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FBI Continues Its Vicious and Illegal Slander Campaign Against This Author In Efforts To Obscure Their Egregious Violations Of The Bill Of Rights

As a chronically ill Lyme Disease patient, I had been bedridden for much of the 1990's. And when I was finally able to make a contribution in which to help other Lyme Disease patients, I wrote "The Lyme Disease Chatroom Pamphlet," which was based on my own experiences after being infected with this biological weapon, and later became very helpful to many chronically ill Lyme Disease patients.

The Lyme Disease chatroom pamphlet would later be circulated to thousands of Lyme Disease patients between the years of 1997 to 2002.

This pamphlet later led to the creation of a chatroom for Lyme patients as well as newsletter which was co-created by another long time chronic Lyme Disease patient. Our Lyme Disease chatroom was the first one recognized by many Lyme patients at the time, and which circulated information based on that of Lyme Literate physicians, and not the mainstream medical community which was either misdiagnosing Lyme Disease patients, or treating them with two weeks of oral antibiotics -- which did not cure them, and instead led to their symptoms becoming chronic.

This newsletter which was based on the *Lyme Chatroom Pamphlet was like the pamphlet itself, extremely helpful to many people (I still have many E-mails from other Lyme Disease patients stating how helpful they found this pamphlet), and created out of desperation given that the medical community, with the exception of the few Lyme Literate physicians who existed at the time, were either misdiagnosing or undiagnosing most chronically ill Lyme Disease patients, who were left to their own means in which to get the medical help they required. And for the most part which was being denied to them by their health insurers.

* I eventually added this pamphlet to the following Website:

The FBI, amongst its myriad forms of calumny is now claiming that this author was representing himself as a physician and dispensing medical advice; which is an outright lie. The columns that I wrote were for the newsletter, Lyme Matters, which I co-created with another Lyme Disease patient, focused on natural remedies used as an adjunct to the standard (allopathic) treatments being dispensed by their physicians. The monthly column which was entitled Natural Alternatives, discussed the use of *vitamin and herb regimens which could be incorporated into the daily diet of the chronically ill Lyme Disease patient. Moreover, I have never represented myself as a physician, nor have I supplied any documentation as such. Such accusations are just more of the FBI's machinations, used to demonize this author, while attempting to deny me my constitutional protections under the U.S. Bill Of Rights.

*All supplements which required no prescription.

Moreover, these columns (like the one I have included below) carried a disclaimer which recommended that every person attempting to incorporate alternative means in which to strengthen their immune systems, check with their treating physician before increasing the dosages of such supplements, while also listing any negative aspects of these supplements. In fact, there was a warning listed after each supplement to ensure that those who used it would understand that some people might experience an allergic reaction to the given supplement.

Many Lyme patients have found that by increasing the daily recommended dosage of such supplements, this was able to offer them some relief in regard to the symptoms caused by chronic Lyme Disease. For example, taking large doses of antibiotics destroys the natural flora within one's intestinal tract. By taking larger doses of bacterial supplements such as acidophilus, this can restore the healthy flora in the digestive tract and intestinal tract.

As usual, the FBI and its criminal minions have circulated fraudulent information in regard to the columns which I wrote for the Natural Alternatives' portion of the Lyme Matters monthly newsletter. And as usual, the FBI is operating completely outside of a legal setting, and using its "USEFUL IDIOTS" in which to promulgate such lies.

The following is a copy of one Natural Alternatives' column, which offers extremely basic information. Several years ago, the Website on which I had stored many of these columns was deleted at the request of the FBI, under the pretext that the Website vi0lated Angelfire's terms of service. However, this was nothing but a ruse by the FBI, because on one of the pages of the Website, I had begun to document the crimes that the FBI and its thugs had subjected my family and I to, after one of their organized stalking miscreants deliberately crashed his car into the back of my motorcycle. This was an assault with a deadly weapon; something the FBI frequently commits through such acts, and has used in the past to damage more than one of our family's vehicles .

The Website had been online from 1997 until 2005; so if there was a terms of service violation, how is it that the Website stayed online for eight years before it was suddenly removed by Angelfire, not long after I created a Webpage in which to document the FBI's crimes against my family and self?

The FBI's deliberate deletion of the aforesaid Website was yet another attempt in which to deny me my constitutional protections; this time under the 1ST Amendment.


Hello, and a very good June to all of you! This month we'll be discussing the different types of fiber that can be added to the diet. And In this month's Herb Corner we'll be covering the following herbs: burdock, cayenne, blessed thistle, licorice and marshmallow. As always, if you have any questions regarding any of the information contained within this column, please feel free to E-mail me.

Natural Food Supplements

Fiber is found in many foods and has numerous uses including helping to prevent cancer of the colon, and lowering blood cholesterol levels. It is also helpful in preventing hemorrhoids and in relieving constipation, as well as stabilizing the blood sugar levels in the body.

Unfortunately, the American diet is seriously lacking in fiber because of the refining process in food manufacture in the United States, which removes much of the fiber from the foods that we find on our supermarket shelves.

Hence, we must use supplement ion to make up for this shortage of fiber. There are seven different types of fiber: lignin, mucilages, pectin, cellulose, hemicellulose, gum and bran. Because each of these has its own benefit, we should incorporate a number of them into our daily diets. The following foods are rich in fiber: brown rice, beans, lentils, fresh raw vegetables, most types of fresh fruits, nuts, whole-grain cereals, agar, all types of brans, peas, seeds and dried prunes.

There are many good supplemental forms of fiber available at your local health food store. Remember not to take supplemental fiber at the same time as other medications or supplements, as it can inhibit the body's absorption of them. Moreover, taking excessive amounts of fiber can also inhibit the body's absorption of the minerals iron, calcium and zinc.

*Caution -- In addition to the aforementioned warnings, people using fiber supplements should be aware that they may have or may develop allergies to them. Should you develop a rash or experience any other odd symptoms while using a fiber supplement, discontinue use of it immediately.

The Herb Corner

This herb is best known for its use as both a blood purifier and natural diuretic. It aids the pain associated with such maladies as arthritis and rheumatism in addition to lumbago and sciatica. Burdock has been used to improve both liver and gallbladder function, and also acts as an immune system enhancer.

This herb is not only useful in relieving symptoms associated with gout, but is also effective in treating skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. It contains many nutrients including copper, biotin, iron, manganese, tannins, zinc, sulfur and the vitamins B1, B6, B12 and E. Burdock can be used internally or externally. To use internally: take up to 3 capsules daily; Extract - mix between 10 and 25 drops of extract in 8 ounces of water. To use externally: apply herb to irritated areas of skin.

*Caution -- Those suffering from an Iron deficiency should use burdock with caution, as it can interfere with the body's absorption of Iron. In addition, people using it should be aware that they may have, or may develop an allergy to burdock. Should you develop a rash or experience any other odd symptoms while using this herb, discontinue use of it immediately.

This herb (also known as capsicum) is one of the best natural digestive aids available, as it not only stimulates the production of gastric juices, but also produces a relaxing effect on the body. In addition to improving metabolism, cayenne also helps to improve the appetite.

This nutritious herb contains a compound known as capsaicin (an anti inflammatory which helps to reduce the inflammation associated with illnesses such as rheumatism and arthritis). Research has shown that cayenne may actually help to lower blood triglyceride and LDL (the bad cholesterol) levels in the body, and shows some promise in the treatment of cluster headaches. Cayenne can be taken internally or externally. To take internally: take 1 - 3 capsules a day; A soothing cup of cayenne tea can be taken to relieve stomach cramps or to promote a relaxing feeling; Externally: A liniment can be applied to inflamed areas of the body (do not use the liniment on broken skin, as it can cause skin irritation).

*Caution -- Do not use this herb if you suffer from chronic gastrointestinal disturbances or kidney damage. Moreover, cayenne can irritate hemorrhoids, so if you suffer with them avoid use of this herb. In addition, people using it should be aware that they may have, or may develop an allergy to cayenne. Should you develop a rash or experience any other odd symptoms while using this herb, discontinue use of it immediately.

Blessed Thistle
Blessed thistle is one of the best ways to treat the absence of the menstrual cycle in women, after the onset of menstruation (commonly known as amenorrhea). In addition this herb also aids in breaking up blood clots. It is said to be beneficial to the liver, as it helps to promote the production of bile, and is also useful in helping to lower a fever.

This herb helps to stimulate the appetite, in addition to improving the body's circulation. Blessed thistle is available in both capsule and extract forms. Capsule: take 1 - 3 capsules daily; Extract: mix between 10 to 20 drops of in an 8 ounce glass of water.

*Caution -- Blessed thistle should never be used during pregnancy. In addition, people using it should be aware that they may have, or may develop an allergy to blessed thistle. Should you develop a rash or experience any other odd symptoms while using this herb, discontinue use of it immediately.

Licorice root offers a number of medicinal benefits. Not only is it useful in treating infections of the bladder and kidneys, but it also works well as an expectorant to help break up the congestion associated with colds and flu. It can function as an analgesic to ease the pain associated with ulcers and arthritis, and appears to be useful in preventing tooth decay. There is some evidence that this herb may also have the ability to slow the growth of certain types of cancerous tumors.

Licorice is available in capsule form; take 1 - 3 capsules daily. Don't attempt to use licorice candy in place of the root, as it does not offer the same benefits.

*Caution -- Do not use this herb if you suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure). Also note that licorice root can inhibit the body's absorption of the mineral potassium which may lead to an abnormal heart rhythm.


Marshmallow can be taken in either capsule or dried herb forms. Capsule: take 1 - 3 capsules daily; herb: mix a tablespoon of dried herb in 8 - 10 ounces of water to make a soothing tea. Drink up to 3 cups per day. External preparations are also available for treating skin irritations.

*Caution -- While there are no warnings regarding this herb, people using it should be aware that they may have or may develop an allergy to marshmallow. Should you develop a rash or experience any other odd symptoms while using this herb, discontinue use of it immediately.

***Caution should be taken when using herbal supplements. Many of these while harmless at their recommended dosages, can become dangerous when taken in larger amounts. In addition, some people may have or may develop allergies to an herb that has had no prior reputation for causing allergic reactions. If you feel that you need to increase your daily intake of a particular supplement, please speak with either your physician or someone who is knowledgeable with regard to pharmacognosy (the study of drugs derived from plants).

Until next month!
Jim : )

Notice that there are several warnings in regard to these supplements -- far more than one might actually obtain when purchasing them from a health food store.

* The Intel community has myriad psychological operations it uses in efforts to destroy the lives of those whom they target, like the type of slander that is mentioned in the above post. However, in some cases such attacks go well beyond the bounds of slander and are used in which to actually cause the person to be placed in physical danger. In particular here, I refer to placing information in regard to the residence of a person whom they target, on the Internet. Such an act goes well beyond that of the typical slander campaigns used by such agencies as the FBI, CIA and NSA, and done deliberately in the interest of harming one of their targets. It is clear that those being targeted for the crime of organized stalking have been subjected to such abject violations of their privacy.

However, there is no violation of privacy more egregious than that of electronically hacking into the minds of citizens by way of the infrared spectrum, via spy satellites and supercomputers -- a crime which the National Security Agency has been perpetrating for decades, since having brain fingerprinted the entire U.S. population into its central computer database. A clear indication that the New World Order now controls the United States through its Intel plutocracy - a shadow government which in reality controls our elected officials.

As such, when people say the United States is a mind controlled society, they aren't joking. Especially when a government agency like the NSA can electronically decode your sub vocalized thoughts within a matter of seconds via satellite, and then know what you are thinking, where you are going etc. The only way in which to counter this to some degree is to wait until the last minute before you do something. If you have a destination in mind, especially minutes or hours in advance, Intel will immediately know it and make plans in which to have you vehicularly stalked by vigilantes who are taking part in nationwide Orwellian programs like Operation IMPACT.

The objective here is to constantly change your plans. If you are thinking about heading to a particular destination, change it at the last second. This will make it much more difficult for Intel to orchestrate a comprehensive vehicular stalking campaign against you, which will dramatically lower the number of vehicles taking part in such organized stalking. Making snap decisions is can even apply once you are actually on the road driving.

These people are not Americans any longer; they are New World Order Nazi disciples, who are violating the constitutional rule of law within the United States. And being led by the shadow government in this country which controls our elected officials -- which is why there is absolutely no semblance of the constitution left in what they are doing.

By working to expose and destroy this Nazi cabal, you are enforcing the very constitutional protections guaranteed to you by the Bill of Rights, while these modern day Nazi Brown Shirts are violating the same laws that you are defending. In a court of law, every aspect of the Draconian ideals which they are espousing through such Nazi minded programs as Operation IMPACT would be excluded based on the fact that they are unconstitutional. Which means that those who are organizing these programs are promoting attacks on the U.S. Bill of Rights and should be indicted for treason. They are the enemies of those who enforce the constitutional rule of law in this country. They are the enemies of freedom.

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