Friday, January 23, 2009

Mass Mailing Campaigns By TI's Appear To Be Unsuccessful -- Independent Websites Are A More Useful Venue In Propagating These Crimes Via The Internet

Several groups within the TI community have taken to "mass mailings" in efforts to promulgate the crimes they have been subjugated to by those global Illuminists whose goal is to murder most of this planet's middle class, and through the use of such means as biological, chemical and electronic warfare programs such as those initiated by the U.S. Federal Government beginning in the midst of the 20TH Century. This as well as the geophysical manipulation of this planet through the federal government's HAARP program based in Alaska, which is covertly used to cause what on the surface appear to be naturally made disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods.

This while keeping those of the Proletariat who remain alive as indentured slaves, subjected to modern day forms of thought control heavily induced by way of satellite based spy networks, operated by the global and Illuminati controlled Intelligentsia.

Unfortunately, these mailings are being all but completely ignored by the very institutions who should be paying heed to them. A further indication that the New World Order has already infiltrated these organizations (government and otherwise), and ordered them to ignore those who are asking for humanitarian help in ending the electronic harassment and organized stalking crimes that are being used to disenfranchise them of their rights as citizens of this planet, while using DEW weaponry in which to torture them to death.

The mailings have shown up on several Internet forums, however in most cases, secondary venues which are trafficked by those who are already aware of these crimes. In essence, the equivalent of preaching to the proverbial choir, instead of to an entirely new "flock" who will actually help to expedite the circulation of such information.

As such, it seems that the only way in which to successfully promulgate this information is through the independent Websites of those being victimized by such crimes, while using these Websites as a venue in which to educate "new" people who are unaware that such crimes are being committed by their own governments, and as such, will benefit from an education in regard to how these Illuminati controlled organizations are operating throughout the globe.

However, given the "mass mind control" which already exists through the media systems in each of our countries, it has become equally difficult to make those who receive this information understand that they are in fact in very real danger, as a result of the dumbed down mentality that most have been conditioned to.

As I have said many times in the past, it has taken these Illuminists two centuries in which to bring the United States to the precipice of destruction that it now rests upon, and that they are not about to allow anyone who is promulgating their nefarious intentions to disrupt their perverse and inhumane agenda.

As such, a peaceful revolution of information in regard to the Illuminati and its New World Order agenda has begun. However, as these Satanists continue to destroy the very fibre of the governments of our own nations, there is no telling just how long it will be before a genuine series of non peaceful revolutions takes place.

Especially when Illuminati pawns like the FBI are used in which to demonize those who are attempting to expose the New World Order, while propagating the types of outrageous lies typical of COINTELPRO, which are being used to neutralize those whom are doing so.

If the FBI or any other agency of Intel is on the level, why the need for such lies and underhanded tactics?

Common sense indicates that if the FBI or other agencies of Intel were actually operating within the constitutional rule of law, there would be no reason for them to resort to such underhanded tactics as using the Internet or other venues in which to slander those whom they cannot legally prosecute; and while in the process of such outrageous violations of the law, continuing to set new precedents in their crimes against the U.S. Bill Of Rights.

The battle as they say, has just begun. And until the U.S. Federal Government begins to enforce the Bill Of Rights, this will be a very protracted and enlightening battle, to say the least; since no American citizen in their right mind would ever allow such a government to disenfranchise them of rights that they are by law entitled to, while this government is in the commission of the most outrageous acts of treason in human history.

As for the Bush Administration's "war on terror" -- this is complete bullshit and every member of the U.S. Congress knows it. Not only do they know this, most of the members of Congress have helped to propagate this Mega LIE started by the PNAC controlled Bush Administration back in 2001. There is also no question that not only has the FBI seized (and likely destroyed) evidence in the attacks on 9-11 in order to protect those who were involved, but actually supplied the bomb used in the original attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. Further proof that in reality the FBI is a terrorist organization and New World Order pawn of the Illuminati elite.
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