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How The U.S. Media's Been Used By The Illuminati Controlled Intelligence Community To Trick The American People Into Believing In An Illusory Society

U.S. Intel = The 4TH Reich

How The FBI Has Spied On Tens Of Thousands Since 9-11

The U.S. media managed to avoid much of this information as well -- especially the raw numbers involved in the FBI's illegal spying. As for the Patriot Act toilet paper, warrantless spying is as treasonous and illegal as this bogus PNAC Bush Administration war on terror, that has the United States wound tighter than a spring.

One day the people on this planet will look back at this situation and wonder how the American people ever survived such a treasonous attack on their country and freedoms, by many Illuminati criminals within their own government.

See the article at the alternative journalism Website here:

On those rare occasions when the U.S. Media publishes information on the federal government which they claim is of the greatest importance, it is usually just a bit of the truth that is included along with a substantial amount of disinformation, given with the blessing of the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex.

I include the industrial complex here, because much of the advanced technology that U.S. Intel deploys against American citizens is developed in secret within the private sector, and even within academia, since certain universities, including but not limited to Stanford and MIT, are involved in the development of such technologies.

The following article describes how certain agencies of the Intel community, including the NSA and Homeland Security, are developing satellite based technologies in which to snoop on your conversations, e-mails etc., when in reality this article should have been written more than forty years ago, when Intel began deploying such satellite based technologies on a global scale, and within the next decade had brain fingerprinted the entire U.S. population within a vast central computer database at the NSA, and without their knowledge nor consent.

No one in America thinks that those who operate within this clandestine community are "choir boys." However, by the same token, most Americans have no idea just how dangerous these federal agencies are to both their privacy and well being.

These pieces of information like the one in the following NY Times article, are being fed to us through the Intel controlled media to for all intents and purposes, depress as well as confuse us. They are used in which to make us think that we have no other choice, but to submit to such authoritarianism, when the truth of the matter is that we don't have to submit to anything.

Since the CIA's usurpation of the U.S. Media system for their own use in disseminating Intel's black propaganda, we have as a nation become nothing but ignorant heads of cattle, and used as these Nazi minded warlords see fit.

We are fed a steady stream of Intel's black propaganda through the U.S. media system, in order to give us a false sense that we control this government through our own elected officials; when in fact, our officials answer not to us, but to those within the Intel community, and those who control the community itself.

Yes, on the surface the media appear to do their jobs of bringing us the evening news effectively enough. However, what they report on in regard to the inner sanctum of Washington D.C., is at best nothing more than a series of homogenized information created by the Intel community, and distributed through its information hub (what used to be our media system) in order to disinform the collective American viewing audience; those who then give their own imprimatur to this information when circulating it at the local water cooler, during dinner conversations, etc.

Who is above the collective belief system of the American people? Especially when these people (the middle class in particular) are the backbone of this country. Affect their minds through the use of such propaganda campaigns, and they will willfully disseminate this propaganda, while confronting anyone who deems to challenge their collective system of beliefs.

It is in the very essence of the aforementioned statement that the Illuminati have not only been able to survive within the United States, but also thrive through such a well thought out system of disinformation.

And it is for this reason that other venues of journalism which are able to avoid such deceptive Illuminati doctrine must be made use of in the future.

The complete avoidance of U.S. Media or any other Illuminati controlled system of disinformation, by those citizens who want to free themselves of this New World Order orchestrated matrix of a society is highly recommended.

As for the type of information that Intel does not want you to have, and that you will never see being disseminated through the U.S. Media, that is what alternative journalism and the blogosphere are for.

For in spite of the many misinformation (uninformed) and disinformation (purposely disseminating propaganda) sites on the Internet, there remain a myriad of superb blogs authored by those with fertile minds who have been affected by the Illuminati's subversion of our entire societies, only in that they are so outraged and frustrated at the complete dismantling of these societies, that they are now using their freedom of speech in which to fight back.

And this is why if you have not already figured out that you have been lied to, that you will learn that the attacks on 9-11 were in fact an inside job. That the Federal Reserve System is in essence a complete and utter fraud. That the U.S. Intel community is in reality an extremely well financed group of Nazis who commit their crimes under the color of national security. That you will learn that the history of the United States was greatly altered by the Illuminati in the second part of the 19TH Century, and that much of the history that we find in our textbooks has in fact been significantly altered from what really occurred.

However, of all of the deceptions that Americans have been unwittingly subjected to by their own government, the NSA's brain fingerprinting of the entire U.S. population as of the early 1980's remains the greatest betrayal and deception in both American and human history.

A situation in which the NSA has treated all Americans as though they are criminals, and allowed for the most intrusive invasion of their privacy ever recorded. One in which their very own thoughts are not only private any longer, but can also be manipulated.

And the American media system in its present guise, will not reveal this to you, anymore than they would tell you that the hierarchy within the U.S. Intel community was more than happy to go along with the attacks on 9-11 and the official story afterwards, because this community of snoops and misanthropes (the nicest things that you can attribute to them) have in fact gained a tremendous advantage in their "snooping" (read: satellite tracking of your persons and remote neural monitoring of your minds) capabilities in this post 9-11 "Anti Bill Of Rights" security state that Americans are now forced to exist in.

The following NY Times article is a useful illustration of how the U.S. Intel community uses the media to make Americans believe that they are getting the latest important information, when in reality, what they are really getting is a convincing, yet completely distorted view of what the Intel community and those Illuminists who control it are really up to.

NY Times article on NSA/DHS Satellite surveillance :

The following is a commentary on the New York Times article:

* Editors Note: U.S Intel continues to utilize family members in a constant and vicious daily psychological attack on this author in which to drive this author as well as his family into a complete psychological and physical break down.

Regular clandestine meetings between family members and Intel ensure that I remain demonized to family members, while family members themselves remain both brainwashed and in what is a typical case of Stockholm Syndrome, dependant on Intel for their survival.

As such, Intel takes loving families and brainwashes them to the point of hating those family members whom Intel is looking to both demonize and murder, in what is the most depraved manipulation of people ever documented. No matter what crimes against family members these Intel agents perpetrate, the person targeted for death by Intel is blamed for Intel's abhorrent crimes.

These so called agents are nothing but heartless Nazi garbage.

Moreover, the moment that the situation begins to ease, the FBI and its cadre of Nazi PIGS move right in with their coercive Gestapo tactics in which to force family members into resuming said attacks, which have now taken place for more than 2000 consecutive days.

That is 2000 consecutive days of living in a U.S. Intel created pressure cooker which continues to cause us nothing but misery, as Intel sets new precedents weekly in its attacks on our inherent rights as American citizens.

This while Intel covers up their use of satellite based directed energy weapons in which to physically harm both this author and his family.

Making matters worse is the tremendous emotional pain experienced by this author in regard to how his family members are being terribly psychologically abused by U.S. Intel agencies including but not limited to the FBI and NSA, as well as their "brainwashed" communities of organized stalkers who have become a plague on the American landscape.

Moreover, there is no doubt that if Intel left family members alone, that the situation would become more tolerable for all involved. However, Intel refuses to do so, and continues their concerted efforts in which to cause what has become an untenable situation for both this author and his family.

One which I will not only not tolerate, but fight with whatever vengeance is necessary to expose these federal criminals; or die trying.

Such vicious attacks on us as a family truly define the abjectly bestial mentality of the FBI and its Intel Nazi brethren -- those agents who have absolutely no sense of conscience in what has become an unending litany of vicious psychological operations; resulting in tremendous pain and suffering experienced by all family members.

Intel's significant increase in these attacks over the past few weeks is also indicative of my information having a very negative impact on them, and their desire to end my efforts in which to expose their rampant criminalty against my family and person.

Wishful thinking on their part, because until the day I die I will spend my time documenting every aspect of these outrageous crimes as well as the myriad others that these New World Order reprobates continue to perpetrate.

Intel's intent in its attacks on my person is clearly single minded here -- to find a plausible way in which to murder this author and to murder any family members Intel deems necessary in order to kill this target; and to torture through the use of psychological operations both the family of this author as well as the author himself, until Intel has succeeded in murdering me.

What I am describing here is a textbook case of FBI COINTELPRO being used to target one family. And the FBI and its cadre of misanthropic monsters could not care less if they murder my entire family in order to kill me. These aren't police officers - they are EVIL minded torturers and murderers.

Moreover, in addition to the long-term directed energy assaults of this author, Intel has also engineered the directed energy assaults of family members in the past which have resulted in the hospitalization of one family member on several occasions, as well as the broken kneecap and shoulder of another family member, the result of a serious fall which was caused by way of directed energy weaponry. DEW technology can be used to adversely manipulate the bio electromagnetic field around the human body in myriad ways, including causing unintended movement of the body. In the case of the first family member, this person was almost always assaulted on a particular day of the week, which at the time appeared to be a very strange anomaly. However, the use of directed energy on this family member now makes what at first appeared to be an anomaly clear -- the person was attacked by way of DEW technology.

Another vicious aspect of such psyops is that those who perpetrate them deny that they are happening -- in the case of this author, the FBI, NSA and DHS are orchestrating these attacks, which involve entire communities of organized stalkers, who flee our neighborhood whenever this author attempts take down their license plate numbers. They are clearly aware that they are in the commission of a felony, and quickly retreat to their lairs when challenged.

Moreover, for this TI, these vehicular organized stalking assaults were dramatically curtailed during the increase in gas prices over the summer of 2008, only to resume when cheap gas was again available; showing that the organized stalking community is economically sensitive and thereby made vulnerable when it becomes more expensive to partake in this Illuminati orchestrated crime.

This is what post 9-11 Amerika (sic) has become -- a society of government sanctioned criminals who are quite literally using psychological warfare to stalk their victims to death -- as we saw in the recent murder by organized stalking of a TI by the name of Ananda Zaren, who in an macabre act actually stopped their vehicles in a form of satanic ritual in which to watch the body of Ananda as she lay near death, having been thrown from her destroyed vehicle after driving it off a cliff. There have been several other TI's who have died prior to Ananda, and unfortunately, if these crimes are not stopped, many more who will die from DEW and organized stalking attacks in the future.

Which has motivated this author to wage a precedent setting international campaign in which to expose every criminal aspect of the Intel community, including those committed by the FBI, NSA, CIA and Department Of Homeland Security; in an effort to bring about the abolition of this over financed and despicable Nazi indoctrinated cancer on the American people. Throughout their history, Intel has been responsible for the tortures and murders of well over six million people -- that is more people than those who died in the Holocaust -- yet most Americans have no idea that the Intel community within this country has such an abominable record of human rights violations.

Intel agencies are not authorized by the United States Constitution; as such they have no place in America. The American people must be made aware of what is occurring in regard to Intel's brain fingerprinting of their persons, in order to electronically brand them, as well as the myriad of ways in which they can be covertly attacked by way of weaponized satellite tracking systems like Echelon and Tempest.

The NSA is both the information hub of the New World Order as well as its primary venue in which to electronically track and influence the behavior of the entire human population, through the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland and Menwith Hill, England locations.
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