Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Individual Targeted For Directed Energy Weapon's Attacks & Nonconsensual Human Experimentation Has Died

Non Lethal Weapons Are In Fact LETHAL!

Many individuals targeted for myriad forms of non consensual human experimentation suffer serious illnesses from long-term exposure to directed energy weaponry (DEW for short). Many have even died from cancers created as the direct result of being electronically attacked by way of such satellite based weapons 24 hours a day. Such attacks can also be perpetrated by those using less sophisticated forms of technology, including a microwave oven with the door removed, and aimed through the wall of an adjacent home or apartment which is occupied by a person being targeted for such electronic harassment.

One might think that contacting local law enforcement or even the FBI would serve to end these attacks. However, many of these New World Order organizations are actually instrumental in perpetrating these crimes, being committed under the Patriot Act -- the New World Order's version of the U.S. Constitution, which in reality has destroyed the basic human rights protections that the Constitution and its Bill of Rights offered us. What we have left is only one type of law - the law of the jungle.

Which the American TI community now understands all too well.

From the Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance Newsletter:


Just received word that a TI from New Mexico, Helen Roehrig passed away this past Wednesday. She had been very weak since the summer and a few of us, including Dr. Staninger, were trying to bring her back to health. From what I hear, the final diagnosis is from cancer."

Rest in peace, Helen. At least these NWO bastards can't hurt you anymore.

Another TI Ties Deaths To Various Preferences

A TI by the name of Derrick Robinson has been attributing myriad negative occurrences in his life over the past several years to the choices he makes in everything from eating foods he enjoys , to wearing a piece of clothing that he likes. Some of the punishments which he has cited include people he knows either becoming ill or dying shortly after he does something which these perpetrators have warned him not to do, as well as sudden strains occurring in his relationships with others. As Derrick has noted, virtually any aspect of his life can be adversely affected by those who are targetting him for non consensual human experimentation .

And if this sounds crazy, it's because those who perpetrate these crimes choose such ways in which to commit them, just so that those whom they victimize will sound crazy to those family members, friends or even the police, when they attempt to explain what they are being subjected to.

For such reasons psychological operations are the most pernicious aspects of psychological warfare, since they are designed with the intent of completely destroying both the spiritual and mental health of their victims -- the agenda here is to quite literally shred their psyches to pieces.

Electronic warfare offers the perfect complement to such crimes since they are committed through the infrared spectrum, and as such, offer those who perpetrate them complete anonymity in doing so. Those who are as cowardly as they are EVIL.

For instance, you are *told by those who perpetrate these crimes against you that you will be punished if you indulge in something which you enjoy. So you go out to eat and have a few slices of pizza, only to find that when you arrive home, there is a message on your answering machine stating that a friend or family member is in the hospital, or worse has suddenly died mysteriously. Or an electrical appliance that has been operating perfectly suddenly stops working. Or your automobile now has a problem that it did not have before you did something that those who perpetrate these crimes did not want you to do.

*Many TI's report voice to skull communication from those who perpetrate these crimes against them. V2K technology has been in existence for many decades and allows those who commit these crimes to electronically access the aural cortex region of the brains of those whom they target, allowing them to completely bypass the ears of these targets, which enables them to both hear what the targeted person is hearing as well as quite literally "speak into their minds."

The visual cortex region of the brains of TI's can also be accessed in such ways, which allows those who use computer to brain link technology, the ability to electronically decode the images that the targeted person sees through their own eyes. The result is that the operators of this technology (including and especially those employed by the National Security Agency) can see what the targeted persons see through their own eyes, effectively making these people an organic form of mobile spy camera.

Imagine, living your entire life being subjected to such abuses at the hands of megalomaniacal and sadistic personalities whose prime enjoyment in life is the torment of others, and you can begin to understand the pathology of those who commit such crimes; many of whom operate clandestinely through such federal agencies as the FBI, CIA, NSA and in recent years The Department Of Homeland Security.

Derrick Robinson describes a typical day as a target of non consensual human experimentation:


February 22
A Fellow-Victim Passes

"Yesterday, Saturday, February 21, I was receiving vicious threats from the perps before going to breakfast. They were extremely concerned that I might enjoy myself with some pancakes and syrup. If this sounds silly, it absolutely is. It shows that the perps have no fear, remorse, or regard for human life. Their ONLY concern is making my life something miserable - as long as they're not caught, which they believe is impossible. Anyway, they are gradually, systematically targeting all the foods - and anything else - that I enjoy to make them a source of terror. So I went to breakfast with my housemate and had the pancakes. Later on in the day, I received a call and was informed that a fellow-victim had died this past week. So either they knew of this and wanted to terrorize me or they killed her and wanted to terrorize me. At any rate, the perps may be starting a murder campaign for this action surrounding consuming pancakes. I am noting this for the next incident as this possible new pattern unfolds. "

Mind Control Target - Derrick Robinson

*Author's Note: I have experienced much of what Derrick has in regard to people suddenly becoming seriously ill or dying (or even being killed), or other manifestations based on thoughts that I had prior to these events actually occurring. Events which I no longer consider to be coincidental.

I must also wonder given my admiration for the late film producer Aaron Russo, for the excellent documentary that he produced about the Illuminati and their control over the United States through their creation of the Federal Reserve System and its collection bag man the IRS (American From Freedom To Fascism), if Aaron was not finished off by those who in my opinion gave him the cancer that he eventually died from.

If so, Aaron was murdered by way of directed energy weaponry, for his attempts to expose the Illuminati and their agenda within the United States.

The fact that Aaron Russo died on my birthday, and that I have regularly promoted his documentary as well as discussed a variety of aspects in regard to the Federal Reserve System's covert control over the United States, to this day has me wondering if Aaron might have been deliberately killed on my Birthday. Even though he was dying, those who utilize directed energy weaponry can cause fatal heart attacks in their victims.

Once again, this may sound far fetched to someone who's never been targeted for non consensual human experimentation. However, to those who are, they soon begin to realize that virtually nothing that appears to be coincidental in their lives happens by chance, but is instead planned well in advance by those who perpetrate these crimes against us.
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