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The Head Of The New York Federal Reserve System Did Not Pay His Taxes From 2001 To 2004 -- Technically, He's Done Nothing Wrong

"The 16TH Amendment was never properly ratified by the required number of states which means that it is not even legal. This means that the IRS has no right to be imposing a tax on your wages. In fact, this behemoth of an organization has no right to exist at all, much less to impose a tax on your wages, or put you in prison for failing to file a 1040 form.

The 1040 form is in and of itself a tool of entrapment, since the IRS claims that once you sign your tax return you also agree to pay the IRS a federal tax on your income. This is an outright deception by the IRS on the American working class!"

James F. Marino - FBI COINTELPRO Target

Obama Treasury Appointment Criticized

A recent criticism of Barack Obama's choice for Secretary Of The Treasury, Timothy Geithner, the Associated Press reports that Geithner has not paid a federal tax on his wages from 2001 to 2004.

Of course, Mr. Geithner, who has been the president of the New York branch of the privately held Federal Reserve System is well aware that the FRS is essentially nothing but a Congress authorized counterfeiter who has been printing funny money since it took America off the gold standard in 1933, and began looting gold bullion from the U.S. Treasury for its own means.

One must also wonder how many employees of the Federal Reserve System don't actually pay a federal income tax on their wages, understanding that according to the Internal Revenue Service's own tax code, paying a federal tax on one's wages is and I quote "voluntary compliance."

All Americans have a tax problem -- its called the Federal Reserve System and its collection bagman the IRS -- get rid of both, and Americans will no longer have that tax problem.

All Americans have another even more serious problem -- it's called the United States Congress.

A Congress that while espousing the importance of upholding the Constitutional rule of law in America, has in reality allowed for the creation of an unconstitutional Intelligence community that continues to perpetrate the most horrendous crimes against humanity ever documented. A Congress that has allowed for the unconstitutional creation of a privately held central bank which through its counterfeiting and usury lending practices and outright theft of most of the gold bullion contained within U.S. Treasury, has bankrupted the U.S. Federal Government and the American people.

A Congress which continues to propagate the official lie in regard to the attacks on 9-11, while knowing full well that 9-11 was perpetrated by a core group of Nazis who furtively operate within a shadow government in this country created by the Illuminati, and which not only controls our three branches of government, but is also being used to destroy the U.S. Bill Of Rights.

America From Freedom To Fascism -- The late film maker Aaron Russo exposes the U.S. Congress, privately held Federal Reserve System and Internal Revenue Service for their conspiracy in which to impose an unconstitutional tax on the American workforce; one which was created by the Illuminati with their passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, when the engineers of this piece of treasonous legislation bribed U.S. Senators to pass this Act. The Federal Reserve Act resulted in the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve System and the 16TH Amendment, which led to the creation of the IRS.


Contrary to what most Americans think, the entire amount that they pay out in federal taxes on their wages each year, goes directly to the Federal Reserve System -- not a dime goes towards any government services.

And the fact that the U.S. Federal Government continues to propagate this fraud is indicative of its attempts in which hoodwink the American middle class.

Moreover, for those who understand this conspiracy, most believe that if enough Americans refused to pay such a tax that they could break the Federal Reserve. However, this is incorrect.

Since 1933 the currency that the Federal Reserve prints and then lends to the U.S. Treasury at usury rates to operate the Federal Government, has been based on nothing of intrinsic value, because it is no longer based on the gold bullion that was once the monetary standard in the United States.

What this means, is that because the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air, it can print as much of it as it wants to -- hundreds of trillions of dollars of Federal Reserve Notes can be printed each year.

So the Federal Reserve Bank does not need the money that you pay in federal taxes. And it never has.

PLEASE SIGN Dr. Ron Paul's PETITION TO ABOLISH THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT at the following Website. Abolishing the Federal Reserve Act will remove the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service from the United States. They are NOT government agencies and have no business imposing an illegal tax on your wages, much less arresting you if you fail to file a 1040 income tax return. In reality both the Federal Reserve System and the IRS are two privately held criminal operations endorsed by the treasonous criminal United States Congress.


In fact the money itself is just a perception; a value that people have agreed to use for the purpose of exchange. Where the gold was important, was in limiting the amount of this currency. For example, if the federal government had 2 billion dollars worth of gold, and printed only enough paper currency to represent 2 billion in gold, there would be no inflation, because the gold itself would be protecting the value of the paper currency. However, if the government began printing more paper money than there was gold, inflation would become a problem.

In 1933 when the Federal Reserve System took Americans off the gold standard, it immediately began to destroy the value of the Federal Reserve Note, by printing paper money that was based on nothing of intrinsic value. In doing so, it created inflation, which is a hidden tax that most Americans never think about.

Yet, it is this hidden inflation tax which has all but destroyed the value of their nest eggs.

And it is this inflation tax which has taken the value of the Federal Reserve Note from 100 pennies in 1933, and reduced it to about one cent the present day.

As citizens of this country, you did nothing wrong. It was the U.S. Congress who did, by allowing a private organization like the Federal Reserve System to coin money out of thin air, when in reality, the U.S. Treasury should be the only organization coining U.S. Currency, and based on the gold bullion that the Federal Reserve has stolen under the pretense of holding as collateral on the national debt.

But the Congress is not about to admit to this either.

Nor will they admit that the real reason why you are charged a federal tax on your wages is to enslave you to the Illuminati controlled Federal Reserve Bank through the system of debt which it has created and imposed on the American workforce.

The Illuminati hate America and they hate Americans because America once represented a freedom for all its citizens which was not found anywhere else. Essentially a classless society like the one which Mohandas Gandhi was trying to create in India back in the early 1900's. The Illuminati orchestrated the murder of Gandhi as they did the murders of several U.S. presidents who were attempting kick them out of the United States, including Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

Through the Federal Reserve System's graduated system of taxation, the Illuminati have been able to maintain a society in which they have prevented most of the American people from ever establishing any significant wealth, while the wealthy minority grow richer each year.

Moreover, the wealthy in the United States have many tax advantages that the middle class does not, which enables them to circumvent this system of taxation, while the middle class gets stuck paying it.

So the Illuminati rich get richer every year, while the American middle class gets poorer.

This has been done intentionally to slowly bankrupt the middle class, in order to keep them from building any significant wealth. And this can be demonstrated in the increasing difference between the haves and the have nots in this country which has grown much worse than it was in 1933. The same can be said for all other countries who are printing currency which is based on nothing of intrinsic value.

It's only a matter of time before these governments and their economies collapse - the United States Federal Government is now on the threshold of such a collapse - exactly what the Illuminati planned all along -- a situation in which the middle class will lose virtually all of its property, which will be purchased for pennies on the dollar by the Illuminists; just as they did when they created the stock market crash of 1929, and the subsequent Depression which allowed for sweeping societal reforms which have continued to benefit the Illuminati ever since.

The middle class in this country will find themselves back in feudal times where the wealthy land owners quite literally enslaved a country's citizens.

In effect imposing the federal income tax on the wages of the American middle class is class warfare at its worst, since most Americans have been brainwashed into believing that paying such a tax is part of being an American citizen, when in reality, those who created the U.S. Constitution saw the income tax as a tool in which to enslave the American people -- which it has been used to do in the past and continues to be used to do in the present, with America's middle class.

The 16TH Amendment was also never properly ratified by the required number of states which means that it is not even legal. This means that the IRS has no right to be imposing a tax on your wages. In fact, this disgusting behemoth of an organization has no right to exist at all, much less to impose a tax on your wages, or put you in prison for failing to file a 1040 form.

The 1040 form is in and of itself a tool of entrapment, since the IRS claims that once you sign your tax return you also agree to pay the IRS a federal tax on your income. This is an outright deception by the IRS on the American working class!

Moreover, a former IRS investigator did his own research and found that most of the continental U.S. States never ratified the 16TH Amendment, yet the U.S. Congress claims that they did. Another treasonous lie.

Moreover, the former federal agent who did this research published his findings and has now been told by a federal judge, that he cannot circulate this information. This is just as bad as when the We The People Foundation -- a group of constitutionalists who sued the Federal Government to determine whether or not the income tax was legal, were overruled by a corrupt judge who claimed that the federal government does not have to show the American people physical evidence of the laws which it imposes on them.

This is for lack of a better term pure bullshit.

This is a convenient loophole that organizations like the IRS use in which to prevent the public from learning that they are imposing rules based on laws which do not exist. And they are criminalizing our entire judicial system in order to do so.

As for this ruling, it covers the U.S. Federal Government. However, the Internal Revenue Service is not actually part of the U.S. Federal Government, so this judge's ruling does not even apply in the case of the We The People Foundation's Lawsuit.

More proof that the Illuminati control not only our politicians, but also the court system in this country. As for the former IRS agent who did his homework and learned that the 16Th Amendment was never properly ratified, the man's name is Bill Benson, and the compendium which he has put together in regard to this fraud is called "The Law That Never Was."

You can find Mr. Benson's Website on the Internet by typing in "The Law That Never Was."

Or you can access his Website here:


And the U.S. Congress is not about to tell you the truth here either, and neither is the FBI, which spends most of its time obscuring these unpleasantries from the American people, while always inventing new ways in which to violate your inherent rights as American citizens, including protracted warrantless spying that is beyond anything that most Americans can imagine. Given all of the lies that this government has promulgated, if you are so religiously inclined, you might actually begin to believe that God hasn't blessed America, but in reality cursed this country with Illuminati operated cancers on our freedoms like the FBI and its Draconian Intel brethren.

Which explains quite a bit. Including why agencies like the NSA have electronically brain fingerprinted the entire American population into its computer database as if all American citizens were criminals who had been convicted in courts of law.

And do you know what happens when you manage to educate yourselves and learn that this entire country is a complete and utter fraud, then take to the Internet to promulgate your information? -- The flim flam FBI states that you are mentally imbalanced, begins a smear campaign in which to decimate your constitutionally protected rights, while covertly working to destroy every aspect of your life.

The FBI is a criminal syndicate whose existence has always served to undermine the U.S. Bill Of Rights.

They say that the FBI has a file on just about every American citizen. However, this American has a file on the FBI that at this point encompasses at least 100o pages. I don't like the FBI - in fact you could say that I dislike the FBI monumentally, since this agency has set a precedent in denying me rights which I am by law entitled to under the Bill of Rights, and then demonizing me in efforts to obscure the bureau's outrageous crimes.

However, I am going to get the FBI and in ways that no other person has ever done. In fact I have already been doing so for the past several years, through this Website, and legally under my constitutionally protected 1ST Amendment rights. And if the FBI gets this blog deleted, I will create another as I did when the FBI got my last two Websites deleted. Just one of myriad attacks in which the FBI has attempted to violate my 1ST Amendment rights.

Because the FBI cannot be allowed to violate the rights of American citizens and get away with it.

My intention is to expose every aspect of the criminal fraud that the FBI is now and has always been; especially since they have decided to deny me rights that they have no legal right to deny me.

Maybe it's time that all Americans started keeping files on the FBI and other government agencies that obsess over the destruction of our privacy, while committing color of law crimes as a standard part of their operations.

Maybe it's time that we put the FBI's agents under the same microscope that they illegally place many of us under.

This may be the only way in which to keep these agencies under control in a way in which the U.S. Congress has never been able to -has the Congress ever even tried to? I'm starting to think not.

I have also learned another important lesson here- the more the federal government despises you, the more effective you have become in seeing through their fraudulent existence and exposing it.

Moreover, how do you think FBI agents would feel if they were videotaped within the privacy of their own homes and for years on end? Let's put it this way, the person who did that to them would not have long to live. Yet these Nazis perpetrate these crimes against millions of Americans and think nothing of violating our rights in ways in which they would viciously attack anyone who committed such violations against themselves.

When you have such agencies illegally tracking and spying upon you within your own homes and for decades, there is something seriously wrong with how they are operating. Especially when they would attempt to covertly murder you to prevent you from ever presenting such information before a federal jury.

A new government paradigm needs to be established in America -- one which shuns organizations that are as Draconian and downright insufferable as the FBI and its New World Order Nazi Pig Police.

Let's face it, when FBI agents are videotaping Americans in their own bathrooms, it's time to take this God damn agency and flush it.

Moreover, I for one will not tolerate this organization or its criminal operations in my home or my country. As far as I am concerned, the FBI is nothing but a well financed criminal syndicate which operates so illegally that if they cannot entrap the people whom they target, they must use covert means in which to murder them.

Something which the Bureau has attempted to do to this American citizen for several years now.

It's just too bad that a federal jury cannot learn of the electronic harassment that the FBI and NSA perpetrate by way of satellites and directed energy weaponry. Or the laundry list of other outrageous crimes that these Orwellian monsters continue to get away with in the modern day.

Hopefully this will eventually change with the lawsuit recently brought by Diana Napolis, however, in all likelihood, this lawsuit will like John St. Clair Akweis be shuffled around the court system for years, without ever being heard.

No judge wants to become targeted by the U.S. Intel community or any other for exposing classified technology in their courtroom. A very real possibility.

The information is just too damning of the Intel community to ever be propagated through the U.S. court system. At least with the present shadow government which covertly controls this country.

However, with a new government, these crimes against humanity might actually be heard in a court of law someday.

Inquiry On Government Whistleblowing

Also ask yourselves the following question as it applies to some alleged government whistleblowers. If a government whistleblower attempts to expose the crimes of an Intel agency, are their intentions purely altruistic? By this I mean, was the agent in some way slighted by the agency that they worked for and looking to gain revenge by taking to whistleblowing?

Now there are some former agents who are clearly interested in reporting crimes being committed by their agencies in order to improve them. John St. Clair Akwei is clearly one of these agents. So is former FBI agent Richard Taus, who was so honest, that the FBI and CIA were forced to set him up on charges of pedophilia in order to incarcerate him, when Taus attempted to expose the CIA's drug trafficking operations to the U.S. Congress -- who by the way, knows all about them - something else they will never tell you.

However, many other agents have reported that a number of these agencies, including the FBI, are so inherently corrupt that they are irreparable. One would think that a federal agent who makes such a statement would leave the employ of such an organization as others have done, as quickly as possible.

However, what is to be said for a federal agent who fights to stay in such an organization which they know is inherently corrupted, only to eventually be forced out?

One must wonder here, if the agency is so corrupt, and this agent claims to be of high moral character, why would they want to stay on in the employ of such a corrupted organization?

Is such a whistleblower really interested in exposing the crimes of such an agency, or sucking sour grapes because they are no longer allowed to be part of a group which they fought to be part of, yet failed to remain a part of?

In the case of some whistleblowers, this remains a valid question.

* Editor's Note -- I did not have to wait long in regard to a prior post to see if Intel would again start to attack me more aggressively with directed energy weapons, after a two month hiatus from such aggressive attacks. Fatigue and flu-like symptoms began a short time ago, as did some lightheadedness. The NSA's back to its DEW "beaming" tactics.
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