Thursday, August 11, 2011

British Petroleum Oil Spill An Inside Job? When Top BP Executives Made Profits Buying Put Options On BP Stock The Spill Must Have Been Deliberate

  • Barack Obama - Another CIA Asset Like Bush 41 & 43, Which Proves That U.S. Presidents Are Not Electable Unless They Are Furtive Assets Of The CIA - The CIA Has Always Been An Extension Of British Intelligence Since The CIA's Creation In 1947

  • The Devastating BP Oil Spill Was Intentionally Caused

    Editor's Note: Insider trading took place in regard to the airlines whose planes were *alleged to have crashed into the World Trade Center Towers and Pentagon on 9-11-2001. These people knew in advance that these attacks were going to take place, and profited from them just as real estate developer Larry Silverstein did, when he took a multi billion dollar insurance policy out on the entire WTC complex six weeks prior to the 9-11-2001 attacks taking place.

    * Given the massive conspiracy that the attacks on 9-11 have turned out to be and the number of organizations involved, this author would be surprised if the planes that were alleged to have crashed into the Pentagon and World Trade Center ever even left their hangars that day.

    That's if these planes even existed at all.

    Missiles cloaked in holograms of planes were likely responsible for the aerial attacks on these buildings, which could have been brought down by the explosives planted within the buildings alone. However, the Twin Towers suddenly imploding within their own footprint within minutes of each other without any red herring such as the alleged planes, would have had the public asking how explosives were able to be strategically placed within these buildings without any of the security people in them discovering this before the buildings were blown up.

    Instead, it was Al Silverstein's slip of the tongue when stating that Building #7 was imploded (his exact words were since there had been such a tremendous loss of life we decided to pull it) which gave away the criminal conspiracy on 9-11-2001, since he made it clear that Seven World Trade Center had been planted with explosives prior to the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001, and that the World Trade Center Towers, which had been imploded in the same way, must have also been planted with explosives prior to 9-11.

    The top executives within British Petroleum committed a similar crime prior to the recent BP oil spill, and gave other insiders the ability to purchase put options on BP stock so that they could profit by selling the stock when its price went down.

    These are just a few examples of the Anglo-Zionist crime syndicate that is murdering millions of people because they are in some way interfering with the agenda of this planet's corporate elite.

    These monopolists murder anyone who gets in their way and they devastate our ecological sphere. They control our governments, economies and judicial systems, and they remain complicit in a criminal conspiracy against humanity itself, that involves genocide on a global scale.

    In the 20Th Century, Joseph Stalin murdered 40 million Russians by starving them to death, when he contaminated crops that resulted in a devastating famine.

    When one considers the furtive attempts by the pharmaceutical industry to destroy alternative medical practitioners, while banning natural substances such as Vitamin B17 (a substance that has been proven to be far more effective in treating cancer than the toxic medications manufactured by Big Pharma), and companies like Monsanto create genetically engineered foods which are proving to be dangerous to consume, while using pesticides on foods and irradiating them to destroy their nutritional value, one must acknowledge that there is a multi faceted conspiracy to furtively murder most of the people on this planet by weakening their immune systems and slowly poisoning them to death.

    If there is a genocidal conspiracy to harm the global population in efforts to reduce its size, then conspiracy theorists are not being at all paranoid, but instead, prudent in researching these matters. Which brings to mind the saying: "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you."

    When one takes into consideration the use of HAARP electronic warfare technology to artificially create natural phenomena such as earthquakes, floods and tornadoes, while developing brain fingerprinting technology that can be used to electronically track and monitor each person on this planet in real time, to a large extent the general population on this planet has already been got.

    - James F. Marino

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