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Airline Passenger Shoshana Hebeshi Strip Searched On A U.S. Flight Is Another Illustration of Racial Profiling Under The False Flag War On Terror

UFO Or Comet Over Arizona Wednesday Evening?

Editor's Note: In a smear campaign that's lasted for more than a decade, the FBI and NSA recently step up their tactics as part of further aggression, in their efforts to murder this author.

These agents are torturers and murderers. As for their illegal spying on Americans within the privacy of our own homes, these agents are also far more than just busybodies - they are also predators, perverts and criminals.

Recently FBI/NSA use a directed energy weapon to damage a piece of electronic equipment owned by this author for the second time in four years, while also causing the circuit breaker to the refrigerator and freezer to turn off. These types of electronic attacks are a daily occurence and range from the aforesaid tamperings to setting off car alarms and motion sensitive spotlights, to damaging electrical appliances, as well as the physical attacks which take place on this author and other family members.

Intel also recently uses several of their minions in an attempt to goad this author into a verbal confrontation in efforts to have this Website removed - something the FBI has been attempting to do since this site was created in 2006, after the Bureau had two of my other Websites deleted.

To say that these attacks are completely lawless and the result of the federal government's abuse of the Patiot Act is not understating the case.

Since its treasonous passage in 2001, the Patriot Act now allows the federal government agencies, including the FBI, to perpetrate these crimes openly. However, the targets of these crimes are never directly told about them, even though the public may be. This makes the communities which the targets of these crimes live in, oftentimes complicit in them, through their silence.

This enables organizations like the FBI and DHS to fabricate information, use coercion to create false witnesses, and completely circumvent the U.S. Bill of Rights, so the targets of these crimes are never allowed to challenge these organizations, simply because we can never prove that these conspiracies are taking place; even though we know they are.

Moreover the agent provocateurs who claim that they are not being used for this purpose are pathological liars who are also being used to cover up the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of signals intelligence satellites to spy domestically, while using these satellites to target specific American citizens for the express purpose of non consensual human experimentation.

One must ask why the FBI and NSA would attempt to circumvent the right to due process of law in this way if they had any legitimate evidence in regard to any American citizen.

The truth is that regardless of what the FBI claims to be circulating in regard to this author or anyother TI, the fact is that if we had committed a crime that the FBI could have prosecuted us for, the Bureau would have done so long ago, and avoided the past decade of crimes that these agents themselves have perpetrated against many Americans, while utilizing psychological warfare operations in efforts to drive the people targeted for these crimes to commit suicide.

Neither the FBI, nor the other Intel organizations involved in these crimes will admit that their attacks on this author, are done with the express purpose of covering up their crimes against my person, given the classified brain scanning technology that these organizations continue to furtively deploy against this author and myriad other American citizens.

Moreover, many years ago this author identified a particular FBI agent whom I believe is responsible for these crimes, and whom the FBI will never admit to the existence of, given that this agent's crimes perpetrated under the color of law represent some of the most outrageous violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights in American history.

Further complicating this situation is that the Patriot Act is now being used to legitimize crimes that these agents would have been indicted for prior to the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001.

Instead of being indicted, their crimes are concealed from the public, and the targets of these crimes are demonized and dehumanized, while their inherent rights as American citizens are completely disregarded.

It also explains the FBI's use of coercion against those around this author, in efforts to silence them, while the U.S. Justice Department hopes that the FBI will murder this author so that my allegations regarding the years of crimes perpetrated by these alphabet agencies against my person (using signals intelligence satellites and directed energy weapons) will simply go away.

However, that will never happen, given that there are thousands of targets of this technology who are documenting these crimes every day. And why this murderous culture that is passing itself off as an Intelligence community in the United States will eventually be held accountable for these crimes.

There's no wonder why these agents hate us, since the classified signals intelligence satellites that they have used to brain fingerprint the American people have been used for decades to spy domestically in the United States while invading the very privacy of people's minds.

If the U.S. Military Intelligence complex loses this technology, it will represent the most devastating loss to their spy operations in U.S. History.

As NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei has stated in the lawsuit which he filed in 1992, "the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network & remote neural monitoring of the brain (RNM) are the ultimate spy technology."

And this is why the NSA used a corrupt federal judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin to derail Akwei's lawsuit before an American jury could have (and should have) heard this case. The American people could have learned about this travesty of justice regarding the NSA's attack on the U.S. Bill of Rights almost 20 years ago, instead of still knowing nothing about it.

And if Akwei is successful in eventually getting his lawsuit into another U.S. court, the NSA will quickly move to have it dismissed based on what the Agency will claim is a threat to national security; even though the National Security Act is being used to conceal the U.S. Intelligence community's crimes from the American people; especially the NSA's satellite predation of American citizens through its use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Those of us who are targeted by the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network may not be experts on these classified weapons. However, we do know what it is like to be attacked by them, and to be marginalized so that the government can continue to use this technology against the American people without their knowledge or consent.

Of great import here is the classified signals intelligence technology being deployed from international spy networks like the NSA's Echelon satellite array; specifically how is it that the NSA can claim to identify any person they are satellite tracking?

How can the NSA identify one person from another when these people are in a home or building, where a number of other people may simultaneously be?

There is no longer any question that a form of EMF technology is being used to instantly identify these people through their body's own unique electrophysiology.

And the ability to electronically tap into someone's brain does involve brain fingerprinting on a national scale. This is the only way that each of us can be instanteously tracked by the NSA, and that any person who approaches us can also be instantly identified. The NSA has already recorded within its database the unique electronic frequencies emanating from each of our bodies, including those frequencies emanating from the human brain, which would qualify as brain fingerprinting.

This is a fact, regardless of how many disinformation agents from the intelligence community attempt to conceal this from the public.

Moreover, if there was no truth to this they would not be challenging those of us who have made these claims, or using their idiotic stooges to attack us.

There would be no reason to do so because they'd be able to easily disprove our claims regarding this technology. However they can't, so they continue to foment one smokescreen after another in efforts to conceal this technology from the public.

The intelligence community is also using this technology to perpetrate these crimes, while denying that the signals intelligence technology to commit these crimes exist.

As such, there can no longer be any doubt that the U.S. Federal Government has electronically branded the American people by way of their bodies' own unique EMF fields, which has allowed the Intel community to instantaneously target and track any American citizen, while establishing two way communication with that person's brain.

There are many government whistleblowers who are aware of this, yet conceal this from the public out of fear that they will be attacked if they admit that the American people have been electronically branded. These same whistleblowers are deliberately attempting to mislead the public by claiming that this technology does not exist, even though they know that it does.

By covering this technology up, these so called whistleblowers are doing the American people a grave disservice.

Among the myriad of questions which must be answered in regard to the FBI/NSA illegal use of this signals intelligence technology on this author, involve the FBI/NSA illegal satellite tracking of my person; the duration of this domestic spying; the number of laws violated by FBI/NSA and their accomplices in their commission of these crimes; the number of other people whose rights have been violated by the FBI/NSA in their COINTELPRO attack against this author, which involves the use of coercion and other forms of intimidation tactics; and how the Patriot Act has been used to legitimize these crimes since 2001; the myriad other crimes perpetrated by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex against this author and others in efforts to conceal this complexes' use of this author for non consensual human experimentation.

  • How Low Will The FBI Go When It Comes To Covering Up Its Crimes Against You? And How Many Pieces Of Low Life Provocatorial Subhuman Trash Will This Gestapo Use As Part Of Its Psychological Warfare Operations Against Your Family & Person, In The Bureau's Covert Efforts To Murder You? The FBI's Accomplices Talk Trash, And Circumvent The Constitutional Rule Of Law In Efforts To Cover Up Legitimate Crimes That They Are Perpetrating Under The Color Of Law, And Cannot Afford To Have Exposed To A Jury - In The FBI's Attack On This Author The Bureau's Main Concern Is Concealing The Illegal Brainscanning Of My Person Perpetrated Via The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - If The Intel Community Is Attempting To Deny You Your Rights, It's Because They Know That You Can Challenge Them In A Court Of Law & Can't Afford To Have That Happen

  • Racial Profiling Target
    Shoshana Hebeshi

  • Shoshana Hebeshi Says She Was Stripped Searched After She Was Pulled Off A Flight To Detroit, In What Has Become Another Case Of Racial Profiling

  • "Flying While Half-Arab (and Half-Jewish): This One Is Shocking" By James Fallows - Fallows Comments On The Racial Profiling Of Airline Passenger Shoshana Hebshi, Who Along With Two Other Persons Of Color, Were Strip Searched By Airline Officials After Being Racially Profiled - The Dehumanization Of The Human Race Continues - Many Readers Of This Blog Have Become Familiar With The Racial Profiling Of A Canadian Man By The Name Of Aaron James, Who Continues To Fear For His Life, After Avoiding Several Kidnapping Attempts By The Police At The Direction Of The FBI - James Remains Well Aware Of The FBI's Murderous Agents And Their Attempts To Silence Him

  • At approximately 34:05 of the following video, Aaron James can be heard asking questions of the guest speaker, who is also a racial profiling target. Several years ago, James was badly beaten on a Northwest Air Flight, after being racially profiled. As such, for a number of years now Aaron James and his family have been forced to live every day of their lives in fear of being murdered by the FBI. Aaron has already been able to avoid several kidnapping attempts by local police at the direction of the FBI.

    Once the first copy of this video was embedded in this post this author received a message that the YouTube video account was suspended and the video removed. However, when this author went back to YouTube the video was still there, which means that the FBI or NSA had electronically disabled the video from this Website instead of YouTube.

    The electronic hacking that these organizations are capable of must be experienced first hand, in order the give the public a better understanding of just how criminal the alphabet agencies are, and how they make up their own rules as they go, at the expense of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    Moreover, the fact that the FBI and Homeland Security appear to be getting away with circulating video and other information which they claim is in regard to American citizens who have not been arrested and are not under criminal indictment, qualifies as the worst violation of the 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendments in United States history.

    The court system has been completely bypassed in the interest of concealing the crimes that these Intel organizations are perpetrating against the American citizenry.

    As such, one can infer from this that there is no longer any rule of law in how the FBI and Homeland Security are operating in the United States; both organizations are making up the rules as they go, in total violation of the Bill of Rights, which is eventually going to provoke a civil uprising in the United States, as the American people refuse to tolerate these outrageous abuses any longer.

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