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Someone Should Contact Helio Castroneves To Alert Him To The Other Americans Who've Beaten Their Tax Evasion Cases In Court

The IRS Continues To Victimize Americans

There is no law requiring the average American worker to file a 1040 tax return, or to pay a federal tax on their wages. And even though the CIA controlled Mockingbird Media system in the United States has deliberately kept this information from the public, more than two dozen Americans have already proven that the IRS is operating illegally, by beating the privately held Federal Reserve System collection agency in court, after being acquitted of tax evasion charges.

A situation that has so frustrated the contemptible IRS, that they are becoming far more aggressive in attempting to have judges use lower court rulings in regard to tax evasion cases, instead of the Supreme Court rulings which by constitutional rule of law must supersede the lower court rulings. An act of complete desperation on the part of the privately held Federal Reserve System and U.S. Federal Government.

Actor Wesley Snipes is facing a similar situation to that of race car driver Helio Castroneves, and should also (if he hasn't already) be told of the Americans who've beaten the IRS in court, simply because the IRS is attempting to enforce a law which does not exist.

Two of the more than two dozen tax protesters who've been victorious over the IRS in court are attorney Tom Cryer, and tax protester Whitey Harrell. Harrell's case set a precedent a few years back, when a jury refused to find him guilty of wilful failure to file a tax return, after the judge presiding over the case could not furnish them with the law that the IRS claims gives it the authority to impose a tax on the wages of the American worker; proving for once and for all, that since the early 1900's, the IRS has been committing a treasonous fraud by imposing a law on Americans which has never existed, while egregiously violating their constitutionally protected rights.

The jury foreman in this precedent setting case, Marcella Brooks, now speaks regularly at the "We The People Foundation" symposiums in regard to her role in this historic case. In fact, when Ms. Brooks was interviewed by the late Aaron Russo for a segment in his documentary on the privately held Federal Reserve System's criminal operations (American From Freedom To Fascism), Brooks stated that she felt betrayed by the presiding judge, who said that he would instruct the jury according to the law. However, when the time came for the judge to furnish the jury with the law which the IRS claims authorizes it to impose a tax on the wages of American workers, the judge did not do so; instead, sending a note to the jury stating that they had all the information that they needed in which to reach a verdict.

In fact, this deliberate deception by the judge combined with the fact that he allowed the IRS agent involved in the Harrell case to commit perjury in court, while the prosecutor attempted to demonize Mr. Harrell, only served to further infuriate Ms. Brooks and her fellow jurors. So much so in fact, that they decided to send their own message to this judge and the IRS, by setting a precedent in finding Mr. Whitey Harrell not guilty on all counts of tax evasion.

When Marcella Brooks speaks in public in regard to the near railroading that Whitey Harrell was to subjected to, not only by the IRS, but also by the judge who was clearly aiding and abetting the IRS in his complicity to cover up the fact that there is no law authorizing the IRS to impose a tax on the wages of the American workforce, she is understandably quite emotional. As Marcella refers to the judge's becoming infuriated as she read the not guilty verdict and then storming out of his own courtroom, Marcella Brooks with tears in her eyes states "the law may not always work, but on that day and for this man it did."

The point here is that if Whitey Harrell and Tom Cryer were found not guilty because the IRS is wrongfully imposing a law which does not exist, then any American citizen who's indicted on tax evasion charges should be exonerated for the same reasons that Mr. Harrell and Cryer were. In fact, to take this a step further, given that there is no such law, these people should not even be arrested much less indicted, because they have committed no crime in refusing to file a 1040 form. And those who have been convicted in the past of tax evasion should be freed, and their monies and any possessions the IRS has seized from them returned to their persons.

Given this, is it any wonder why neither the IRS, FBI nor members of the United States Congress want to address the issue of the income tax in a public forum? The answer is because they will lose this argument and be forced to admit that they have committed a treasonous fraud by bilking the American workforce out of trillions of dollars since the early 1900's. And through a graduated system of taxation that is Communistic in its origins and completely unconstitutional.

Still worse is that the IRS claims that once you sign a 1040 tax return you agree to pay the IRS a tax on your wages which the agency claims is legally binding -- a clear case of entrapment and a complete and utter fraud.

Vernice Kuglin, a former Federal Express pilot and one of the American citizens who's actually beaten the IRS on tax evasion charges, makes an excellent case for the American people when she holds up a booklet which contains copies of the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights, while saying that these documents were created to free the American people. She then holds up a copy of the massive IRS tax code booklet, stating this document has been used to enslave the American people.

No truer words have ever been spoken.

See the following interview with Vernice Kuglin after she was acquitted on "6" charges of tax evasion.,2933,94630,00.html

Official: Racer's conviction would be 'terrible'

Mar 13, 2:46 PM (ET)

- It would be "terrible" for Penske Racing and the sport if Helio Castroneves, the popular Indy racer and "Dancing with the Stars" champion, was convicted of tax evasion, a top Penske official testified Friday.

Lawrence Bluth, Penske's general counsel, was asked Friday by prosecutor Matt Axelrod what impact a guilty verdict against the two-time Indianapolis 500 winner might have. Bluth, a prosecution witness, provided earlier testimony that could be damaging to Castroneves, who signed with Penske in late 1999.

"It would be a terrible thing to lose one of the great drivers in the world, and probably our most popular driver," Bluth said.

"Would it be bad for business if Mr. Castroneves were to be convicted?" Axelrod asked.

"It would not be a good thing," Bluth said.

Castroneves, a 33-year-old Brazilian citizen; his sister and manager, Katiucia Castroneves, 35; and Michigan attorney Alan Miller, 71, each face more than six years behind bars if convicted of conspiracy and tax evasion charges involving some $5.5 million. The trial ended its second week Friday.

Penske has temporarily replaced Castroneves with Australian driver Will Power on its Indy Racing League team pending the outcome of the case. The new racing season begins April 5.

Much of the case revolves around a Panamanian entity called Seven Promotions that prosecutors say was secretly owned by Castroneves - which the driver denies - where $5 million in Penske payments to Castroneves were originally to be deposited. Bluth testified he had no doubt that Castroneves owned Seven Promotions because "that's what Alan Miller told me."

The money never went to Panama and eventually was transferred in 2003 to a Dutch licensing firm, where it remains. But prosecutors and the IRS say Castroneves is still liable for income tax on the entire $5 million because he owned Seven Promotions and Penske was ready to pay it money.

More evidence on that issue came Friday from Miami banker Guido Chipy, who was involved in a 2001 mortgage taken out by Castroneves. In documents provided by Miller, Castroneves is identified as being the sole owner of a company in which the $5 million in Penske money will be deposited.

But Chipy also acknowledged that nearly all the mortgage application information came from Miller and that he had no contact with Castroneves during the process.

"The only thing he did was sign it?" asked Castroneves attorney David Garvin.

"That's correct," Chipy said.

Part of Castroneves' defense is that he focused on racing cars and relied on tax professionals and lawyers to handle his business affairs. Castroneves also won TV's "Dancing With The Stars" competition in 2007, but that's not part of his tax trial.

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