Monday, March 16, 2009

The FBI Regularly Hacks The Websites Of Those It Targets For COINTELPRO & Downloads Spyware Onto The Computers Of Unwitting Web Surfers

The electronic hacking of Websites in regard to those the FBI wages its illegal COINTELPRO's against has become quite common since the passage of the God awful Patriot Act. A situation in which the FBI will electronically install its own spyware which it hides under the guise of an antivirus download, and which those who enter these sites are then prompted to take advantage of; thus allowing the FBI to extract any information that the Bureau might find of interest from the person's computer.

Typical of the dirty tactics that the Gestapo FBI uses in which to gain access to the computer of any person on the Internet, and without a warrant. As usual, the FBI is operating illegally.

Also see the following post in regard to how the NSA has had computer makers secretly build a "backdoor" into their computer software which allows the NSA to secretly access the home computer of any American citizen, without their knowledge or consent.

This makes any firewall that a consumer purchases for their own computer useless against the NSA's Signals Intelligence spyware.

Keep in mind that the NSA is not legally authorized (in spite of what we've been told regarding any alleged and treasonous Executive Order which might give the agency permission to do so) to spy on American citizens without a court order from FISA, and then only if the person in question can be proven to have contact with a foreign entity that can be legitimately defined as a terrorist.

Which makes John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which documents the fact that the NSA has illegally brain fingerprinted the entire U.S. population by way of each citizen's brain's own unique fingerprint, even more scandalous.

Moreover, the FBI's use of such notorious spyware as Carnivore has only increased the public's concern that the FBI has attacked the Internet with a vengeance, in which to furtively spy on anyone of interest, and as is typified by the FBI's historical criminal behavior, with a complete and outrageous disregard for the privacy of Internet users.

The message that a TI by the name of Ed Harding lists below is typical of the electronic crimes that the FBI and its child murdering (Branch Davidians & Pine Ridge Indian Reservation) squad of Nazi misanthropes is guilty of. Here, Ed attempts to warn those who visit his Website that the FBI has control over such spyware which those who visit his Website are automatically prompted to download.

WARNING: This website was temporarily hacked by the FBI SID around Jan. 7-10, 2009 and around Jan. 31, 2009. If you see any software prompting you to download anti-virus software, immediately disconnect from the Internet and immediately shut off the power to your computer. I also recommend reinstalling your web browser ASAP. This website was hacked by the FBI SID with software that google discovered on 1/8/09 could automatically load spyware onto your computer. The website that the FBI SID's hacking redirected people to is, owned by alias Valensia M Dobbson, who owns more than 30 domain names (including other fake antivirus domain names). Jay claimed at 12:51am 1/20/09 that alias Valensia M Dobbson " one of our [black ops] hackers, and he keeps up with the latest hack technology...".

Ed Harding's Website, which documents his torture at the hands of FBI SID:
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