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Finland's Dr. Rauni Kilde Discusses The Intelligentsia's Use Of Classified Mind Control Technology On The Global Population

  • While The American Middle Class Is Being Decimated By The U.S. Corporate Government, First Lady Michelle Obama Is Accused Of Spending $10 Million Of Taxpayer Money On Luxurious Vacations

  • Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped? By Mae Brussell - To Understand The Criminal Mindset Of The CIA's Agents, It Is Important To Study How They Operate - In This Spellbinding Expose By Mae Brussell, Brussell Describes The Kidnapping Of Publishing Heiress Patricia Hearst, As A CIA False Flag Operation In Which The Simbionese Liberation Army Was In Fact A CIA Financed Front Used To Cover Up One Of The CIA's Greatest Deceptions Of The American People

  • A 2004 testimony by one of myriad targets of FBI COINTELPRO operations - This person's vulgarity is obviously a sign of the years that they have been physically and psychologically abused by the FBI Gestapo - However, this person's appraisal of the utterly depraved nature of the FBI's sociopathic agents as well as the murderous culture that the FBI remains, is accurate. The FBI has always been a cancer on the American people and will continue to be until Americans abolish this lawless band of thugs whose criminality is only eclipsed by their own abject arrogance

  • Editor's Note: Recently, the FBI has all of the text on this Website emboldened. On some visits to this site the text is bold, while on others it is not. Such gaslighting tactics are indicative of the psychological warfare operations that this community of miscreants uses on those whom it targets for non consensual human experimentation. Both the FBI and NSA electronically disable hyperlinks to many articles that this author has written over the past several years, including one regarding the CIA's covert murder of a Washington socialite by the name of Mary Pinchot Meyer, whom during an affair with President John F. Kennedy, attempted to convince him to adopt a policy of peace during his Administration by ending the Vietnam War.

    Pinchot Meyer's nine year old son was killed a short time later, when he was run over by a car while cycling. After this Meyer publicly stated that her son was murdered by the CIA as a warning to her to stay out of the CIA's affairs.

    * Investigative journalist Mae Brussell made the same allegations against the CIA, when her daughter Bonnie died in a car accident, after Brussell was anonymously warned to end her research into the U.S. Intelligence community's covert activities.

    In addition to her investigative research and radio program, Brussell also wrote articles for the conspiracy magazine "The Realist" which is alleged to have been financed by Beatles' member John Lennon - perhaps the real reason why Lennon was assassinated. The U.S. Government didn't want Lennon furtively investigating its activities.

    Only a few years after the death of her son, Pinchot Meyer, herself, would be executed while taking an afternoon walk on a towpath by the Potomac River.

    However, not before she called a friend of hers (Dr. Timothy Leary) to tell him of her suspicions that the CIA was attempting to murder her. Even though Meyer's ex husband had at the time of her death stated that he thought the investigation which involved a transient who was convicted of murdering Pinchot Meyer was correct, on his death bed Cord Meyer admitted that he had always believed that the CIA was involved in his wife's murder.

    This makes perfect sense given the CIA's framing of a man who was likely setup well in advance to take the fall for Pinchot Meyer's murder. Moreover, if the American people had any idea of the time and effort that agencies like the CIA put into deceiving them in such machinations, and the taxpayer money which is wasted in doing so, there would no longer be an intelligence community in the United States.

    * Just moments ago (about 2PM EST) this author was watching the video below on Dr. Rauni Kilde, when the floor in my home began to shake. At first I thought it might have been a directed energy wave, however, the news is now reporting that an earthquake in Virginia, about 80 miles outside of Washington D.C., occurred a short time ago and that the tremors from the quake have been felt as far North as Maine.

    This begs the question: was the earthquake in Virginia caused by a natural fault, or by directed energy weaponry? Especially when one considers that this quake was rare, in that it was a shallow quake which radiated for thousands of miles to neighboring states, instead of being the more typical quake which is much deeper and effects a smaller area.

    Perhaps more Americans will now begin to research this government's electronic warfare technology; specifically the HAARP system.

  • 5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes eastern coast of United States

  • Prior to learning about the U.S. Military-Intelligence complexes' classified electromagnetic warfare programs, in 2003 this author was nearly knocked off a couch I was resting on when the couch was actually lifted off the floor by a few inches and abruptly dropped. However, at the time there were no reports of any earthquake activity in the United States, which now leaves me to conclude that the incident was in fact caused by way of a satellite deployed directed energy weapon aimed at my home.

    The media is now reporting that a major earthquake of 5.9 magnitude was centered in Virginia, about 80 miles outside of Washington D.C.

    This earthquake has also been experienced as far west as Colorado, and across many northeastern states from Virginia to Maine. There are numerous reports from people working on the Island of Manhattan that buildings shook during these tremors, and had to be evacuated. Thousands of workers were forced to evacuate government buildings in Washington D.C. as well.

    Is there more to this earthquake that Americans (and perhaps the rest of the people on this planet) will learn about in the days to come? And was it artificially created by way of DEW technology or perhaps something else like the alleged approach of Planet X?

    The anomalous weather patterns across the United States continue to be problematic, given that they are in large part the result of geophysical manipulation of the weather via HAARP electronic warfare technology.

  • The 8.9 magnitude earthquake which struck Japan several months ago was in all likelihood created by a directed energy weapon. See the following post which includes a video taken in the skies over Japan just before the earthquake, which show an unnatural symmetrical pattern to these clouds, indicating that they were created artificially

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  • After This Author Posts The Following Article On My Concerns That Dr. Katherine Albrecht May Be Targeted For Assassination By The RFID Industry, Due To Her Successful Lobby Against Microchip Implantation In Humans, The Hyperlink To This Article Is Electronically Tampered With - Perhaps There Is More Than A Bit Of Truth To The Belief That Dr. Albrecht May Have Been Artificially Afflicted With Cancer By A Satellite Deployed Directed Energy Weapon

  • Editor's Note: The following video was created to re-record the electronically damaged portion of the video which was remotely caused to the above interview which was taped in the Winter of 2009.

    In this interview, Dr. Kilde also describes what it is like to be the target of organized stalking, where she is harassed by her neighbors and her home is entered while she is away, and items are either moved or stolen.

    Millions of men and women from around this planet are being subjected to this vigilante hate crime and thousands of them are journaling about this crimes over the Internet. The crimes are orchestrated through the intelligence agencies in our respective countries, and carried out through nationwide networks of domestic spy organizations called fusion centers.

    Of greatest import here is how Dr. Kilde describes how her brain is remotely accessed by super computer driven satellites that target her body's own electromagnetic field. This is also a sign that the citizenry of the Scandanavian countries have all been electronically brain fingerprinted, just as the American people have been electronically branded through the National Security Agency's national brain fingerprinting program: The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    Like NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei, this author and myriad others, Dr. Kilde reports how the intelligence community in Norway can electronically access her mind so that they can see what she sees through her own eyes and hear what she hears. This outrageous invasion of privacy is happening to billions of people around this planet who don't even realize that they have secretly been electronically brain fingerprinted.

    - James F. Marino

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    Does Russia Have Its Own HAARP System?

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  • The U.S. Media's Shameful Piece Of Propaganda, A Movie Entitled "Charlie Wilson's War," Is A Complete Perversion Of The Role That The CIA Really Played In The 1979 Soviet Afghanistan War - The Movie Should Have Focused On How The CIA Tricked A Womanizing, Alcoholic Texas Congressman Into Doing Its Dirty Work For It In Getting Congress To Dramatically Increase The War Budget The CIA Could Use To Finance The Afghani's In The 1979 Soviet-Afghan War, In Order To Gain Access To Afghanistan's Opium Trade - This Was Done By Using Afghani Women And Children To Fight The Russians - After The War Was Over, The CIA Wouldn't Even Help To Finance An Education For The Afghani Children Who Survived, So These Kids Didn't Even Get A U.S. Financed Education For Their Acts Of Courage, But Many Likely Ended Up Hooked On Opium While Being Used To Unwittingly Give The CIA Access To The Opium Trade

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