Friday, March 27, 2009

Intel's Use Of The Double Entendre In Its Psychological Operations - When One Thing Means Another

Intel's "Double Meaning" Tactics

In the myriad of psychological operations that this author has experienced as a long term target of the U.S. Intel community's COINTELPRO campaign against my person, Intel's use of the double entendre in which to furtively convey to the target that they are in fact the ones being described when others are mentioned in a negative context, has become quite evident.

This is done by Intel in order to demonize the intended target, while simultaneously portraying the target as being paranoid should the target make such a claim. However, in the world of such clandestine operations as those which characterize the global intelligentsia, these tactics are commonplace; they are about deception and on a massive scale.

As such, it is not uncommon for communities to be conditioned to think of such targets in a negative context.

For instance, a community brainwashed in such ways will be conditioned to think of a specific target any time they hear of another person who is being portrayed in such a negative light. As a result, any person whom the media is portraying in such a negative context, will act as a psychological trigger in which to remind the viewers of the TI whom they have been conditioned to hate through such brainwashing.

In the simplest of terms, the media is speaking about one person, when they are in fact referring to another person - the TI whom the community has been conditioned by Intel to hate.

Moreover, the TI community itself can be conditioned to respond in such ways to other TI's who've been singled out by Intel agencies for such COINTELPRO tactics.

This use of the double entendre is not limited to people either, since the targeted person can be associated with any object that is being used in a negative context.

As such, the double entendre continues to be utilized as a fiendishly clever way in which to reinforce such conditioning in those whom the Intel community has previously brainwashed.

Especially in situations in which mass brainwashing has occurred as we are seeing in post 9-11 America, where basic human rights under the U.S. Constitution are being completely ignored by the Patriot Act idealized federal government - a criminalized and treasonous anathema to the American ideal of equal rights for all citizens.

Moreover, these tactics, however covert, are regularly utilized in the color of law crimes perpetrated by Intel agencies like the FBI and NSA. These federal agents are clearly in violation of the law in perpetrating these crimes. And as has been evidenced by this author, the more criminal these agencies are in their operations, the more necessary it becomes to utilize the mainstream media in which to demonize those whom they have committed these crimes against.

Such tactics are used as an effective smokes screen in order to obfuscate Intel's complicity in these crimes. Especially when these crimes involve the use of classified weaponry that has been illegally deployed against those whom they are now attempting to demonize with the public.

More on the double entendre:

* Note - Kreeg Uw Bericht Pete. Dank voor de hoofden omhoog op Intel.

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