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FBI Has Google Remove Article I Posted In Regard To Its Frameup Of Former Agent Richard Taus -- How The FBI Attempts To Bury Its Own Criminality

I posted an article a few days ago in regard to the FBI/CIA frame up of a former agent of the FBI, by the name of Richard Taus, which was immediately listed by the Google Search engine; only to find that the article was removed today.

Taus was a highly respected agent known for his investigative abilities and integrity - a rarity at the FBI.

After documenting extensive evidence of extremely serious crimes being perpetrated by government officials, including connections with the Mafia and CIA drug trafficking operations, Taus was warned by his FBI superiors to drop his investigation and all contacts with his informants, and destroy any physical documentation of these crimes.

Richard Taus' FBI superiors were telling him to destroy evidence in an FBI investigation -- a very serious felony.

Instead, Taus contacted several members of the United States Congress in order to inform them of these crimes, yet was completely ignored.

Suddenly faced with the pervasive criminality evident throughout the entire U.S. Federal Government, Taus began to realize that he was very much alone in his attempts in which to expose such criminality. He knew that the criminals within the Intel community were now out to get him.

His final act of courage in this situation was refusing to sign off on a form which every FBI agent must sign at the end of each fiscal year, stating that during the year they witnessed no crimes being committed by other FBI agents or government officials.

However, given his own investigation, Richard Taus knew that he could not sign this document.

The FBI now understood that they had a serious problem, given that they could not coerce Special Agent Taus into signing his name in which to authorize a fraudulent statement. Since he refused to back down to the FBI's criminal dictates, not only did they have to get rid of him, but they also needed to do so in a way in which he would be forever disgraced.

Now the FBI has a variety of ways in which they can entrap virtually anyone. Especially given how ignorant the average American is in regard to the FBI's COINTELPRO operations.

When it comes to truth and justice, in reality, the FBI is about as far from its Quinn Martin TV series namesake of the 1960's as it can possibly be. The only thing that the two share is the acronym FBI. However, in the Quinn Martin production the FBI stood for Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity.

Yet many of those who've seen the inner sanctum of the FBI tell of a very different organization. One in which this acronym could easily stand for Fascism, Brutality and Intimidation.

And in the case of Richard Taus, who was well aware of this aspect of FBI's unsavory operations, the bureau realized that they would have to act swiftly in order to remove him from society.

He wasn't one of the FBI's usual clueless dupes.

Richard Taus knew exactly how the FBI encouraged its agents to make careers out of violating the constitutionally protected rights of American citizens, and that through an inherently corrupted judicial system, they usually got away with it.

Moreover, given Taus' attempts to reach members of the Congress, the FBI's murdering him would have been quite obvious, so they needed to find a way in which to remove him from society, while having a plausible excuse for doing so.

In such situations the FBI normally attempts to set its targets up on a variety of charges which can range from everything from tax evasion and money laundering, to pedophilia and mail fraud.

Are these the type of agents whom you want spying on you in your own home, while remotely tapping into your own minds by way of satellites and supercomputers, as the NSA has done with many of us over the past few decades?

The FBI is extremely capable through its coercive tactics of forcing otherwise honest people to commit perjury in U.S. Courts. In fact, it is quite amazing what the FBI can get those whom it's entrapped to do, when the bureau threatens to hang prison time over their heads if they fail to cooperate with such dictates.

Moreover, given that Taus was an honest agent, and those within the federal government were looking to destroy him for attempting to expose their complicity in treasonous crimes that his own investigation had uncovered, the FBI used the fact that Taus had been a soccer coach at a local youth club, in order to frame him on charges of pedophilia.

Those who were complicit in the crimes which Taus documented, were in a hurry to get rid of him.

However, what the FBI neglected to tell the public in the smear campaign against this former agent, was that they made certain that exculpatory evidence was kept out of his trial. The FBI does this in virtually every case it's involved in, in which entrapment has taken place.

Evidence which included the fact that the five youths who claimed that they had been molested by Taus, had also claimed that no such attack had ever taken place when first interviewed.

What the jury in Taus' trial also never heard, was the fact that all five of these youths had criminal records which were expunged in exchange for their testifying against Richard Taus. And that in a similar situation to the Franklin Coverup regarding the pedophilia scandal of the Reagan Bush White House in the 1980's (the one that the U.S. media was paid to conveniently ignore), the boys in this case were threatened with incarceration (or possibly even worse) if they did not testify against Special Agent Taus, as the FBI coerced them into doing.

This is a clear case of the FBI smearing one of their own agents, when that agent refused to become complicit in felonious activity being committed by other FBI agents, including those within the hierarchy of the bureau.

And from the reports of myriad government whistleblowers in recent years, such types of intimidation tactics are typical of the management style utilized within the Intel community.

One can only imagine over the past century how many decent federal agents have had their lives and careers destroyed because they wouldn't acquiesce to the FBI's coercive tactics. And the same can be said for those agents who were in the employ of other Intel agencies whose ideology of government is one of tyranny.

When I posted this article the other day, it could be found through the Google search engine. Today, Google has removed the article, having likely been told by the FBI to do so. This is how the FBI deals with information in regard to its own criminality and those of other government agencies whose public image as enforcers of the law remains as nothing but a masquerade.

That these agents of the U.S. Federal Government would let an innocent man like Richard Taus spend the rest of his life in prison for crimes that they know he did not commit, is an illustration of the psychopathology that defines far too many of our government officials. The most noticeable in recent memory being George W. Bush - a cold blooded murderer, and a horrifying representation of the abjectly worst that humanity has to offer.

Moreover, as someone whom the FBI has attempted to entrap through its COINTELPRO operations for decades, while using every dirty tactic imaginable in which to destroy the lives of other family members,
the bureau has clearly demonstrated to me why this Intel agency must be abolished.

These so called agents are absolute monsters who break every law there is, while leaving a horrifying field of destruction in their wake.

As such, I will not stand by and allow Richard Taus or anyone else who's been entrapped by the FBI or any other Intel agencies to be demonized and dehumanized by these miscreants, while the exculpatory information that the FBI conveniently leaves out of its so called investigations has been carefully concealed from the American people.

I have personally witnessed those around me being threatened with the loss of jobs, pensions, homes, and anything else the FBI could use in which to intimidate them into kowtowing to their coercive and despicable tactics, while this sanctimonious refuse wantonly abused its authority in which to cause this subterfuge.

The FBI claims publicly to be interested in the truth in its investigations.

However, what the FBI really means here is their own twisted truth, which given their history of perjury in courts of law, as well as the omission of exculpatory evidence which benefits those whom they are attempting to wrongfully prosecute, culminates in nothing but a mass deception of juries as well as the public.

Such mass deceptions by the U.S. Federal Government have been ongoing for more than a Century. However the most notable of such deceptions concerns the creation and implementation of the privately held Federal Reserve System -- a glorified counterfeiter that has quite literally involved an entire nation of people unwittingly aiding and abetting its criminal operations, by laundering the Federal Reserve's funny money throughout our economy. And there's the official and completely fabricated explanation behind the attacks on 9-11, which is if anything even less believable than the grassy knoll theory behind the lone gunman in the Kennedy assassination.

However, as Americans, we have been weened on such lies and in the modern day have for the most part adapted to them, as we did the day we learned that Santa Claus was nothing but a myth. However, Santa was a benign white lie. The PNAC/Bush Administrations' "war on terror" is a treasonous mega lie being used to destroy our freedom.

Still worse, treasonous lies which the United States Congress feels perfectly comfortable espousing, as do the FBI and its Intel brethren. However, the greatest deception of all is the one which Congress will not even acknowledge.

And that is the U.S. Intel community's use of classified weaponry in which to conduct electronic warfare as well as other forms of non consensual human experimentation on the American people. Nor will Congress admit that in the early 1980's, the NSA began a covert program in which to electronically fingerprint the entire American population, by coding and cataloguing each of our brains' own unique fingerprints into its computer database. The NSA's brain fingerprinting of our persons, which can be used to track us by the NSA's global network of spy satellites, has left us as little more than defenseless heads of cattle who are being monitored daily and judged by these New World Order disciples of the Illuminati.

This deception is far greater than that of the PNAC controlled Bush Administration's bogus war on terror, or the official explanation for the attacks on 9-11, which remain complete untruths. In fact, what the NSA has done here is the greatest scandal in human history, and one which must be exposed at any and all costs.

For such technology has now placed humanity itself at stake.

Hopefully, one of these days those in this country (as well as those from around the world) who've been wrongfully incarcerated as a result of such government sanctioned lies, and through the use of such underhanded tactics as those used in the FBI's COINTELPRO's, will be freed as a result of the efforts of those few who've refused to forget about them, when the rest of the world did.

Those who recognize the need for a new government in the United States; one needed in which to replace -- through years of corruption and mismanagement -- a nearly extinct Draconian government which follows no constitutional rule of law and as such, has allowed for such atrocities as the inside job that 9-11 has always been, and the subsequent black propaganda campaign known as the war on terror; while espousing tyrannical ideals diametrically opposed to the Constitutional Republic which this government was once created to be.

For those who did not read this article the other day, you can do so at the following hyperlink:

It'll be interesting to see if this post is as quickly removed from the Google search engine as the last one was.
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