Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Evidence That As Early As World War II The FBI, Like The Later Created CIA, Was Infested With Nazis Or Nazi Sympathizers

In the modern day there is absolutely no doubt that the FBI along with the rest of the Intelligence community in the United States is infested with Nazis. The following quote is indicative of Britain's MI-6 Intelligence community's concerns that the FBI itself had been completely infiltrated by Nazis during World War II, and as such could not be trusted with confidential information. Of course the FBI has illustrated on numerous occasions over the years why it could never be entrusted with such sensitive information, given the Bureau's tendency to leak this information whenever finding it advantageous to do so.

Source: The White Rose Website

The War Years:
Part 1:The Failure of the FBI

"With Roosevelt’s reelection Hoover had to hurry to mend fences with the White House by offering files on Nazi sympathizers. However, Hoover had spent so much time spying on the British and chasing suspected communists that he had no central index of suspected pro-Nazis. Hoover then went begging to the Anti-Defamation League for their records. The British of course had better files but refused to share them with Hoover and the FBI, fearing that the right-wing elements within the bureau would leak information of their wiretap operation. Hence, it is clear MI6, the top intelligence service of the world at the time, believed the FBI was infested with Nazis or Nazi sympathizers."

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