Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Evidence That The Police In The United States Have Been Turned Into A Militarized Squad Of Mercenaries -- Woman Punched In Face By Lunatic Cop

The following video shows a woman riding a bicycle being pulled over by a policeman for riding on a sidewalk, knocked off her bike, and then ganged up on by three cops while the one who initially confronted her punches her in the face four times.

Also note that this genius of a cop in attempting to wrongfully spray mace in this woman's face, ends up spraying himself in the face instead. Once the woman is pinned on the ground and handcuffed by two other cops, the original cop then walks over to the woman and punches her in the face four times, as she screams out, "why are you hitting me, I am handcuffed?"

Why punch the woman in the face when it was this idiot and sadist of cop who ended up macing himself instead of the woman, who appears to have given no legitimate reason for being maced?

She was riding her bicycle on the sidewalk, not holding up a bank!

This is law enforcement? More like a well paid New World Order squad of vigilante thugs who are intent on terrorizing the American Proletariat, knowing that they will likely not be held accountable for their violent crimes. This is evidence of the New World Order at its worst.

And these crimes are no longer an anomaly, but instead happening on a regular basis.

What happened to this woman's rights? The fact that she also appears to be African American also raises the issue of racial profiling.

Do you think the FBI will be called in to investigate here? Not likely, but given the FBI's track record of aiding and abetting criminal cops, there's little doubt that the FBI would attempt to smear this woman's name instead of holding the thug cop who punched her in the face responsible for doing so. If she punched this cop in the face she'd be looking at prison time. So why shouldn't this cop being looking at the same?

Female cyclist punched in face by rogue cop:

Also see boy tased and then punched in the face 13 times:

Also see the following post regarding the racial profiling of former minor league baseball player Robbie Tolan, who was shot and nearly killed by a racist cop who had wrongfully accused Tolan of driving a stolen car:
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