Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Target Of Organized Stalking And Non Consensual Human Experimentation Commits Suicide After Years Of These Orwellian Attacks

The Suicide of Pam Anderson

"We are all saddened at the suicide of one of our dear community members, Pam Anderson. She had been a victim of secret government mind control experiments since childhood. The accumulated suffering, plus interference activities in her livelihood and deteriorating health and well-being was more than she could bear after 53 years. She apparently shot herself at a local firing range in San Bernardino, California on Thursday morning, September 8, 2011. Pam contributed tremendously to our community during the short time she was among us. She will be greatly missed."

- Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance Group

  • Another Case Of Racial Profiling In The United States - Mother Of Two Strip Searched Aboard Airliner - More Signs Of The Dictatorship Which The United States Has Become

  • Editor's Note: Pam Anderson is just one of many of Americans who could no longer bear the daily attacks of psychological warfare and electronic harassment that became the life she was subjugated to. There are a myriad of men, women and children from around this planet who now spend their days being attacked in such ways, while their governments sanction this murderous behavior.

    What we are witnessing is the dehumanization of the human race through the military brainwashing tactics that are used to take normal humans and turn them into psychopaths.

    The callous disregard for human life that our communities are now displaying in their vigilante style attacks on private citizens is also being used to destroy the nuclear family, as the citizenry becomes brainwashed into pledging their allegiance to the very governments who are enslaving them.

    The only answer to this outrageous violation of basic human rights is a scale of mass civil disobedience unheard of since the days of Mohandas Gandhi. And complete non cooperation with any government that would perpetrate such acts of torture and murder against humanity. Any citizen who is not willing to die to protect their inherent rights to privacy and due process of law will die as a slave to the Anglo Zionist world government presently being implemented across the globe.

    The American people are the targets of a mass deception that has been perpetrated against them since 1871, when the U.S. Congress effectively signed away our inherent rights as citizens of the United States with its treasonous passage of the Legislative Act of 1871, which created a corporate government for the District Of Columbia, which by 1912 was controlled by the British Monarchy.

    Thus, the present government in the United States is not a legitimate government and never has been, which is why this author and myriad other Americans no longer consider the U.S. Federal Government to be a legitimate part of the United States, and are demanding that our Constitutional Republic be reinstated, and the present corporate government abolished through the repeal of the Legislative Act of 1871.

    - James F. Marino
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