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More Proof That The FBI Is Both A Terrorist Organization & An Aider & Abetor Of Terrorism

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

The Greatest Scandal In American History

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FBI Continues Covert Attempt To Murder This Author

As the Illuminati controlled whores at the FBI continue to demonize this author for the accurate information which is promulgated about this New World Order criminal syndicate, and the myriad other treasonous government crimes documented herein, the following article offers further proof that the FBI is the antithesis of legitimate law enforcement.

For decades the FBI has attempted to entrap this author, while violating every aspect of both my rights as American citizen, as well my own family's. When the FBI's entrapment efforts failed, they turned to the more direct approach of using coercion in which to intimidate family members into remaining silent in regard to these attacks.

This is why the public only hears about such attacks over the Internet. Because the mainstream media covers up for the FBI, while the bureau uses its intimidation tactics in which to commit its extensive crimes.

As I have said in the past, when the FBI commits such egregious crimes through its COINTELPRO's that no court of law would be able to ignore, the FBI then relies on character defamation as well as a myriad of other forms of calumny in which to demonize those whom they target, knowing full well that the FBI and its assassins are the criminals in these attacks.

The FBI's latest and most aggressive attack against this author is the result of my testimony regarding the FBI and NSAs' use of brain fingerprinting technology against me, and my corroboration of the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA as it applies to the NSA's ability to remotely access our brainwaves by way of the infrared spectrum.

From what I can gather, Intel is attempting to convince those who are now inquiring as to whether or not this technology is a reality, that it is not. However, Intel's denial of such technology, or that the entire U.S. population has been electronically brain fingerprinted by the NSA is yet another attempt in which to deceive the public.

This author has been illegally targeted for this technology for several decades, and is certain that the information contained within Akwei VS NSA is true. Which explains why Intel is making an example of this author in order to frighten anyone else who corroborates the existence of this technology, into remaining silent.

That is why there is no rule of law here. Intel agencies are the ones committing the crimes, and out of desperation in which to cover up these crimes have been told to murder this author anyway they can. And it is this author's opinion that the Intel community working through the FBI, will attempt to make yet another end run around the Bill of Rights in order to do so, while completely obscuring the classified technology which Intel has been using against me for decades.

Moreover, it is the American people themselves who've really lost out here, because they have been brain fingerprinted by the NSA without their knowledge or consent, and are now being lied to so that the U.S. Federal Government can get away with yet another outrageous violation of their rights as citizens of this country.

If forced to admit to the classified technology this author documents on this Website, the NSA would have to admit that they are illegally electronically accessing the EMF fields that our brains are emanating. The question which would then arise here is exactly how is the NSA able to home in on this EMF field, which would result in the NSA's being forced to admit that the entire American population was brain fingerprinted in the early 1980's. Once again, we have a situation in which the federal government has been caught in a treasonous lie, only to obscure its own crimes by demonizing those who are telling the truth about them.

Moreover, this situation as it applies to Akwei VS NSA is similar to that of the tax amnesty movement's attempts in which to prove to the American people that the federal income tax is illegal. The Congress knows that the tax is illegal, as do the Federal Reserve System and the IRS. In fact, a few years ago, in good conscience, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett agreed to act as the liaison between the Tax Amnesty Movement group and the FBI and IRS. He convinced members of the FBI and IRS to attend a symposium held by the Tax Amnesty Movement, in order to clear up the nebulous situation regarding the veracity of the federal income tax for once and for all.

However, shortly before the symposium both the FBI and IRS backed out of the meeting, as did Congressman Bartlett.

Why? Because they all found out that there is no law authorizing the IRS to impose a federal tax on the wages of the American workforce. And there never has been. So in knowing that they could not win a rational debate on the subject of the federal income tax, the FBI and IRS decided to just avoid the situation altogether.

Just the way that the U.S. Congress and Intel community would have to back out of any meeting with the American people in regard to the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, since the courts have refused to hear Akwei's lawsuit and kept him neutralized since the late 1980's; when he attempted to expose the NSA for the crimes it is committing through its Signals Intelligence program, by filing the first lawsuit of its kind.

And there is a very likely possibility that former NSA operative Russ Tice was going to expose the NSA for brain fingerprinting the American population, when the FBI was called in to neutralize him. To this author's knowledge, Russ Tice has not spoken out publicly since the summer of 2006, at which time he'd stated that the FBI was not only stalking him, but also doing everything possible in which to intimidate him into not revealing to the Congress the bombshell that he'd told Democracy Now! reporter, Amy Goodman, he was about to drop on the American people.

Read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA here:

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U.S. Intel Is A Nazi Stronghold

Clearly the U.S. Federal Government does not want the American people to know that they can be tracked by way of their own electromagnetic fields, because this would lead to a modern day version of the Church Committee Hearings - something which the Intel community managed to avoid in 2007, when representative Cynthia Mckinney who proposed legislation to reopen the Church Committee Hearings, was setup in a situation caused to damage her reputation and prevent her from being reelected.

If you are now thinking to yourselves that there appears to be a government conspiracy being waged against whistle blowers, you are correct. This government has a lot to hide; especially its Intel community which was founded by Nazi sympathizers, and later inhabited by Nazi war criminals who were smuggled into the United States under the CIA's Project Paperclip.

As a result of this, the U.S. Congress was very quick to remove Mckinney's bill from consideration, and there has been no discussion about resuming the Church Committee Hearings ever since. Nor will there be given what the Intel community is hiding from the American people, or that in reality it controls our congressional representatives.

Using the infrared spectrum in which to not only remotely spy on American citizens, but to also remotely read and manipulate their thoughts, is something the Intel community cannot and should not survive.

We did not get all of the Nazis at Nuremberg as we have been told since the middle of the 20TH Century, because of the Nazi sympathizers in the United States who helped smuggle them out of Germany in the late 1940's, only to give them what on the surface were respectable positions within the newly formed U.S. Intelligence community.

What these Nazi sympathizers and their Nazi counterparts did in the late 1940's, was to foment a treasonous plot in which to overthrow the U.S. Federal Government, which has since that time been done so effectively, that most Americans are still unaware that this has happened.

Or that the progeny of these Nazis, who have flourished in the United States under the cover of National Security are now attempting to completely overrun the American middle class.

As for the FBI, the bureau is now and always has been nothing but a home for the mentally depraved; those who torture and murder with complete indifference, and whose prime objective is the destruction of the United States Bill of Rights. Which is why any federal agent with any basic decency has not been able to stay gainfully employed by the FBI for any length of time, since they realize that the FBI is a criminal pawn which is incapable of operating legally.

As such, the FBI is truly a malignancy of epic proportions and one which will eventually be eradicated from the American landscape like the rest of the Illuminati cancer which presently threatens the human race. A cancer which this author, in spite of the abjectly vicious crimes that the FBI, NSA, DHS and the rest of their psychotic provocateurs are presently subjecting he and his family to, is proud to have documented in great detail; along with the NSA's brain fingerprinting of the American people. An egregious violation of their rights as American citizens and one which over the next few years most Americans will begin to realize is accurate.

The FBI is not about the truth and never has been -- the FBI is in fact one of the greatest crimes ever perpetrated by the Illuminati against the American people, and as such will eventually be abolished as this congenital and constitution raping mistake should have been long ago.

With few exceptions, most FBI agents are pathological liars and the absolute dregs of the earth. Sibel Edmonds, however, is one of the exceptions, and lost her job with the FBI for her candor. Here she documents how the FBI was used by the Bush Administration in order to cover up crimes under a term that the FBI regularly uses to aid and abet terrorist activities -- "State Secrets" priviledge."

Like the myriad of government whistle blowers to go before her, Sibel Edmonds has found that certain members of the U.S. Congress are also complicit in these cover ups, and controlled by a very powerful shadow government based on Nazi ideals.

Which explains why the U.S. Intel community is spying on us within the privacy of our own homes, and electronically accessing our thoughts by way of super computers. These so called agents are nothing but Nazis.

Moreover, it's the NSA's covert brain fingerprinting of each American citizen which has the Intel community as well as the United States Congress most concerned, since this is the greatest attack on the Bill of Rights and most egregious betrayal of the American people in United States History.

And for all of the political rhetoric in recent days with the election of President Barack Obama, and the media's latest propaganda in regard to the new hope that this Administration brings to the American middle class, Americans are heading for a 21ST Century version of the Great Depression.

The result of the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting of money since the early 1900's.

What the Illuminati is attempting to do at present is create a further deception through its smoke and mirror operations, in which to finish the middle class in this country off for good.

And as usual, the ones who have the real money -- gold and silver-- are the wealthy Illuminati bankers whom through the Federal Reserve System have stolen just about all that the American people had to give.

Moreover, the American middle class may desire truth and justice, but all they will ever get from this Illuminati run government are treasonous lies. The lies of Nazi's whose masquerade is hidden by a thin veil of democracy, and enforced by a cadre of pit bulls within the FBI.

I say this as an American citizen who has been illegally spied upon by U.S. Intel for decades, the result of a criminal conspiracy in which to deny my family and person our constitutionally protected rights, including the NSA's use of my person for non consensual experimentation.

And the Intel community has now taken extreme measures in which to cover up the facts in regard to these crimes while demonizing this author. They have created a situation in which I am being tried in the court of public opinion, because the Intel has not been able to try me in a court of law. A situation in which myriad others have taken to the Internet to document in regard to the extrajudicial tactics that are also being subjected to in the new AmeriKa fascist police state.

However, all Intel has proven here is that when they are caught in their own treasonous crimes, they abuse their authority in which to obscure them. Something that a large number of government whistle blowers are now documenting in regard to the Intel community's attacks on themselves.

And as someone who's been illegally spied upon for decades, I doubt that there are any Americans who can document a more extreme abuse of their 4TH Amendment rights than my family and I have, since what the FBI and NSA have perpetrated against us is no doubt the most precedent setting violation of the 4TH Amendment in U.S. History. And if this so called government was operating constitutionally, the agents who have perpetrated these color of law crimes would be indicted for having committed them.

Instead, those whom they commit these crimes against are demonized, which is just further proof of the complete farce that this government is -- something which Sibel Edmonds documents in detail in the following report; testimony which the FBI destroyed her career over.

Special Report

Sibel Edmonds' spring 2005 offensive
FBI shields Pakistan/Turkey nuclear weapons development, drug trade, Cheney, Rumsfeld

By John Stanton
Online Journal Contributing Writer

March 9, 2005—With Sibel Edmonds once again in the news, and with media interest in her case increasing, it's worth speculating, again*, about her knowledge by attempting to connect some of the many dots found in a public record that stretches back into the Ford Administration and that culminates, in part, with Pakistan's nuclear tests in 1998. The story has so many dots and cross currents that it's easy to miss the more salient items.

But it's not too much of a stretch to say that the FBI's interest in asserting a "State Secrets" privilege begins way back in 1972 at which time Pakistan decided to begin development of a nuclear weapons program that would culminate in the detonation of a nuclear weapon in 1998 (Turkey can't be far behind in 2005), and successful US weapons sales of helicopters, fighter aircraft, missile guidance software, combat vehicles and parts to both Turkey and Pakistan over the same 1972 to 1998 timeframe, despite US arms strictures on sales of US weapons technology. In the seven years since 1998, matters have gotten worse.

It really is the same old story we've all read about for so many decades and features these recurring themes: the black market for nuclear weapons technology, drug trade and money laundering, lobbyists housed in powerful organization, espionage and bribes, and big political and business names. These murky matters are always classified by governments and business groups as Top Secret or Proprietary and always involve criminal activity on behalf of national security. Unfortunately, criminal, classified and business/national security interests have always managed to find their way into the same bed whether here in the USA or abroad.

It would be nice to say that the black market for nuclear weapons had its zenith in 1998. But that's not the case. It is larger and more daring with more economic clout and political cover than ever. Not a bad development for a network created on the back of a drug trafficking network established long before there was a Cold War. And with the current US administration implementing a "new" counterintelligence directorate, seemingly to trump the bad stuff that Sibel Edmonds' litigation might produce, it all seems to make some sense that in 2005 the US government and industry would be in preemptive/recreate threat mode.

Exorcise Me!

Religious types like to say that "God/Allah works in mysterious ways." Interestingly, thanks to September 11, 2001, it appears that such a God/Allah may have been at work to expose some of the demons in American government and business, and their counterparts at work around the world. Who would have thought that Sibel Edmonds would encounter a lot of archived and/or then current documentation flowing through the intelligence pipeline that exposed criminal activity across the board by an array of conniving characters. American, Turkish and Pakistani operations (and history), planned and unplanned, were, perhaps, uncovered by her in the brief but heady days of worldwide cross-intelligence agency sharing following 9-11. Imagine the treasure trove of finds!

The actors in this drama include cultural and semi-legitimate groups like the American Friends of Turkey/American Turkish Council (and affiliates and chapters); the Atlantic Council; American (CIA), Turkish (MIT) and Pakistan (ISI) intelligence agencies; Pentagon intelligence operatives like USAF Major Douglas Dickerson and Jan Malek Can Dickerson; former Turkish ministers like Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz under investigation for corruption; Turkish-run companies like Giza Technologies of New Jersey, implicated and then cleared of WMD proliferation charges**; and US officials Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

As an aside, US defense contractors—like Textron, Lockheed Martin and Halliburton–figure in this story too as they, with US government approval, have regularly exhibited at defense weapons expos in Turkey, Pakistan, and elsewhere for decades. Why China and Iran are vilified as of late for being legitimate participants in these Expos there and here in the USA remains an intriguing question. It's interesting to note that MSNBC reported that Cheney's big visit to China in 2004 included marketing Westinghouse's nuclear reactors to China. No surprise there as US nuclear technology has been marketed to the world over the years by Cheney and Rumsfeld (the latter in North Korea).

But go figure. Buying some conventional weapons capability and basic nuclear generation technology from dullard US defense contractors is one thing. The real question is this: How did Pakistan and Turkey escaped US scrutiny while developing nuclear weapons and Turkey helped pay for them with drug money and technology?

Dick and Don's Fabulous Adventure

The names Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld recur as reference points throughout American, Turkish, Pakistani relationships beginning as early as 1975 when President Gerald Ford, taking the advice of then staff members Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, vetoed the arms embargo on Pakistan. Earlier in 1974, the same two would save Turkey from a dreaded arms embargo. In 1999, with the Halliburton CEO hat on and before a crowd at the CATO Institute, a Cheney gem would surface telling the audience what the American people would never hear or understand. Cheney reminisced about Turkey and indicated, quite appropriately, that national security policy in the USA depends on lobbyists and the omnipotent organizations that house them.

"When I went to work for President Ford back in the summer of 1974, our first foreign policy crisis had to do with a dust up between the Greeks and the Turks, who had gone to war over the fate of Cyprus. The response of the Congress at that point was to impose an arms embargo on Turkey . . . we placed sanctions on Turkey and not on Greece. Why? It was not because it made sense from the standpoint of what was going on in Cyprus, or made sense from the standpoint of overall U.S. foreign policy. We sanctioned Turkey because the Greek-American lobby was significantly bigger and more effective than the Turkish-American lobby here at home. That's the sum total of why we did it. Ultimately, we were able to get it reversed. But it took numerous votes in Congress before we were able to turn it around."

Yes, indeed, and it wasn't long after 1974 that that the American Friends of Turkey/American Turkish Council (and affiliates) and the Atlantic Council would be up and running in Washington, DC, with the former featuring chapters and affiliations in Illinois, New Jersey, Texas and just about every state in the Union, plus overseas affiliations. The American Turkish groups are likely the "semi-legitimate" non-profit business and cultural groups housing the powerful lobbyists that Edmonds is referring to and that Cheney turns to for policy guidance.

But who can say?

The US has changed since Cheney and Rumsfeld appeared on the scene and it's tough to tell whether under their guidance the US government is a branch of Wall Street or some other madness. Most likely both, but that's another long story. Suffice it to say that Cheney has always believed that US business interests trump the whiney and ineffective elected US government representatives and civil servants.

In the same speech at the CATO Institute in 1999, he said, "I think it is a false dichotomy to be told that we have to choose between "commercial" interests and other interests that the United States might have in a particular country or region around the world. Oftentimes the absolute best way to advance human rights and the cause of freedom or the development of democratic institutions is through the active involvement of American businesses. Investment and trade can oftentimes do more to open up a society and to create opportunity for a society's citizens than reams of diplomatic cables from our State Department."

The Brotherhood: Pakistanis, Turks and Americans

Against the backdrop of the USA versus USSR Cold War, and the Iran versus Iraq war—US officials like Cheney and Rumsfeld—and those operating in and out of government, (and their counterparts in Pakistan and Turkey) took a Pontius Pilate approach to Pakistan's black market acquisition of nuclear weapons components, as well as Turkey's complicity in helping that cause through drug trade profits, to include the illicit manufacture of parts essential to a nuclear weapon. According to Anwar Iqbal of UPI (October 2004), Turkish workshops "made the centrifuge motor and frequency converters used to drive the motor and spin the rotor to high speeds. These workshops imported subcomponents from Europe and elsewhere, and they assembled these centrifuge items in Turkey. Under false end-user certificates, the components were then shipped to Dubai . . ."

It's 2005 and the US State Department has reported that Turkey remains one of the premier players in the world's drug trade. "Turkey remains a major route, and storage, production and staging area, for the flow of heroin to Europe. Turkish-based traffickers and brokers operate in conjunction with narcotics smugglers, laboratory operators, and money launderers in and outside Turkey . . . Turkish-based traffickers control much of the heroin marketed to Western Europe." Such a well established and efficient network has always been ideal for moving nuclear weapons components around the world and that effort continues unabated to this day.*** The high-altitude breathers in US government and industry could care less and they joke while diligent field agents around the globe follow dead ends confined in safely classified compartments.

Writing in 1997, Ertugrul Kurkcu commented that "few recall the era of military juntas in the early 1980s when Turkey's military rulers adopted a green belt strategy after the revolution in Iran and the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan. The idea, promoted in Washington circles was to construct a bulwark alliance of US-backed Muslim countries [Pakistan and Turkey] in order to confine Soviet southward expansion and to combat Radical Islamist power in Iran and elsewhere in the region."

Even with the USSR gone, US policy makers figured in the 1990s that Russia could never be trusted and "bad" Islamic regimes like Iran needed to be cut off from the rest of the world. After all, if for no reason other than spite, those nasty Iranians took a US Embassy hostage in 1978 and now in 2005 they have the audacity to try and build a nuclear weapon. One can only imagine that if the Shah of Iran had stayed in power the USA would be gloating over its wonderfully nuclear capable allies Iran and Turkey and their role in the War on Terror.

Be that as it may, through the years, the USA found alternatives to the Shah, most notably in Pakistan's current, and Western educated, President Musharaff, leader of the 1999 coup that made him president of Pakistan, and a host of other USA sponsored characters ostensibly in charge of Pakistan and Turkey since WWII. It was a perfect match made better by the fact that Musharaff—like most US supported rulers in the two countries—stated that "Pakistan and Turkey share a commonality of vision and a commonality of thought. Turks to me are brothers. Even to Pakistani children, Turks are brothers."

Add Americans and their children to all that brotherly love.

Deal of the Century

Pakistan's nuclear weapons technology acquisition program apparently piggybacked on Turkey's heroin trafficking expertise—an expertise established long before 1972. Pakistan could afford the price tag since it was being paid for by Turkish-laundered drug money with the technology invariably stolen by Pakistani and Turkish operatives working through "semi-legitimate" groups in the USA and elsewhere.

No operation of this scope or magnitude could go unnoticed by the US government, particularly since in Turkey's case, the CIA had been conducting post WWII "stay-behind" operations for at least 50 years.

If such activity was exposed, albeit indirectly through a nuclear test or a translator like Sibel Edmonds, it sure would be easy enough to blame a failure to detect it (just like 9-11) on a lack of human intelligence or the "peace dividend" that the end of the Cold War brought, or claim "State Secret" if someone like Sibel Edmonds were to see the goods and ask questions. Then again, there is the "compromising ongoing intelligence/military operations" rationale, but that moniker has been used and abused so many times that its usage is comedic.

In the end, no matter how the story is spun, it threatens to implicate the high and mighty in government and business in the USA, Turkey and Pakistan, and who knows how many assorted intelligence groups around the globe.

But that comes as no surprise to those in the governments that condone the criminal enterprises that run the show in the name of national security interests. But once and awhile, the upstarts and whistleblowers speak through intrepid journalists like Seymour Hersh of the New Yorker. Quoting former US and Pakistani diplomats in both The Deal (March 2004) and The Coming Wars (January 2005) published in the New Yorker, it's very obvious to any inquisitive person what's been going on for 33 years.

"Much of this has been known for decades to the American intelligence community. Sometimes you know things and don't want to do anything about it. Americans need to know that your government is not only downplaying this but covering it up. You go to bed with our ISI. They know how to suck up to you. You let us get away with everything. Why can't you be more honest? There's no harm in telling us the truth—'Look, you're an ally but a very disturbing ally.' You have to nip some of these things in the bud . . . The former senior American intelligence official was equally blunt. He told me, 'Khan [Father of the Pakistani bomb] was willing to sell blueprints, centrifuges, and the latest in weaponry. He was the worst nuclear-arms proliferator in the world and he's pardoned—with not a squeak from the White House.'"

To that, though, we must add the White Houses occupied by Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, and Clinton.

Preempting Sibel Edmonds' Legal Challenges

On March 5, the Associated Press reported that the Bush administration was rolling out an unclassified version of the first national U.S. counterintelligence strategy and a new organization to implement the plan. Approved by Bush II on March 1, and described as preemptive in nature, "it aims to combat intelligence services from countries hungry for U.S. military and nuclear secrets, such as China and Iran (whoops! forgot Pakistan and Turkey), both at home and abroad, US counterintelligence officials said." A couple of weeks earlier on February 16, current FBI Director, Robert Mueller, indicated his eye was on the counterintelligence ball, particularly those pesky intelligence services and semi-legitimate business groups referred to by Sibel Edmonds.

How much horrible comedy can one take? Two weeks before Edmonds went before the US Congress (March 2, 2005), Mueller and the Bush Administration stated the following.

"Of growing concern is the asymmetrical threat posed by certain intelligence services that supplement their collection capabilities in the US by using non-traditional collectors. These collectors include students, delegations, business visitors, émigrés, and retired intelligence officers [typically those who populate legal and ethical orgization conferences and exhibitions sanctioned by the US government and organized by Americans] who are collecting against targets of opportunity or responding to ad hoc requests from the intelligence services. US Government representatives participating in international conferences and exchanges, or whose duties include routine liaison with foreign intelligence representatives, frequently report that their contacts engage in elicitation, sometimes to a surprisingly aggressive level [example: Major Doug and Jan Dickerson's attempt to recruit Edmonds at her home].

"Such non-traditional collectors pose a potential threat across the US, requiring a coordinated response by all FBI field offices. Several countries appear to be exploiting their military liaison officers, who are in the US on overt, legitimate intelligence-sharing missions, to target and collect sensitive defense information that is outside the scope of their official access. Most difficult to identify and assess is the intelligence collection activity being directed and/or conducted by non-intelligence organizations, such as other foreign government agencies and/or foreign companies. The FBI sees this type of activity most frequently in the targeting and collection of Chemical, Biological Radiological, Nuclear and High Yield Explosives information and technology."

As Sibel Edmonds stated in an interview with Chris Deliso at, the matter is not about 9-11 or being a savior. It's all about recovering the shattered remnants of accountability in the USA, which are as tough to find as an honest statement from Republicans and Democrats running the US government. Americans should thank the mysterious Sibel Edmonds for saying,"They're [the US government/business] afraid of information, of the truth coming out, and accountability–the whole accountability issue that will arise. But it's not as complicated as it might seem. If they were to allow the whole picture to emerge, it would just boil down to a whole lot of money and illegal activities."


* Related pieces: A Fantastic Tale: Turkey, Drugs, Faustian Alliances & Sibel Edmonds and The American Turkish Council: US Association Helps Create New EuroAsia/New World Order by John Stanton. Find them through Google. Many fine sites have posted them and I don't want to pick one over the other.

** For a good piece on the mechanics of the trade seek out Josh Myer writing in the LA Times, Case Reveals Nuts and Bolts of Nuclear Trade, May 2004. Anyone nutty enough to weather conspiracy theory accusations may want to pick up on his Nazi—1975 reference and link it to CIA stay-behind operations in Turkey.

*** United States Department of State, 2005 INCSR International Narcotics Control Strategy Report.

John Stanton is a Virginia based writer specializing in political and national security matters. This article, as promised, is a follow-up to The American Turkish Council: US Association Helps Create New EuroAsia/New World Order, one of now three speculative pieces on Sibel Edmonds and the US government. John is the author of America 2004: A Power But Not Super. Reach him at

The views expressed herein are the writers' own and do not necessarily reflect those of Online Journal.

Copyright © 1998-2005 Online Journal™. All rights reserved.

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