Thursday, March 19, 2009

Intel Blocks Router Signal From Computer Network Again

After the recent post on Osama Bin Ladin, the NSA has again blocked the signal being sent from the router to this author's computer, necessitating the use of another computer for access to the Internet. Another example of the NSA's Signals Intelligence technology, and how it is used to remotely interfere with home computers.

These electronic attacks by Intel occur in one form or another on a daily basis as part of the FBI's long-term COINTELPRO against this author, and the NSA's use of my person for non consensual human experimentation.

A situation in which there is no constitutional due process of law. One in which the NSA and FBI have egregiously violated the 4TH Amendment.

No longer a surprise given the Nazi idealized oligarchy that controls the U.S. Federal Government. One which has made the 9-11 Mega Lie the doctrine which has enabled the New World Order to propagate the war on terror black propaganda campaign, which is being used to destroy the inherent rights of the American Proletariat.

Intel's continued demonization of this author is indicative of the crimes that these agents have committed under the color of law. Moreover, their use of "certain" shills who are clearly operating as "disinfo" agents remains as further evidence that my corroboration of John Akwei's information as it pertains to the NSA's computer to brain link technology is not only accurate, but also devastating to the criminals within the Intel community who continue to use this technology illegally on American citizens.

I am also certain that one so called government whistleblower is not only a disinformation agent, but also a provocateur in the Intel community's COINTELPRO against this author and myriad others who seek to document aspects of Intel's crimes that this "provocateur" is clearly looking to obfuscate from the public. This person is in fact typical of Intel, giving partial truths in which to masque the rest of their lies, and very likely getting paid for having done so, while claiming poverty.

However, all they have accomplished is to violate the very constitutional rule of law which they claim to patriotically support, while clearly attempting to deceive those whom they seek to scam financial support from. A typical pawn of Intel, since few agents who claim to have broken free are in fact free, but instead "brainwashed" pawns which the agency continues to utilize for their own criminal means.

One must also remember that when the Intel community subjects anyone to a psychological operation, it is because the person cannot be indicted in a legitimate crime. Such psyops are done with the specific intention of destroying the targeted person's reputation and mind, while circulating myriad forms of disinformation. The constitutional rule of law is completely absent in such Intel black ops. Especially in a situation where an agency like the FBI has been illegally spying on a subject for years in an attempt to entrap the person, while completely ignoring the person's right to privacy under the 4TH Amendment.

The FBI and NSA are prime offenders here, since they circulate whatever information they care to without being challenged, while using satellite based directed energy weaponry in which to covertly torture citizens whom they have illegally targeted.

And while the Intel community attempts to make these situations as nebulous as possible, the fact remains that if they were operating legally, there'd be no reason for them to conduct such underhanded operations in the first place; nor to blackmail those around a targeted person, as a coercive tactic in which to force them into silence.

For the record, FBI agents lie all the time. It comes as natural to them as breathing, and they are trained to do so. These agents also regularly perpetrate color of law crimes which they could and should be prosecuted for under Title 18 Section 242 of the United States Code; however almost never are.

As for blackmail, it has always been a large part of the FBI's criminal protocols; so much so, that one might say that blackmailing those whom they target is the FBI's stock in trade.

For example, if an FBI agent decides to cover up their own crimes by blackmailing someone whom they have threatened in one way or another, the person being threatened will acquiesce to whatever demands the FBI makes - including committing perjury in court. The threat of prison time or the loss of ones home or children at the hands of the FBI, can be an extremely powerful incentive for the person to cooperate in the aiding and abetting of such federal crimes.

And the FBI, especially under the Patriot Act, now has such authority.

Moreover, through such entrapment schemes, the FBI's coercive tactics can literally force a person (even trick)into breaking the law; which costs the FBI nothing, yet the person whom they've corrupted can lose everything in the process.

Intel's attacks on this author are perhaps the best illustration ever documented regarding the lengths to which these government criminals will go to obscure their own crimes from the public. Crimes which include precedent setting illegal spying, non consensual experimentation, torture by way of directed energy weaponry, and attempts to covertly murder one of their targets. This in addition to using coercion in which to force family members of this target into remaining silent in regard to the crimes that the FBI has committed against them, a result of these innocent people being caught up in the Bureau's own web of criminality.

A dastardly situation which these agents would clearly never want a federal jury learning about, much less passing judgement on, since it would result in many Intel agents being prosecuted for their color of law crimes, instead of getting away with them as they usually do.

Moreover, any federal agent who would use a satellite in which to not only spy upon you within your own home, but to also invade the privacy of your own thoughts, is an arch criminal; as those who've taken part in these attacks against this author and his family clearly are.

And once again, why they would never want a jury learning about the classified technology that federal spy agencies like the FBI, NSA and CIA rely on in which to in the most egregious of ways, violate the privacy of the average American citizen.
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