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As The Psychological Operation Turns -- The World Of U.S. Intel's Illegal Operations

Editor's Note: The types of pysops that this author is subjected to are myriad in nature and used in conjunction with the NSA's remote neural monitoring/satellite tracking of my person; the direct result of a criminal conspiracy perpetrated between the NSA and FBI decades ago, in which to violate both my 4Th Amendment rights to privacy (as well as my own Family's). These are color of law crimes which have in one form or another taken place for nearly three decades, and represent the most precedent setting violations of the Bill of Rights by the U.S. Intelligence community ever documented by an American citizen.

Included in this electronic harassment is the remote tampering by way of satellite and through the infrared spectrum, of electronic appliances (including stereo equipment), as well as the electrical systems in our automobiles -- tamperings which have been noted extensively in the journal kept by this author.

Today, 4/4/2009, when attempting to exit the family station wagon, the NSA remotely interfered with the electronic driver side door mechanism, preventing the door from opening. This resulted in the need for this author to move to the front passenger seat in order to exit through the passenger door.

I was then able to use the ignition key in order to manually open the driver's door, which appears to have reset the alarm system so that the suspect door lock now operates properly. Since the mid 1990's this author has experienced myriad forms of such remote tampering of electrical components, which include the remote tampering of motion sensitive spotlights around our home, the ignition system in one family automobile, the dash warning lights in another family automobile, and the opening and closing of the electronic door locks on the aforesaid station wagon; this as well as the remote triggering of the alarm on this car on more than one occasion.

The alarm was also remotely triggered on at least one occasion while the car was actually on the road, forcing a family member to drive the car home while the alarm was still blaring. A first as far as I know of, and further evidence of the satellite predation committed by the NSA.

Moreover, such remote attacks continue to take place on a regular basis, as this author not only corroborates the existence of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network (technology discussed within the 1990's federal lawsuit: AKWEI VS NSA), but also my first hand experiences in being subjected to such non consensual human experimentation, by the 21ST Century Zionist cabal which harbors itself within the deepest and darkest recesses of the U.S. Intel community.

This cabal is financed and overseen by the House of Rothschild's Federal Reserve System Communist central bank, and has been used by the Rothschild's in which to destroy not only the physical sense of privacy of each American citizen, but also, that citizen's privacy of, since the NSA utilizes wireless computer to brain interface in which to establish two way communication with the brainwaves of American citizens, in which to electronically decode their sub vocalized thoughts.

An outrageous and high crime of treason!

Psychological Warfare Made "Easy"

You've recently been targeted for a psychological operation by an Intel agency like the FBI, because they are interested in destroying you. However, in spite of years of attempting to entrap you, the FBI cannot obtain an indictment in which to remove you from society so that you can be covertly murdered in a made to appear suicide.

Since the FBI's not likely to entrap you once you've learned that you are being targeted for such a COINTELPRO scheme, the Bureau will then rely on a psychological operation (psyop for short) which will allow the FBI to attack you on a psychological level, oftentimes using those around you in which to do so. And while being able to plausibly deny that you are being subjected to such a vicious attack on your psyche.

The FBI/NSA Psychological Operation Against This Author

As a government sanctioned target of non consensual human experimentation, this author has been and continues to be subjected to such illegal and treasonous attacks on a daily basis, as do my family and a myriad of other people who are forced to document such crimes over the Internet.

Many of these people (including this author) have also been electronically brain tapped by the NSA through its Signals Intelligence operations; a situation in which the NSA illegally intercepts (steals), decodes, and records our thoughts by using their satellite spy networks in order to exploit the infrared spectrum in which our unique EMF fields emanate.

The government waged conspiracy in which to deny that this technology exists has up until the past few years been successfully propagated, because our elected representatives and the media systems within our respective countries have been told to ignore our complaints.

And since it's such Intel agencies as the FBI, CIA and NSA, that are utilizing this satellite based and super computer driven classified technology against us -technology which is deployed by way of satellite spy systems like Echelon - and which utilizes the infrared spectrum in which to remotely access and manipulate the unique electromagnetic fields which emanate from our own brains - the last thing that these agencies want, is for a modern day version of the Church Committee Hearings to take place, since if such a Committee was allowed to do their job properly, they'd find that the U.S. Intelligence community has become nothing but a pawn of the Zionist leadership which controls our elected officials, and each branch of the U.S. Federal Government.

Something that the U.S. Intel community does not want the American public to learn about, because it would result in the abolition of the NSA, as well as the destruction of this Zionist shadow government which as previously stated, furtively controls our country's three branches of government.

As a result of this, there has been a virtual media blackout in regard to this classified mind reading technology, and on the rare occasion when a journalist actually does an article on those who are being targeted for wireless forms of mind control research (as well as attacked by way of directed energy weaponry (DEW)), the media makes them out to be mentally unstable, while usually including the testimony of a psychiatrist who's been brought in as a ringer by Intel, in order to discredit the testimony of victims who are being targeted by this technology.

Such discrediting is typical of the types of opprobrium that those who've claimed to have either seen or been abducted by UFO's have been subjected to by the Intel controlled media over the years.

What's most insidious about such covert operations is that they allow those who implement them to destroy the minds of those whom they target in ways that are on the surface so simple, as to go completely undetected by the average citizen.

For example, take the following apple. It is just a harmless piece of food that to most people is completely benign. However, take the same apple and create a negative situation in which the person being targeted for a psychological operation now views this apple as something to be fearful of, and you have created a successful psychological trigger.

Now, every time that the person who's been negatively conditioned towards this apple, sees an apple, they will have a negative response to it.

Now, create another negative association for the orange which you see below, and you have succeeded in manufacturing yet another psychological trigger which can also be used to adversely affect the mind of the targeted subject.

Once again, let's now create a third negative association with the banana you see below, and we now have three psychological triggers which the mind control subject can be psychologically damaged by.

In fact, even the number three, itself, can be used as such a psychological trigger, because virtually anything on the face of this planet can be used as such.

Making matters worse is that those whom the target is in daily contact with - family, friends, fellow employees -- can be brainwashed into taking part in such psychological warfare in order to do the dirty work of a sleazebag organization like the FBI, or one of its Intel brethren.

Given this, imagine if you will, being successfully conditioned to respond negatively to hundreds of psychological *triggers at once throughout your environment, in which during the course of an average day, you will be adversely psychologically impacted by these triggers hundreds or even thousands of times; and you have a situation in which if you don't figure out a way in which to circumvent such attacks, you will eventually suffer enormous psychological damage, which may lead to a complete mental breakdown.

And with this comes the possibility of either committing a crime or act for which you can be incarcerated, or if the situation gets bad enough, driven to commit the act of suicide.

Of course, this is the ultimate intent of those who perpetrate such crimes -- to kill those whom they are targeting. And to do so in a plausibly deniable way.

*Triggers which can include everything from sounds, such as a car horn being blown, or a dog barking (or an ambulance siren), to physical objects such as routinely seeing a car with a hubcap missing, or a vehicle which you commonly see such as a taxicab, school bus, Fedex or UPS delivery truck, police car, fire engine etc.

These triggers can become completely devastating to the minds of those targeted for such psychological operations. That is, unless they can be "educated" in which to recognize how such Intel psyops are perpetrated, and made to understand that there is nothing wrong with these items, but instead the Nazi-minded psychopaths who are attempting to create a negative psychological association with them.

People like FBI agents, CIA agents, NSA agents (or the most recent assault on the American Proletariat - The Department Of Homeland Security), and the rest of their alphabet and criminal brethren, or even members of the general public (organized stalking groups like those operating through Orwellian programs like Operation IMPACT), who can be utilized as pawns in this depraved game of turning a fertile mind into a maze of psyop induced confusion.

When Intel's Psyops Against A Target Fail

In some instance when these agencies fail to achieve their goal of sensitizing a specific target to such psychological triggers as those mentioned above, they will attempt to sensitize those around the TI (in some cases entire communities) to a variety of psychological triggers such as those mentioned, so that when one of these triggers is used, the TI whom Intel has conditioned the public to associate with this trigger word, phrase, or object is automatically associated with this psychological trigger.

And this person will immediately spring to mind when any of the myriad triggers used to condition the target's community are used, since the community has now been conditioned in Pavlovian fashion to respond to these triggers.

For example, supposing that the following triggers were used in which to sensitize the community to a specific person -- the color blue, the word red, and the soft drink Coca Cola. Now every time one of these triggers is used, the person whom the community has been conditioned to associate with these psychological triggers will immediately spring to mind. Thus, Intel has now succeeded in creating three negative triggers in which to demonize this person with the associated community.

*Imagine a situation in which Intel has created hundreds of such triggers in regard to one person, and what you now have is a very successful psychological operation.

Very clever of Intel, and equally as nefarious.

Especially when one considers that there is nothing at all legal in regard to what these agencies are doing.

Moreover, when you have a situation in which entire communities are conditioned to respond to perhaps dozens or even hundreds of psychological triggers which have been directed towards a particular targeted individual, you also have a situation in which mass brainwashing has now taken place.

Moreover, given that the U.S. Intel community has successfully managed to brainwash such large groups of people into associating a particular target with myriad psyop triggers; specific colors, words, symbols and a variety of other things can now be used as such psychological triggers, in that when these groups are given these triggers, they immediately identify them with a specific person. The triggers can now also be readily used against other persons whom Intel is looking to demonize.

In essence, what's happened here is that instead of sensitizing the targeted person to these psychological triggers, Intel has instead managed to sensitize the community in which the targeted person resides, to such psychological triggers.

Yet, the community which has now been furtively brainwashed does not even realize it.

Again, and for emphatic purposes, what Intel has done here is to brainwash those persons whom it was using to attack the target, through the use of the same types of psychological operations, yet delivered these triggers in a *less obvious yet equally nefarious way, in order to condition these people to take part in Intel's criminal activities.

*Unlike the target, who is never told of this conspiracy, those whom Intel has entrusted to take part in the conspiracy are now unwittingly targeted by Intel for their own brainwashing.

Lawsuits Against Intel Agencies Using DEW Are Derailed

The following is a video of the type of organized stalking which is occurring throughout the United States, and orchestrated by Intel agencies like the FBI and DHS, through programs like Operation IMPACT. IMPACT is nothing less than a modern day version of Hitler's Brown Shirt groups of the 1930's, and a clear indication that in post 9-11 America, there is an oligarchy within the U.S. Intel community that is controlling this criminal vigilantism at every level from the federal government on to down to state and local governments. Moreover, there is no longer any doubt that this vigilante stalking is the result of a government organized criminal conspiracy, in which to disenfranchise targeted citizens of their inherent rights under the United States Constitution. If this shadow government can deny any American citizen their rights, then they can deny all American citizens their rights under the pretext of the propagandized war on terror.

The following comment was made by the creator of the following video blog and is indicative of the extent of the criminal conspiracy being waged by the U.S. Federal Government against certain targeted groups and individuals in this country. One must also wonder what has happened to the two women mentioned here.

Are they still alive or have they like so many other whistleblowers in the past been disappeared?

"Where are Norma Lawrence (pseudonym) and Jane? Norma is the TI in this video. Jane was a highly reputable, vocal and well liked Canadian journalist and also a TI. Both worked together, tirelessly to bring the problem of gangstalking to the public's awareness, through sites like etc. They, along with a few other TI's, provided enormous proof for what was to be legal history, in finally outing, identifying and bringing to justice the government and associated agencies responsible for their stalking and other crimes (human experimentation and mind control). But, as the case was due to go to court a bizarre series of incidents occurred. The lawyers stepped down, the evidence was tampered with, witnesses were scared off, in what was an unprecedented legal panic to destroy this case before it could ever be heard. "

Sounds a lot like what happened to John St. Clair Akwei when he filed his case against the NSA; Charles Schlund when he filed his case against George W. Bush;, Margie Schoedinger (deceased and likely murdered) when she filed her $50 million lawsuit against George W. Bush; and ex-NSA operative Russell Tice, when he attempted to expose what may well have been the same information that John St. Clair Akwei sued the NSA for in 1991 -- the NSA's illegal satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring of American citizens by way of the infrared spectrum.

Introducing Intel's Psyops Into The American Lexicon

The American Television watching community should be treated to a soap opera called "As The Psychological Operation Turns."

This program would introduce the American people to the covert operations of agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA, while focusing on the types of psychological operations that this author, his family, and myriad other subjects of the Intel community's psychological warfare programs experience daily.

The program would focus on the typical venues Intel uses in which to conduct such illegal and nefarious operations, as well as the coercive and despicable tactics that these agencies use in keeping the truth about these operations from the American public.

And just as importantly, how the U.S. Congress quietly, confidently and treasonously aids and abets these federal agencies in these cowardly and vicious attacks.

One might say that they are all in this "together" because they are. They keep each others' dirty secrets; they use the American middle class as a doormat, while they aid and abet the Illuminati in its treasonous takeover of the United States.

And in the case where one of them gets out of line, like recently impeached Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich, they sic their FBI pit bulls on them in order to weed out the ones who might risk their exposure. If the FBI did their job effectively as a legitimate law enforcement agency, instead of the aidor and abettor to such crimes that this criminal syndicate really is, the FBI could spend all of its time keeping Washington D.C. alone, under investigation.

And as for the candor of these politicians, ask any one of them (with the exception of Dr. Ron Paul) if they think that the official version of the 9-11 Commission Report is a whitewash of the facts, and you will be told that the Commission Report is accurate, and that the Al Qaeda were behind the attacks on 9-11-2001. Now these politicians are smart enough to know that only a complete imbecile would believe that the attacks on 9-11-2001 weren't an inside job, yet they have too much to lose if they tell you the truth.

They have families, mortgages, car payments, and all sorts of other expenses that the average American has (except the health insurance issue in which these elected officials have a much better deal amongst some other perks which they'd rather you not know about), which keeps them from telling the American people the truth about the oligarchy within the military intelligence complex that pulled off the attacks on 9-11, and has been holding this country hostage ever since; while giving us that fascist piece of toilet paper called the Patriot Act, which they salute every morning, while trampling all over the U.S. Bill of Rights.

The American people have a cesspool problem alright, and it can be found in Washington D.C. As for the Intel community and their virtual rape of our constitutionally protected rights, they can also take their satellites, Illuminati Patriot Act, and the rest of their treasonous garbage, and stuff them where the proverbial sun don't shine!!!

Because there isn't a God damned thing about what these miscreants are doing that is legal, ethical, moral or American. If there are any Americans left who truly want to be patriotic, they can get themselves a copy of the Patriot Act tonight and burn the God damned thing! Because this piece of treasonous legislation has destroyed the United States of America. The rest of the sheeple in this country can remain silent because it's such silence that has allowed a fascist oligarchy to take their country, government and constitutionally protected rights away from them. As for the FBI, if you'd like to personally challenge me on this statement, you've been illegally spying on me for decades; so you know where I live.

Moreover, it's time that you came "clean" with the American people in regard to the entrapment schemes that you have used against this author over the past several decades, as well as the real purpose for the NSA's Signals Intelligence Operations -- electronically branding the entire American population as if they were heads of cattle. Only Nazi's would attempt to perpetrate such crimes against an entire nation of people.

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