Thursday, September 29, 2011

Activist Richard Brown's Accounts Of FBI Repression & The Return Of COINTELPRO - Brown Discusses The FBI's Murderous Mentality

"Activist Richard Brown’s Story of The SF8
FBI Repression, and the Return of COINTELPRO"

"Regardless of what one might think of The Black Panthers, or Brown’s former connection to them, there are some striking facts about police brutality, FBI disinfo/misinfo campaigns, activist surveillance, and justice system intimidation tactics that were fully realized in the persecution of black civil rights activists such as The Black Panthers.

Brown’s case is indicative of the lengths to which the FBI went to torture people into false confessions, spread personal rumors, provocateur violence, publish false stories, and infiltrate groups in order to conduct full-time surveillance.

Now, many of the very same agents (literally) involved in COINTELPRO operations are back, having been deputized by Homeland Security to marshal in another round of repressive conduct against Americans.

It has been thoroughly revealed that peaceful activism is now being connected to terrorism, thus putting all activists under potential surveillance within the greater War on Terror. Additionally, it has been announced that PATRIOT Act provisions are set to be made permanent, offering no relief from the endless expansion of the security state and snitch culture endorsed by Homeland Security."

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  • Richard Brown's Story Of The San Franciso 8, FBI Repression & The Bureau's Return To COINTELPRO

  • F abrication Of Evidence
    B ullying Tactics
    I nvasions Of Privacy
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