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The Vatican's Assault On The Tony Alamo Ministries -- The Illuminati Controlled Vatican & Its Jesuit Doctrines

As a lay person, if you challenge religious doctrine you are certain to be ostracized for having done so. However, when you're a minister who accuses some religion of being an outright Illuminati controlled criminal syndicate as the Reverend Tony Alamo has done with the Vatican, you will likely find yourself in a similar situation to that which Alamo recently experienced. For many people who are now able to see through the Illuminati's matrix, they are able to understand the fundamental deceptions that virtually all religions promulgate -- religions that give clergy sacrosanct authority which is for the most part used in which to manipulate parishioners, rather than enlighten them spiritually.

Moreover, those who find their spirituality without such religious dogma, become a threat to the very foundations of such religions, because they realize that such dogmas are in fact completely fallible and used as a ruse in which to furtively manipulate people's minds.

Those who are capable of thinking for themselves will only add to the curiosity of other spiritually starved parishioners who may well also find that they don't need a formalized religion in order to have a personal relationship with the deity whom they choose to worship.

And if enough people begin to understand that they can also have such a private relationship with their God, without acquiescing to the religious doctrine used by most places of worship for the express purpose of mind control (as well as a very lucrative business enterprise), this would eventually lead to the dissolution of formalized religion.

After all, religions are a very lucrative enterprise unto themselves, which have historically always fed on people's fear of the after life. And given the current mindset of most formalized religions -- (How many parishioners have been told that they must give a certain percentage of their annual incomes to their own places of worship?) -- it would appear that the more one has to place in the collection plate on Sunday, the closer their relationship to God.

Worshipping by way of such extortionate tactics can hardly be considered a spiritual endeavor.

As for hypocrisy, what more can you say than that Pope John Paul II was in fact a cyanide salesman during World War II who sold the cyanide used to gas many Jews during the Holocaust, to the Nazi party. Or that the present Pope, Benedict, was in fact raised as a Nazi, and still espouses this belief system as the head of the Jesuit controlled Vatican? Or the fact that Pope John Paul I was murdered only 33 days into his papacy, after demanding to see a full accounting of the Vatican Bank's business transactions. Or still even more disturbing, that one of the most endearing figures in human history, the late Mother Theresa, was in fact used as a front for the Vatican Bank in which to solicit millions of dollars from the public; donations which, according to several of her former nuns, were never used to help the poor, but instead kicked back to the Vatican Bank.

See Pope John Paul I murdered for inquiry into Vatican Bank:


See Mother Theresa used as a front for Vatican Bank:


We live in a world of revisionist history. And with a societal infrastructure based not on the truth, but instead, myriad lies of convenience. Take the 9-11 ruse which the U.S. Federal Government has been peddling for the past 8 years; one completely endorsed by my arch nemesis, the Nazi idealized Federal Bureau Of Investigation, and you have a prima facie example of such lies of convenience. Lies that have been told with such frequency, that many people will (through such subtle yet effective means of brainwashing) see them as the truth.


The Words of John Paul II Explain the Assault on Tony Alamo Ministries

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Jan 22, 2009

The story behind the story on the September 2008 raid of the Tony Alamo Ministry and the State kidnapping of 21 children can be told right from the horse’s mouth.

In this case the horse is the Vatican and its black rider non other than the late Pope John Paul II, the ex-Polish cyanide salesman.

If you're looking for answers why Alamo was raided, you don’t have to look any farther than the words of the former Pope made during the 1990s in an article entitled The Challenge of the Sects, Art. 73.

In this article, lucifer’s main spokesman on earth, John Paul II, declares war on Bible believing splinter Christian groups who break away from mainstream Protestantism and dare to preach the real gospels of Christ while at the same time outing the Vatican as the anti-Christ.

He declares war on fringe Christian groups, albeit cloaked in a fake mask of unity, since it is obvious the Vatican through its henchmen Jesuits have been highly successful in infiltrating and controlling mainstream Protestants.

If you are a faithful Catholic and wondering how this can be true, remember you are being taught one doctrine by the Vatican, a false one we might add, while the highest levels of Vatican authority are following another doctrine, a doctrine quite different which is actually Luciferian.

And if you are Protestant with doubts that your Church has been taken over by the Jesuits as former Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera claimed, ask these questions about your Church as asked by Bill Hughes in his book entitled The Secret Terrorists:

– Is your church still protesting against the tyranny of the papacy?

– Does your church still teach that the papacy is the ant-Christ?

– Is your church forgetting their historic teachings and becoming more modern, casting away the old truths as relics of the past?

– Are your church periodicals finding more and more good things to say about the papacy?

– Is your church willing to join the ecumenical movement, even if it means sacrificing some basic teachings or principals once believed?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then more likely than not your church has been infiltrated by the Jesuits and has united with Rome, the beast identified in Revelations.

So with the mainstream in the Vatican’s pocket, John Paul II tells us the beast’s main concern now is splinter Christian groups like Tony Alamo Ministries. With these words John Paul II expresses concern about new religious groups that spring up, naming the Vatican as the anti-Christ and warning the world about the papacy’s plan to take over the world.

Here are John Paul’s words in an article entitled The Challenge of the Sects:

“The proselytizing activity of the sects and new religious groups in America is a grave hindrance to the work of evangelization…(what he really means are these groups are hindering Rome’s luciferian unification project). The success of proselytism by the sects and new religious groups in America cannot be ignored. It demands of the Church on the continent a thorough study, to be carried out in each nation and at the international level…For the response to the challenge of the sects to be effective, there is a need for an appropriate coordination of initiatives among dioceses, aimed at bringing about a more effective cooperation through shared projects which will produce better results.

What John Paul is really saying is that first the Jesuits will infiltrate these splinter groups with the goal to silence opposition to the Vatican. If that doesn’t work, the Vatican will then use any means possible to destroy Bible believing ministries.

In the case of Tony Alamo, the latter is going on right now before our very own eyes.

Also see: The Jesuit Connection To The Vatican:


Also see the following letter in defense of Tony Alamo:

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am writing to request prayer for Greg Szymanski and Tony Alamo. Greg is on a "mission of mercy". He has left his fledgling business and has gone to Arkansas to assist Tony Alamo who has been arrested by the Pope's Gestapo on false charges. Greg went down to help Tony get an attorney and to report the TRUTH rather than to just allow the mainstream media to destroy Tony without telling Tony's side of the story. When Greg arrived to see Tony, the authorities informed Greg that Tony had been moved to an "undisclosed location" and wouldn't allow Greg to see him.

My fear is that the Pope's Gestapo may be trying to provoke Greg so they can bring charges against Greg too. If that happens, Greg will be off the air too, thus, the Pope's Gestapo will have killed two birds with one stone. Both Greg and Tony, for the last two decades at least, have been telling America the TRUTH about the Vatican. Looks like the Vatican has decided to silence 2 of their most vocal critics. This can't stand!

Funny isn't it? With over 2000 pedophile priest cases on the books, their churches are never called, "compounds". Neither are their abominable atrocities covered in the mainstream media. Rome demands that their pedophile priests should not be reported to the civil authorities, neither should their cases be heard in criminal civil courts, but demand that all pedophile priest cases should be dealt with by the Vatican only.

Please pray fervently for both, Greg and Tony. The effectual and fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!

Greg has asked me to keep his broadcast going until he returns. I covet your prayers also.

-Tom Friess
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