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The Police In The U.S. Have Become A Network Of Mind Controlled Murderers Without Any Legitimate Oversight - The Beating Death Of Kelly Thomas

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  • The Bludgeoned Face Of Kelly Thomas

    After Being Viciously Beaten By Police

    Editor's Note: The U.S. Intelligence community continues to promulgate disinformation regarding its use of satellite predation on American citizens.

    Several years ago, when John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency began making the rounds over the Internet, after being published in a 1996 issue of Nexus Magazine, the Intel community was quick to circulate their disinformation, claiming that the technology to remotely read people's thoughts via signals intelligence satellites did not exist.

    However this was an outright lie.

    Years later, when it became clear from the testimony of thousands of men and women being targeted for this remote form of brain scanning, that the technology to remotely enter a person's brain from a great distance had become a reality, the Intel community then circulated another facet of their disinformation campaign regarding this technology.

    Specifically, their shills were used to promulgate the rumor that "criminals" had hacked into the databases of the Intel community and were using this technology to electronically target and harm American citizens.

    This was yet another of the myriad lies which they have circulated through several organizations that are claiming to be exposing the crimes of organized stalking and mind control experimentation.

    However, it is the agents operating within the U.S. alphabet agencies (many of whom have infiltrated the TI community) who have been perpetrating these crimes of satellite predation against American citizens all along, and who are now seeking to fabricate an alternative source in order to exculpate these agents from their own horrendous crimes.

    Moreover, it was the CIA which first developed this remote form of mind reading technology (synthetic telepathy) during its MKULTRA program in the 1950's, and the NSA who later refined it for deployment on an international scale in the 1980's - the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    As usual, the intelligence community is lying to the American people in order to conceal its classified domestic spy/electronic warfare technology.

    Furthermore, many of the TI's who are veterans of such non consensual human experimentation were probably not taken in by Intel's latest red herring.

    However, many of those who are new to the TI community may well have been deceived. This is especially important since these people are being attacked on a daily basis with both electronic warfare technology as well as psychological warfare operations, which are used with the express intent of driving them to the point of either killing themselves, or committing an act for which they can either be arrested or institutionalized, so that they can be furtively murdered away from public view.

    Moreover, the victims of these high-tech crimes don't need to be driven to psychosis through the use of psychological warfare, since they can be murdered at anytime by way of a directed energy weapon.

    However, because many of these men and women have written about this technology and the government's utilization of it to secretly murder people, it becomes more difficult to murder them using such covert means, since these targets of non consensual human experimentation have also publicly accused the U.S. Federal Government of torturing them with this electronic warfare technology.

    The Murder Of Kelly Thomas

    The vicious beating death of a homeless and mentally ill California man by the name of Kelly Thomas has become yet another chapter in the utter lawlessness of federal, state and local law enforcement.

    Those men and women who take part in these horrific attacks are not police officers. They are criminals who conceal their crimes behind the mask of law enforcement. Thomas was tased at least five times while laying face down on the ground, and then beaten beyond recognition by a group whose actions more closely resembled that of a pack of wild animals, than those who are entrusted to protect the public.

    His injuries remind one of the 1990's beating death of a man by the name of Kenneth Trentadue, who was beaten beyond recognition at the FBI's direction, while in a "suicide" proof holding cell, and later hanged by his "police" attackers.

    The FBI attempted to cover this up when they suggested that Trentadue's body be cremated. However, the family refused, and after having received Trentadue's mutilated body, posted photos of evidence which the FBI attempted to conceal from the public.

    The Mutilated Body Of Kenneth Trentadue
    Click On The Image For More On His Murder

    These cops are completely out of control and continue to reveal their own psychotic behavior in their callous indifference towards human life. The more criminal their activities the more they are rewarded for what they are doing. That is until the American people have had enough of this outrageous behavior and create their own militias to enforce the U.S. Bill of Rights. Those days are far closer than one might imagine.

    Kelly Thomas During Happier Times
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