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"Black Mass - The Irish Mob, The FBI And A Devil's Deal" -- One In Myriad Examples Of The FBI's Own Criminal History

The FBI - An American Disgrace

Long before the FBI was colluding with the NSA to spy into the homes of American citizens via Echelon, while remotely brain scanning the minds of those whose inherent rights under the U.S. Constitution the Bureau was egregiously violating, the FBI was busy cozying up to organized crime families who sought to put their competition out of business. In doing so, the FBI aided and abetted these crime families in building their empires, while the Bureau's agents reaped their own financial rewards.

And while we're aware of many instances in which the FBI has committed such outrageous crimes against the American people, we'll likely never know the extent to which the FBI has betrayed our nation; a situation in which the FBI has clearly played a crucial role in the 9-11 cover up which continues in the present day.

One thing's for certain: when it comes to covering up their color of law crimes in a whitewash of bureaucracy, most FBI agents lie as easily as they breathe.

"Black Mass - The Irish Mob, The FBI And A Devil's Deal"

"Two boys -- John Connolly, and James "Whitey" Bulger -- grew up together on the streets of South Boston. Decades later, in the late 1970s, they would meet again. By then, Connolly was a major figure in the FBI's Boston office and Whitey had become godfather of the Irish Mob. What happened between them -- a dirty deal to trade secrets and take down Boston's Italian Mafia in the process -- would spiral out of control, leading to murders, and drug dealing, and racketeering indictments. And, ultimately, to Bulger making the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List.

Told in compelling narrative style by the Boston Globe reporters who covered the case from the beginning, Black Mass is a riveting epic crime story that is also a book about Boston and Irish America; about the pull of place; and about the ties between people -- ties that bind, and ties that blind."

Read the book online here:

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