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Directed Energy Harassment Victim Diana Napolis VS Former Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino & Others Case No. 08CV557 WQHNLS

Can DEW Weaponry Destroy The Astral Body?

The NSA's Brain Fingerprinting Of The U.S. Population

For those who have been denied their rights as U.S. citizens, being used for non consensual human experimentation by government agencies or others with such connections to satellite based weapons, the lawsuit filed by TI Diana Napolis back in 2008 is well worth reading. Especially if you are planning at some point to bring an independent lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Government, as many of us our.

Ms. Napolis' lawsuit is useful for a number of reasons, but most of all, because it documents the fact that she has been targeted for classified directed energy weapons, as part of the electronic harassment campaign being waged against her, and also corroborates the type of remote mind reading technology described in John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA.

Moreover, she has cited being targeted for what are outrageous crimes against her person that also involve attempts in which to destroy her astral body (the chakra system which surrounds her being and allows for the transition of her soul matrix into the next life after the physical death of the body) through the use of directed energy weapons; a horrifying situation.

The astral body, as Kirlian photography has already proven, is the non physical body that each person has, and which surrounds the physical body.

In her testimony, I also noticed something which I am not even certain that Ms. Napolis may understand in regard to why she has gotten no help from the authorities. At one point she stated that she had a personal relationship with a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM), an organization that the FBI spent several years targeting for COINTELPRO. A situation in which more than 70 AIM activists including Anna Mae Aquash were murdered by FBI provocateurs, and a key member of AIM's leadership, Leonard Peltier was framed for the murders of two FBI agents, and wrongfully imprisoned.

As such, it is possible that Diana Napolis is also being targeted for extrajudicial punishment by the FBI, who knows that these crimes are being committed against her, yet allows them to take place as punishment for supporting AIM activism. The FBI has a long history of perpetrating such crimes against activist organizations, and we are well aware of what the FBI did to actress Jean Seberg for her support of the Black Panther Party. Seberg was targeted by the FBI for COINTELPRO and was ultimately driven to commit suicide after several years of the types of daily abuse that I experience as a long-term target of COINTELPRO, and report about on this Website.

Something that the FBI is not exactly pleased about, since they are well aware that my testimony in regard to their COINTELPRO against my person and the devastation that they have caused in the lives of those around me is painfully accurate!

Once again, it is this author's opinion, that the FBI has likely been complicit in the attacks on Ms. Diana Napolis, and that this is why she has received no legitimate help from law enforcement.

According to a number of former federal agents, the FBI is capable of influencing both state and local law enforcement, and largely responsible for why Nazi indoctrinated programs such as a modern day program akin to Hitler's Brown Shirts called "Operation IMPACT" have been allowed to propagate in post 9-11 Amerika.

Operation IMPACT is an unconstitutional extrajudicial program being conducted throughout the United States in which our own communities are being turned into packs of vigilantes akin to Hitler's Brown Shirt groups of the 1930's, and used to disenfranchise myriad Americans of their constitutional protections under the Bill of Rights. A clear sign that America has become a national security state; the goal here being to destroy our freedoms by eliminating the Bill of Rights under the pretense of the "war on terror."

This is what the Illuminati have been working towards for the past two centuries -- the total and systematic destruction of the United States and the freedoms that it once promised all of its citizens. And it is time to speak out against this treasonous betrayal and to be willing to fight the death to regain our constitutional republic. Fear is how they control you. A lack of fear leaves them incapable of such control.

Remember, the court system in this country can be restored to operate strictly on the constitutional rule of law, since it is the U.S. Congress that is always describing the importance of protecting the U.S. Constitution. However, not until the majority of the American middle class forces the U.S. Congress to do so.

And for this to take place, first they must begin to understand that the attacks on 9-11 had been planned by the Project For A New American Century years in advance, and that they were necessary for PNAC to achieve its goal of Illuminati supremacy in the middle east -- something these Illuminists have been attempting to accomplish since the State of Israel was founded.

Once the American middle class -- the ones who pay most of the taxes in this country -- begin to realize that they have incurred billions in debt as a result of these two wars for oil, and that the official war on terror has been nothing but a clever ruse in which to destroy their rights as American citizens, the Congress will have all they can handle in bending over backwards in order to placate them.

With the takeover of Iraq and Afghanistan there are few countries who now have the capabilities of standing up to such Imperialism - among them Iran. So there should be little wonder as to why the Bush Administration has been using the media and a black propaganda campaign in which to demonize Iran to the American people.

Since 9-11 George W. Bush has been playing a kind of war room Monopoly in the middle east and very frustrated that he could not attack Iran while still in office, to basically bring the entire middle east under Illuminati control for once and for all .

He certainly tried to convince the American people that this was a necessity.

The main issue here is to alert the American people to the fact that the attacks on 9-11 were not only an inside job, but also the direct result of several business deals which the Project For A New American Century was trying to close, and having problems resolving - especially PNAC's intent to break the contract between Argentina and the Taliban in which to build the new TransAfghanistan oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea across Afghanistan, to the Western World.

Something which PNAC has now succeeded in doing through the Bush Administration's attack on Afghanistan and removal of the Taliban. The new Afghanistan Government contains former members of the American company Unocal, which will now be constructing the TransAfghanistan pipeline.

So Unocal is in, and the Taliban is out.

The bottom line -- The Bush Administration could not convince the Taliban to break its contract with Argentina to build the pipeline, so they found a plausible reason in which to wage war on Afghanistan in order to overthrow their government and install a PNAC controlled puppet administration in which to head this country.

Essentially what we have had running the United States for the last eight years and why we are in so much trouble now. George W. Bush is rewarding himself for all the havoc he has caused the American people, by purchasing a nice new mansion for his family, while most American families will be lucky if they don't end up losing their own homes under the machinations wrought by his administration.

PNAC has done quite well for themselves too, now that they have taken control of Iraq and Afghanistan, and two of the richest oil and natural gas reserves on this planet.

Moreover, the fact that the largest and most expensive U.S Embassy in American history is being built in Iraq is hardly a coincidence, since those who orchestrated this attack plan on keeping a close eye on their latest conquest -- the Iraqi oil and natural gas industry that will make them trillions of dollars in profits over the next century.

And if something is not done to redress this terrible injustice, the American Proletariat will be paying down the debt on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for the next century. The American people must be made to understand that the attacks on 9-11 were the result of a long planned business deal gone sour, and an attempt in which to destroy the United States Bill of Rights.

As for Ms. Napolis' and her powerful testimony in regard to this lawsuit against a former United States Lieutenant Colonel by the name of Michael Aquino and others, this is further proof of the Illuminati's control over the United States, and that such classified technology as I regularly document on this Website most definitely does exist, and is being illegally deployed by the U.S. Intel community on many of us, while the U.S. Federal Government continues to deny such claims.

Furthermore, those of us who can cite the specific organizations behind these crimes continue to be demonized by these agencies in what can only be seen as preemptive strikes in which to discredit us. The FBI and other members of U.S. Intel are presently conducting such a smear campaign against this author in efforts to obscure their own outrageous and treasonous activity.

Color of law crimes committed by way of government classified technology which these agencies would never want being exposed to a federal jury.

There is nothing legal in what the FBI is doing here, because it is the FBI and other agents of U.S. Intel who are complicit in the most serious crimes against this author. And who in spite of their chicanery will one way or another answer for them.

These agencies are being operated by New World Order criminals who should be executed for treason. These are Satanists who are hiding their color of law crimes under the cover of National Security. And in fact, as one of these organizations, FBI is the antithesis of legitimate law enforcement.

Moreover, the fact remains that as subjects of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, we are being targeted by way of such classified weaponry as Ms. Napolis details in her lawsuit, and by such federal agencies as the FBI, NSA, CIA and others within U.S. Intel.

Where the situation becomes even more problematic for these agencies is that they are not just using this technology to surveille us, but to also experiment on us, which opens a can of worms which they simply cannot afford to have the public learning about -- especially since the American people have without their knowledge or consent, all been electronically brain fingerprinted by the NSA over the past thirty years, in order to illegally monitor them.

There is no doubt that as this information continues to be promulgated that the NSA will no longer be able to deny that they have committed such treasonous crimes and then attempt to justify such monitoring under some unconstitutional executive order that is treasonous in its applications.

Moreover, the fact that the NSA would actually use many of us to experiment on is only a further example of the Nazi influence which has pervaded the U.S. Intel community since it was infused with Nazi war criminals smuggled into this country after World War II, by way of the CIA's Project Paperclip.

The FBI and NSA in particular have become notorious in the propagation of smear campaigns in which to demonize those of us whom they have subjected to such technology, in a pathetic effort in which to deny us our constitutionally protected rights -- a further indication of the complete refuse that occupies these government agencies, since what they are doing here is criminally violating the Bill Of Rights, in efforts to obscure their own use of such insidious technology.

These government rat bastards are nothing but dyed in the wool Nazi tyrants who continue to pathologically deceive the American people. And there is nothing legal in regard to what they are doing regarding their attacks on this author or myriad others who document such crimes against their inherent rights as citizens of this country.

Their labelling of many of us as domestic terrorists is pure bullshit being used to cover up their outrageous attacks on our civil liberties.

Former Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino & his part in Satanic Ritual Abuse:

There must come a time when these agencies are made to pay for these crimes. The American people have been forced to tolerate such abuses for far too long as it is.

Moreover, if the American public eventually ever wises up to the fact that the NSA and FBI have been illegally using this technology in which to conduct protracted fishing expeditions on them, these agencies, and in fact the entire U.S. Federal Government will suffer a backlash of criticism and further lack of credibility unprecedented in this country's history. Many of these agents will likely be fired, and perhaps even go to prison for the crimes which they are currently perpetrating against us. In fact the future existence of these agencies will be threatened, since the American people will come to realize that such agencies were in fact never actually created to protect them, but instead to spy on them.

And to conduct covert crimes against them such as the electronic warfare being discussed on this Website and the following lawsuit -- which continue to violate every aspect of basic human rights.

A situation which is already heating up and only going to grow far worse in the future, as more of us begin to document these crimes against humanity, and refuse to back down to the coercive, illegal and despicable tactics deployed against us by Nazi run Intel agencies like the FBI, whose prime goal is to destroy the United States Bill of Rights.

Ms. Napolis has been attacked very aggressively for the information contained within the following lawsuit, given that it documents the criminal use of classified technology being used by the U.S. Intel community against American citizens. And while this lawsuit, like only the handful of others which have been filed in regard to the use of directed energy weapons on American citizens, will likely go nowhere, it at the very least serves as further evidence that Americans are being covertly attacked by such weaponry.

As mentioned previously, Ms. Napolis has also documented some very frightening aspects of this technology which may in fact be capable of attacking the body's soul matrix at death, resulting in the destruction of the soul matrix; which cannot be discounted and should most definitely be further researched since this technology can be applied to the entire population of this planet.

Moreover, this electronic attack on the body's "soul matrix" is easily the most disturbing aspect of the NSA's utilization of remote neural monitoring of the human brain by way of supercomputer to brain link technology, and must be examined in much greater depth in the future.

God only knows what else these Illuminati controlled monsters are doing with this technology at the present time, or how it will ultimately affect humanity in the future. Those of us who've already been attacked in such ways are well aware that there is nothing that these government operatives cannot or will not do with this satellite based technology, including torturing and murdering people, while the Bush Administration, U.S. Congress and Department Of Justice continue to cover up for them.

The purpose for the Illuminati's creation and deployment of this technology is to keep the people of this planet -- in particular the Proletariat -- under control, and to viciously punish and set as examples, those of us who dissent to such outrageous violations of our inherent rights to exist independently of this matrixed nightmare of a society.

As such, the terror campaigns being waged against us are being used not only as a means of extrajudicial punitive actions against ourselves, but also, to terrorize the population of this planet into acquiescing to the Illuminati's insidious doctrines.

The following lawsuit documents the horrifying truth in regard to satellite based classified technologies which can be used to completely alter ones reality, while destroying them both physically and psychologically.

This lawsuit consists of 190 pages. For those who are interested in the directed energy weapon's aspect of this lawsuit and how it was used on the plaintiff, there is much discussion of this beginning around page 80. The fact that such crimes are occurring within the United States of America are a testament to the complete fraud that our government is, and that its propagation of a free country unfettered by the types of tyranny that characterize those countries whom it has historically demonized, is nothing but a facade.




SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE, a business entity,


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