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What Do You Do When Your Government Is No Longer Operating As It Was Created To? You Either Secede From It Or Abolish It.

Americans Are On The Precipice Of Great Change

You can either bury your head in the sand and pretend that everything is going to be alright, or realize that if you don't stand up for your rights you are going to lose them.

This has now become a very real concern for the average American citizen who can no longer wait to make such a decision.

Since the attacks on 9-11, the violations being perpetrated by the U.S. Federal Government in regard to the inalienable and constitutionally protected rights of American citizens continue to occur on an unprecedented scale.

This since passage of the Patriot Act and our so called leaders' official adoption of the 9-11 mega lie.

And in recent months with the Federal Reserve System's orchestrated sub prime mortgage meltdown of the housing market and the subsequent domino effect that it's had on mainstream America, the American people are being subjected to the most outrageous deceptions by their own leaders in the history of this country.

Many of you will remember that several years ago members of the tax amnesty movement organization known as the "We The People Foundation," marched on Washington D.C. in order to file a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service. The lawsuit claimed that the IRS was imposing a tax on the wages of the American workforce that it was not legally authorized to do and requested that the IRS show the American public the law which authorized it to levy a tax on the income of the American workforce.

The lawsuit was just and well founded, since there have been several Supreme Court cases dating back to the late 1800's, which determined that the wages of the American worker must in fact be considered to be private property - and thus non taxable.

However, in the We The People Foundation's lawsuit, a federal court judge ruled that the U.S. Federal Government does not have to provide physical proof of the laws which it is imposing on the American people. This verdict was clearly rendered because the IRS cannot prove that it is authorized by the 16TH Amendment to impose a tax on the average American worker.

In fact this ruling set a new precedent in government criminality, allowing the federal government to impose laws that don't even exist!

So the judge's ruling was done to protect the criminally operated IRS from prosecution for its myriad crimes against the American workforce.

And while there is now a mountain of circumstantial evidence which proves that the IRS is operating illegally (as is the Federal Reserve System), there is none more compelling than that of former IRS investigator Bill Benson, who traveled to the 48 contiguous states and went through their own local government archives, in order to determine whether or not the 16TH Amendment had been officially ratified by these states, as we have been told by the United States Congress.

Benson's findings were conclusive. The three quarters of the states needed in which to ratify the 16TH Amendment had not been met.

What does this mean? That in 1913 then Secretary Of The Treasury Philander Knox committed a high crime of treason when he lied to the American people by claiming that the 16TH Amendment had been legally ratified.

In fact, most states had not ratified the Amendment, and at least one had voted against its ratification. In his frustration, Bill Benson decided to publish his findings in a compendium which he appropriately entitled: "The Law That Never Was."

However, not long after this, Benson found himself being blackmailed by the IRS as well as the U.S. legal system, who feared that if his information was made available to the general public, the American people (in particular the tax burdened middle class) would find out that they have been cheated by the IRS, and not only refuse to pay their taxes in the future, but attempt to regain monies which had been stolen from them by the IRS since it first became operational shortly after the 16TH Amendment was illegally passed into legislation.

This would be a momentus task since the monies stolen by the IRS by way of the 16TH Amendment include not just the wages taxed from those who are still alive, but also relatives who've long sinced passed on.

The following recounts Bill Benson's experiences regarding a court ruling to censure him, and to prevent The Law That Never Was from being circulated publicly.

Another instance of the U.S. Federal Government being caught in its own outrageous criminality, and making up whatever rules suit it; regardless of how illegal or unconstitutional such rules are.

"January 10, 2008, the Federal District Court in Chicago issued a permanent injunction against me on the grounds that I was falsely telling people the 16th Amendment was not ratified. The Court refused to look at the evidence of the non-ratification of the 16th Amendment, deciding that the facts necessary to prove my statement was true were "irrelevant." What has America come to when the government can accuse you of lying and prohibit you from presenting a defense in a so called court of law? My attorney, Jeffrey A. Dickstein, will be filing an appeal to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. I urge you to review the pleadings filed in this case so you can see for yourself the tyranny being practiced in our courts. "

Bill Benson - The Law That Never Was

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