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How Has The Fall Of The United States Been Engineered? Who Is Responsible & Why Are They Systematically Destroying This Once Great Nation?

  • Eustace Mullins' Expose On The Rockefeller Controlled Medical Establishment In The United States - "Murder By Injection" Is The Best Book Ever Written On The History Of The American Medical Association & G. Edward Griffin's Book "World Without Cancer" Is The Best Expose Ever Written In Regard To The AMA's Fraudulent War On Cancer & The Absolute Deception That Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital Is When Touted As Being The Mecca Of Cancer Treatment

  • "FBI and NSA agents who are part of a secret US society are genetically inclined psychopaths who work as hit men, torturers, sexual abusers, stalkers, slanderers, and agent provocateurs involved in murders and torture of hundreds of thousands of innocent US citizens. At the last count there are 50,000 NSA spies who are businessmen, priests, community leaders and in all walks of life who are SPYING and keeping tabs on all Americans"

  • Dissolve The U.S Corporation In Washington D.C.
    By Repealing The Legislative Act Of 1871
    And Restore Our American Constitutional Republic

    Editor's Note: Another of the FBI's psychopaths (there are many) recently started the false rumor (there are many of those too) that this author was not only a campaign worker for Barack Obama in the last presidential campaign, but that I had also donated a large sum of money to his campaign fund.

    One lunatic in particular, and I do mean lunatic, has stated that this author donated money to Obama's campaign fund in 2008. An outright lie. Moreover, this psycho does not list the source, just the name James F. Marino and the donated amount. More reason to believe that the person simply fabricated the information.

    John Doe - $2000 to the campaign to rid the world of CIA lunatics lunatics

    See how easy it is to fabricate information? The FBI does it all the time.

    As for Intel shills fabricating information all this author can say is what a surprise!

    Not to mention the fact that there are quite a few James F. Marinos in the United States, including the one who is presently heading up Alberto Culver.

    Nice job if you can get it, but good luck trying to obtain and hold onto a job as a target of a COINTELPRO operation. Few people have been able to.

    The situation really is black and white - and red and green and purple and whatever other color, object or other psychological trigger you can think of, when you are the target of a psychological warfare operation, as this author has been for many, many years now.

    As usual, the FBI's rumor mill, which its provocateurs claim is based on facts, is usually based on either a perversion of the facts, or an outright deception. In this particular situation, the allegation appears to be in regard to another James Marino who has made several donations to various political candidates.

    In fact there are a few James Marinos who have donated, however, yours truly is not amongst them.

    There is a Website below which lists several of the candidates whom Marino has donated campaign funds to. However, there were no donations listed for the 2008 Obama campaign.

    Maybe Marino will donate to Obama in 2012, however, with the way the economy is tanking, probably not. Maybe he'll just buy an Obama for President T-shirt and keep it at that.

    Perhaps another James Marino donated to Obama's campaign, however, there is no listing for this that this author was able to locate. It's more likely since Obama's photo is listed at the top of the Website, that the disinfo shill who circulated this false rumor simply saw Marino's contributions and the photo of Obama, without actually bothering to check the names on the list of contributions.

    That, or the shill knew that this author had made no financial contributions to Obama, much less worked for his campaign, yet in the interest of disinformation circulated this false rumor anyway.

    Moreover, according to the following Website, this particular James Marino lives in Bakersville, California. This author does not. Perhaps these FBI shills need a lesson in geography, amongst other things.

  • James Marino of Bakersfield's political contributions

  • However, this author does remain the target of an FBI COINTELPRO operation, and some of the most outrageous violations of the Bill of Rights in American history. Amongst them, the illegal satellite tracking of my person via the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network. An unpopular, yet nevertheless fact that the U.S. Intelligence community will never admit to the American people for what should be obvious enough reasons.

    The U.S. Federal Government does not want the general population in the United States learning that for the past several decades there has been a satellite tracking system in place which is capable of both targeting and tracking the unique electromagnetic signature of each person's body, thus branding them as little more than heads of cattle.

    If this sounds like something out of George Orwell's 1984, that's because it is.

    Only in this instance the technology is quite real, and far worse than anything that Orwell, himself, may have ever envisioned.

    Especially when one considers that as a former intelligence agent himself, Orwell had already witnessed some very disturbing occurrences within the British intelligence community that likely revealed a plot to install a world government, with all of its implications.

    There's no doubt that this is what motivated Eric Blair (pen name George Orwell) to compose 1984.

    As for the name James Marino, the name is about as common these days as that of John Smith.

    As always, caveat lector (beware of what you read) is recommended when dealing with the Internet rumor mill, which is a breeding ground for false speculation, amongst other things. Moreover, the FBI is notorious for circulating false rumors; especially when it involves crimes which the FBI's agents have committed against private citizens. In such instances one can expect the FBI to fabricate evidence, pony up false witnesses, and even rely on the use of coercion to control those who can expose the FBI's oftentimes outrageous criminality.

    And if you are targeted by a federal agent who's seeking to perpetrate their own vendetta against you (as this author is), you will begin to see the emergence of a dictatorship in the United States which for most Americans had remained cleverly concealed beneath the veil of a democracy, prior to the passage of the Patriot Act.

    Moreover, it is such coercive tactics that have kept the FBI's organized crime syndicate in business, even though the FBI has never had the legislative charter necessary to make it an official organization.

    Which begs the question, why hasn't the Congress drafted a charter for the FBI? Because the charter would outline what the FBI is allowed to do, and not allowed to do. Not that a charter would make much of a difference, since several of the alphabet agencies including the NSA and CIA have legislative charters that they completely ignore in their domestic spying of American citizens, as well as their use of many of us for non consensual human experimentation.

    As for the FBI's subterfuge in its attacks on myriad Americans, it's not like the FBI has never perpetrated such criminal acts in the past, when these acts have in fact served to characterize the existence of this murderous Gestapo for the past century.

    The American people would be far better served if the U.S. Intelligence community were abolished, the federal government reduced significantly in size, and the U.S. Military restructured to operate far more efficiently. Of course, if the Intelligence community were not so busy attempting to dominate the rest of the globe, the United States would not be seen as the imperialist threat that it remains. And the American people, specifically the middle class, would be allowed to prosper.

    That is, if the criminals within the U.S. Federal Government who perpetrated false flag operations like Oklahoma City and the terrorist attacks on 9-11 would refrain from murdering American citizens in order to justify whatever criminal agendas they deem necessary to further their own interests.

    However, this would require a different government, based not on the corporation in Washington D.C. which represents virtually everyone but the American middle class, but instead a Constitutional Republic like that on which America was first founded.

    Internet Ranking Of This Website

    The Web ranking site currently ranks "The Mother Of All Black Ops" Website at - Rank: 13,141,363 - Monthly Visitors: 11,858,638.

    * There are currently about 182 million Websites on the Internet, however, most ranking sites only concentrate on the top 25 million sites.

    A year ago, reported that "The Mother Of All Black Ops" Website received nearly 22 million visitors a month. Immediately after this author posts this information on this Website, the site's ranking is artificially lowered by Seedspiller through the FBI's subterfuge.

    This is yet one example of the myriad types of electronic attacks that FBI/NSA perpetrate against this author on a regular basis, and further evidence of the criminal conspiracy that these corrupt organizations are perpetrating against this author and a myriad of other targets of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation.

    Many so called government whistleblowers also claim that these attacks are not based on the FBI's COINTELPRO operations. However, while not part of the original COINTELPRO which was formally begun in 1956 under J. Edgar Hoover, and officially ended in 1970, a modern day version of COINTELPRO is being deployed against American citizens with all of the characteristics of the original, in addition to the federal government's use of advanced satellite tracking systems which rely on signals intelligence technology, to remotely target and track any citizens of interest, while their inherent rights as Americans under the U.S. Bill of Rights are completely and criminally disregarded.

    For more on these satellite tracking systems read John St. Clair Akwei's 1992 lawsuit against the National Security Agency, in which Akwei refers to the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. According to Akwei, an NSA whistleblower, the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network and its radiation intelligence program were developed from the CIA's MKULTRA operations of the 1950's.

    Moreover, unlike the original COINTELPRO which was dissolved as the result of a public scandal which resulted when a group of activists broke into an FBI office in Media Pennsylvania in 1970, and appropriated files which the FBI had in regard to COINTELPRO, which this group then brought the U.S. media, who in turn brought the FBI's treasonous actions to the American people's attention, today's COINTELPRO operations have no such paper trail.

    And the U.S. media has become so controlled since that time, that even if a U.S. journalist actually had proof of these modern day COINTELPRO operations, they would never be able to promulgate this information through the mainstream media in post 9-11 - Patriot Act - Police State America. The intelligence community simply has too many moles in these organizations who report back to the CIA, which began its covert takeover of the American media system in 1948, under a secret operation known as Mockingbird.

    As for this Website, currently, ranks "The Mother Of All Black Ops" with an Internet rank of just over six million, which means that this site is getting well over 12 million visitors a month. updates their information more frequently than , however, both sites indicate that "The Mother Of All Black Ops" receives millions of visitors each month. Given the FBI/NSA electronic tampering of this site, the number of visitors may be even higher.

    * The lower the Internet ranking number, the more visitors a Website is receiving. To see the Internet ranking of your own Website visit or

  • "THE ULTIMATE BLASPHEMY - THE MECHANISMS OF COVERT MIND READING AND OTHER HIGH TECH CRIMES" By Paul Baird - The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Is Aggressively Attempting To Cover Up Their Secretive Use Of Brain Scanning Technology On The Global Population, Through The Demonization Of Any Person Who Has Publicly Described The Use Of This Technology On Their Persons - The Government's Intent Is To Murder Those Of Us Who Know That The U.S. Federal Government Has Technology Which Is Capable Of Remotely Scanning A Person's Thoughts As Well As Influencing Them - A Modern Day Nazi Establishment Is Alive And Well And Operating Within The Global Intelligentsia

  • Civil Action Against The CIA Regarding The Agency's Use Of Prostitutes To Blackmail Politicians - See: Civil case: 2:08-cv-01028-KJD-PAL

  • Target Of Racial Profiling Aaron James Now Targeted For Murder By The FBI

  • Former KGB Agent Discusses The Stages Of Brainwashing
    The American People Are Now In Stage 3 Of This Brainwashing

    "Marxist-Lenin Ideology Has Been Pumped Into The Minds Of Three Generations Of Americans without Being Challenged Or Contrabalanced By The Basic values Of Americans - When I Arrived In The United States I Was Shocked At How Americans Had Unwittingly Assimilated Russia's Values."

    - Former KGB Agent, Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov

    The Conspiracy To Destroy Middle Class America

    For any American who has wondered why their standard of living continues to be eroded, while they are gradually being phased out like a piece of obsolete technology, denied their Constitutional rights and subjected to mistreatment by federal, state, and local law enforcement, the following information is important.

    This primer on how the United States has been usurped by the Illuminati, including but not limited to the British Monarchy and its House of Rothschild international counterfeiters and launderers, will give the reader some significant insights into why the United States is in decline, and how this systematic destruction of America has not occurred by accident, but has instead been done with a very definite agenda to destroy the American middle class, while taking any wealth of their own, and redistributing it amongst the ultra class of wealthy elite in the United States.

    This corporate fascism continues to be used to destroy middle class America, while creating a new generation of wealth that takes greed and gluttony to entirely new levels for a select few, whose success is predicated on the suffering of hundreds of millions of others.

    The same class warfare is now being experienced on a global scale, as this elite class attempts to implement world government, while enslaving the rest of the global population, under the pretense of a false flag operation known as the war on terror.

    - James F. Marino


  • "Final Warning! History Of The New World Order" By David Allen Rivera - In This Superbly Researched Book, David Rivera Exposes The House Of Rothschild & Its Zionist Leadership For The Overthrow Of Legitimate Governments, The Creation Of Counterfeiter/Launderer Central Banks Used To Subvert The Governments & Economies Of Countries These Banks Are Established In, The Chronic War Policy Which Is Used For The Express Purpose Of Profiteering Off The Needless Murders Of Millions Of People, While Creating An Artificial Need For Police State Governments Which Serve The Interests Of The Rich To The Detriment Of The Middle Class

  • If You Have Ever Wondered What The Reasons For The Attacks On 9-11-2001 Were, Or What The Perpetrators Of This False Flag Operation Have Gained In Their Attacks On The American People, Richard Behan's Well Researched Book Entitled "The Fraudulent War - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror," Will Give You Some Insights Into The Relationship Between The Bush 43 Administration With The Zionist Think Tank The Project For A New American Century, And Its Interest In Invading Afghanistan & Iraq With The Intent Of Stealing Oil & Natural Gas Reserves - It Is This Fraudulent War On Terror Which Has Also Been Used To Turn America Into A Police State, With The Destruction Of The U.S. Bill Of Rights

  • "The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America" By Charlotte Thomas Iserbyte - In This Tremendous Book, Charlotte Iserbyte Exposes The U.S. Educational System For Its Brainwashing Of American Children, Under The Rockefeller Foundation's Dogma

  • Banking And Currency And The Money Trust By Charles A. Lindbergh - Congressman Lindbergh Was The First Politician In The United States To Actively Warn Americans About The Dangers Of Allowing A Rothschild Central Bank To Be Established, And Did Everything Possible To Prevent The Federal Reserve Act From Being Passed - His Punishment Was The Rothschild's Likely Orchestrated Kidnapping & Murder Of Lindbergh's Grandson

  • Irwin Schiff's Book On The IRS Tax Fraud Entitled "The Federal Mafia" Is A Must Read For All Americans, Because Schiff Has Proven That The IRS Is Operating Criminally, And Fleecing The American Middle Class Of Billions Of Dollars Of Their Own Wealth Each Year

  • Secrets Of The Federal Reserve & Other Excellent Books Written By Eustace Mullins - Mullins' Books Are Gradually Rewriting The Perverse History Taught To American Children Through The Rockefeller Educational System In The United States - Perhaps The Greatest Political Historian Of All Time, Eustace Mullins Even In Death Remains A National Treasure

  • The Late Court Reporter Sherman Skolnick's Website - Contains Many Reports Written By Skolnick Regarding Crimes Perpetrated By U.S. Government Agencies In Addition To The FBI's Ties To Organized Crime
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