on the Neocon controlled Bush Administration's 9-11 False Flag Operation and learn why it was behind these attacks, and why the United States has become a National Security State over the past eight years. You've lost your freedoms under the PNAC controlled Bush Administration. At the very least you should know why you are now forced to live under U.S. Intel's Echelon/Tempest satellite surveillance of your homes and persons.

The Bush Administration's fraudulent war for oil:
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