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The FBI And Its Ugly And Often Fabricated Rumors Remain A Constant In The 21St Century -- In The 20Th Century The FBI's Attacks Were Just As Terrible

The following article concerns the FBI COINTELPRO which led to the suicide of actress Jean Seberg. The readers will note a comment at the end of this article made by a former director of the FBI by the name of William Webster, stating that the FBI was no longer in the business of using slander in which to attack people whom it targets. Yet another outrageous deception of the American people, since the FBI's slander campaigns remain a primary component in the modern day COINTELPRO stings which the FBI claims no longer exist, yet which are being used regularly and illegally in which to covertly torture and murder myriad American citizens, while their inherent rights as citizens of this country are being decimated.

The FBI's Whore Mongers

Los Angeles Times Columnist Joyce Haber, who actually wrote the article which accused Seberg of having a child out of wedlock with a member of the Black Panther Party (an article which so troubled Seberg that she eventually committed suicide) stated that she had remorse for having printed the article after learning that the information about Seberg was a blatant lie. Haber also claimed that the source of the article was not the FBI. However, the FBI in its vicious tactics would never have actually identified themselves in such subterfuge, but instead used one of their provocateurs in which to do so.

As such, there can be no question that the FBI was responsible for the vicious rumours which led to Seberg's suicide. The FBI wanted Jean Seberg dead and used their despicable COINTELPRO tactics against her until she was driven to commit suicide.

The FBI murdered Jean Seberg.

If only the FBI itself no longer existed. Now that would be a worthwhile achievement that all Americans could take pride in accomplishing - the abolition of the FBI.

Especially when considering that even long after the FBI is gone, it will always have a legacy of cruelty, as well as a reputation for covertly committing myriad crimes of torture and murder against American citizens, while acting out of complete cowardice in attempting to obscure these crimes from the American people.

Without such "hellish busybodies" as the FBI, Americans might actually begin to breathe a bit easier knowing that they could speak on the phone or move around their homes with more privacy. But of course for this to happen we'd have to abolish the NSA and virtually all other Illuminati controlled federal agencies that rely on satellite spy networks in which to deprive us of such privacy.

In fact, the only way in which to restore this privacy to a large degree would be to get rid of satellite spy networks like Echelon altogether. Especially when one considers that these satellites are used to spy domestically while allowing Intel agents to commit a variety of color of law crimes through such satellite predation, (including remotely torturing and murdering their victims) which continue to be hidden under the cover of national security.

However, if agencies like the FBI and NSA are going on open ended fishing expeditions in regard to American citizens, which encompass the 24 hour a day spying of these persons within their own homes, then it's become quite obvious that these agencies are in the commission of treasonous crimes against the American people and the United States Constitution, which we must now hold them accountable for.

Source: Time Magazine

The FBI vs. Jean Seberg
Monday, Sep. 24, 1979

Did a rumor planted by Hoover's aides lead to her death?

Her casket was covered with yellow roses, lilies and daisies. Among the 200 mourners at Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris were her three ex-husbands. So ended last week the tragic story of Actress Jean Seberg, who was plucked out of obscurity as a 17-year-old Iowan to star in Otto Preminger's 1957 movie Saint Joan, and who died at age 40 in the back seat of her car of an overdose of barbiturates. But even as she was buried, there unfolded in the U.S. an appalling account of how the FBI in 1970 tried to ruin her reputation with a planted rumor, setting in motion the series of emotional breakdowns that led to her suicide.

Seberg had angered the FBI'S autocratic director, J. Edgar Hoover, by helping raise money for the Black Panthers. According to documents that had been obtained three years ago by Seberg's lawyers and were released publicly last week by the FBI, an unnamed agent in Los Angeles proposed to Hoover that the actress, who was several months pregnant, be discredited with a rumor that her baby's father was a Black Panther leader. Said the agent in a memo, which was dated April 27,1970: "The possible publication of Seberg's plight could cause her embarrassment and serve to cheapen her image with the general public."

It was the era of FBI dirty tricks —agents had been trying to discredit Martin Luther King Jr. by recording hotel room sounds of his alleged extramarital activities and sending the tapes to his wife. Hoover readily approved the plot against Seberg. Ordered Washington headquarters in a memo: "Jean Seberg has been a financial supporter of the B.P.P. [Black Panther Party] and should be neutralized." Headquarters had only one caveat: "It would be better to wait approximately two additional months until Seberg's pregnancy would be obvious to everyone."

For unexplained reasons, the Los Angeles agent did not wait that long. On May 19, 1970, Los Angeles Times Columnist Joyce Haber reported that an unnamed international movie star who supported the "black revolution" was "expecting." She added: "Papa's said to be a rather prominent Black Panther." Other details in Haber's column made it clear that she was referring to Seberg, who had moved to Paris in 1958 and become a star in French New Wave films such as Breathless after her amateurish performance in Saint Joan made her name a synonym for miscasting in the U.S. The report was picked up by Newsweek, a French publication, Minute, and American Weekly, a former Hearst newspaper supplement. Soon after reading the account, Seberg, who by then was seven months pregnant, went into labor and three days later gave birth to a dead baby, a white female.

The actress claimed afterward that the shock of reading the false stories had caused her premature labor and led to her baby's death. At the urging of her husband at the time, French Author-Diplomat Romain Gary, she sued the three periodicals, winning a token out-of-court settlement and a public apology. Last week Gary insisted that the child had been his and that the false reports had made "Jean become psychotic. Every year on the anniversary of this stillbirth she has tried to take her own life." He blamed the incident for her psychiatric treatment and, ultimately, her death.

Haber insisted last week that her source for the column was not the FBI but "a journalist" whom she would not name. Said Haber: "I am beginning to wonder who my best friends are. Obviously, if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have printed the item. It's absolutely shocking and appalling. I can now have no trust in anybody."

FBI Director William H. Webster was also contrite. Said he: "The days when the FBI used derogatory information to combat advocates of unpopular causes have long since passed. We are out of that business forever."

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