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With A System Of Taxation Based On Communism, A Government Clearly Controlled By An Affluent Oligarchy & An Oppressed Middle Class; What Is The USA?

Since the attacks on 9-11-2001, a myriad of Americans have accused the U.S. Federal Government of being subverted into everything from a fascist police state to a socialistic/communistic ideologue. However, with the homogenization of these idealized governments over the past century, which has created many different hybridized types of such governments, it's become more difficult to identify the fundamental structure of most governments which are now in existence.

And while Americans are told that the U.S. Federal Government is a Democratic Republic, in reality, the United States is an oligarchy which masquerades as a democracy in which to deceive the public into believing that they are in control of this government, and through those whom they elect to public office. However, this is a very clever deception, and one which in light of the attacks on American freedoms under the Patriot Act, has now worn thin.

For example, no legitimate capitalist society would ever contain a central bank like the privately held Federal Reserve System, which is the antithesis of capitalism. The Federal Reserve System is about control, not free enterprise. Nor would this society have a system of graduated taxation, also based on Communism.

The following statement does a credible job of identifying the difficulty in clearly defining two government idealogues.


What Is The Difference Between Socialism & Communism

Socialism and communism are ideological doctrines that have many similarities as well as many differences. It is difficult to discern the true differences between socialism and communism, as various societies have tried different types of both systems in myriad forms, and many ideologues with different agendas have defined both systems in biased terms. Some main differences, however, can still be identified.

One difference between socialism and communism is that socialism is mainly an economic system, while communism is both an economic and a political system. As an economic system, socialism seeks to manage the economy through deliberate and collective social control. Communism, however, seeks to manage both the economy and the society by ensuring that property is owned collectively and that control over the distribution of property is centralized in order to achieve both classlessness and statelessness. Both socialism and communism are similar in that they seek to prevent the ill effects that are sometimes produced by capitalism.

Both socialism and communism are based on the principle that the goods and services produced in an economy should be owned publicly and controlled and planned by a centralized organization. However, socialism asserts that the distribution should take place according to the amount of individuals' production efforts, while communism asserts that that goods and services should be distributed among the populace according to individuals' needs.

Another difference between socialism and communism is that communists assert that both capitalism and private ownership of means of production must be done away with as soon as possible in order to make sure a classless society, the communist ideal, is formed. Socialists, however, see capitalism as a possible part of the ideal state and believe that socialism can exist in a capitalist society. In fact, one of the ideas of socialism is that everyone within the society will benefit from capitalism as much as possible as long as the capitalism is controlled somehow by a centralized planning system.

Finally, another difference between socialism and communism is centered on who controls the structure of economy. Where socialism generally aims to have as many people as possible influence how the economy works, communism seeks to concentrate that number into a smaller amount.
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