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The Justice Enhancement Act of 2003 -- Otherwise Known As Patriot Act Part 2 -- Read It And You'll Understand Why Your Freedoms Are All But Gone

When first questioned about an enhanced version of the Patriot Act several years ago, former FBI Director John Ashcroft stated that no such document existed; even while Patriot Act 2 was already being drafted. The following is a printable version of the Patriot Act part 2, and further evidence that this piece of treasonous legislation was created by the Illuminati's New World Order disciples, in order to bring about an open global dictatorship. As frightening as Patriot part 1 was, part 2 offers even greater insight into this treasonous attack on the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

In a day and age where the civil liberties of the American middle class have all but disappeared, in what must be seen as the greatest conspiracy in human history, Americans must either educate themselves in regard to the Illuminati's New World Order Luciferian agenda and destroy the Illuminati, or allow the Illuminati to destroy the Proletariat.

Alex Jones Martial Law documentary will bring myriad elements of the New World Order's one world government to your attention:

Also see: "Synthetic Telepathy The Early Mind Wars" by Richard Allan Miller:

As outlandish as this may seem, and what cannot be understated at the present time, is that the intense turmoil that we are presently experiencing within the United States as it applies to the meltdown of our economy, as well as the abject undermining of our constitutional republic, have not occured by accident.

In spite of what on the surface appears to be total havoc, what is presently taking place within the United States has been carefully orchestrated by the Illuminati for several generations -- the total annihilation of the United States of America and the freedoms which it once promised to all of her citizens. As such, the Obama Administration -- in spite of its rhetoric in regard to bringing about meaningful changes in America -- has over the past two weeks become aware of the criminal cabal which runs the military intelligence controlled shadow government in this country. Consequently, Obama has become little more than a puppet for this cadre of Illuminists who will either acquiece to their demands or suffer his own destruction at their hands as have many presidents in the past; most notably the late John F. Kennedy.

Moreover, unbeknown to most Americans, what they are presently witnessing is the deliberate destruction of our economy under the auspices of the privately held Federal Reserve central bank. The same criminal syndicate that created the stockmarket crash of 1929, and the Great Depression which followed it in the 1930's.

Creating such catastrophes like the one in which Americans are presently finding themselves, is to a large extent why the Illuminati have relied on such central banks throughout their despicable history; to create artificial recessions and depressions, done in which to destabilize the governments and economies of those countries which they seek to control. And as they have done in the United States since the illegal passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and the subsequent creation of the equally criminal Federal Reserve System and its private collection agency -- the Internal Revenue Service. Two organizations which the criminally run FBI has protected for the past century. To say that the entire hierarchy within the U.S. Federal Government has been criminalized by the Illuminati through its covert takeover of the United States, and with the protection of such Intel "goonsquad" agencies as the FBI, is not understating the case.

The constitutional rule of law in America is dead. And only a civil revolution will restore this once magnificent country to her former glory. A revolution which as a result of the imminent collapse of both our economy and government is far closer than most Americans realize.

A government which is based on total deception and an economy based on a counterfeited currency cannot survive indefinitely, as Americans are for the first time finally beginning to understand.

See Congressman Ron Paul's comments in regard to the privately held Federal Reserve System, when interviewed by the late Aaron Russo for the most patriotic documentary ever produced -- America From Freedom To Fascism

Congressman Ron Paul Interviewed By The Late Aaron Russo:

America From Freedom To Fascism:

CNBC Interview With Congressman Ron Paul & Former IRS Agent Joe Bannister Regarding The IRS And The Federal Income Tax:
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