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A Chronology Of The Nazi Invasion Of The United States Prior To World War II

In the modern day, the Nazism which was internationally decried during and after World War II, has in fact been successfully propagated in the United States and many other countries around the world, including England.

The following historical timeline records the covert Nazi invasion of the United States just prior to the second world war, obviously aided and abetted by the many Nazi sympathizers who were already comfortably established in this country. It also documents the Nazi's creation and propagation of the Intelligence community in the United States, which continues to be used to violate the constitutionally protected rights of all Americans.

Such an invasion of this country could have only taken place through those Americans who were sympathetic to the Nazi cause, and quietly supported it.

One of whom was the father of George H.W. Bush, 41ST President Of The United States, and grandfather of George W. Bush, 43RD and outgoing President of The United States; the late Senator, Prescott Bush.

Oddly and hypocritically enough, while Hollywood continues to defame Adolph Hitler through movies like the recent "Valkrie," which stars actor Tom Cruise, the fact is that in the modern day world there are quite literally millions of "Adolph Hitler" wannabes who have become emboldened by presidential administration's like those of Nazi sympathizer George W. Bush.

Hollywood will never create a movie in regard to how the Nazi's top spy and head of Hitler's Third Reich, General Reinhard Gehlan negotiated his surrender with the United States (when realizing that Germany was going to lose World War II) in order to save much of the Third Reich and the technology that the Nazi's had developed before and during the war.

An agreement between Gehlan and several key offiicials within the United States, including the head of the newly created Central Intelligence Community, saw that the Nazi party would not be killed off at Nuremberg, and instead come to secretly flourish within the United States under the cover of the Intelligence community and national security.

In reality, the U.S. Intel community has become the Fourth Reich, given that as early as 1948, at least half of the people working for the CIA were Nazi war criminals smuggled into the United States under the CIA's covert operation, Project Paperclip. Many more would eventually find jobs within the newly created National Security Agency and other agencies of a vastly expanding intelligence community, including the National Aeronautical Space Agency, which would be overseen by and propagated under Wherner Von Braun - another Nazi war criminal whose criminal record was expunged by the CIA so that he could gain entry into the United States.

Nazism, a powerful doctrine created by Illuminati members including the late German Industrialist, Fritz Thuyssen (who not only made Adolph Hitler his protege but also helped to finance his Third Reich war machine), is on the rise throughout the world, and quite apparent here in the United States, where the constitutional protections guaranteed to all American citizens, are since 9-11 being all but disregarded by the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government - a sure indication that our government has been subverted by a shadow government based on such Nazi ideals. The U.S. Intelligence community has become the shadow government which covertly controls the United States of America.

And while it's uncertain exactly how the Nazi's latest invasion of this planet - a far more clever one than their overtly aggressive attack in World War II - will play out, it will undoubtedly result in an aggressive uprising at some point in the future, in which those whose inherent rights to be free are being denied such rights, will find myriad ways in which to defend them.

A Nazi timeline regarding their invasion of the United States:

Also see the following on the newly created CIA's smuggling of Nazi war criminals into the United States by CIA head Allen Dulles.

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