Monday, February 23, 2009

Racial Profiling Attack On A Man Named Aaron James -- It Would Appear That The FBI's Been Called In To Intimidate Mr. James -- John McCain Involved?

In a country in which the government has for all intents and purposes "gone criminal," the following Website documents the racial profiling of a citizen by the name of Aaron James, and the subsequent intimidation tactics used by the Illuminati's FBI whore squad in which to "neutralize him." The FBI's agents have become so criminal, that they are intent on destroying the United States Bill of Rights, while protecting every government criminal who is a member of the Illuminati elite.

And if you are like this author, the FBI will attempt to use every means possible in which to deny you your rights, while using psychological warfare in which to drive you to the commission of suicide. Of course, there is no rule of law to be found here, as the FBI attempts to obscure its own outrageous criminal activity. Something that Aaron James must certainly understand by now.

Mr. James also mentions Senator John McCain's involvement in these intimidation tactics here as well, so the readers can glean from his blog what they will. In any event, it appears that what we have here is another instance of civil rights violations under the fascist Patriot Act, in which the FBI and its New World Order thugs are decimating yet another American citizen's constitutionally protected rights with complete impunity.

Throughout its history the FBI has been responsible for the covert murders of thousands of American citizens, and acts of abject cruelty that are in direct opposition to basic human rights legislation such as the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code.

So what the HELL is the FBI doing here in the United States?

And you are still wondering why the FBI must at some point in the future be abolished?

Like Mr. James, there are those of us who don't accept the FBI's Gestapo tactics, or anti-American lexicon, and will in fact fight to the death to see to it that this federal atrocity is at some point abolished. The FBI does not now, nor has it ever belonged in the United States of America. The FBI is a dreaded curse on the American people and their ideals of freedom. These agents should have their inherent and inalienable rights violated as they continue to violate those of others. That is the only way that they will begin to understand just how outrageous their conduct is.
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