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The U.S. Justice Department & Homeland Security Subversion Of The 9Th & 10Th Amendments Of The Bill Of Rights In Order To Deny Americans Due Process

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    For The Gestapo Tactics Of The Police

    U.S. Federal Government Tricks U.S. States
    Into Using The 9Th & 10Th Amendments To
    Violate The 4Th, 5Th & 6Th Amendments
    To the U.S. Bill of Rights

    The Department of Justice and the Department Of Homeland Security have been encouraging the abuse of the 9Th & 10Th Amendments to the U.S. Bill of Rights in order to deny certain citizens who reside within U.S. States their natural rights, as well as their rights to be secure within their persons and homes under the 4Th Amendment, and their rights to due process of law under the 6Th Amendment.

    It is this author's opinion that having failed to murder many targets of organized stalking and non consensual human experimentation, through some of the most vicious and protracted psychological warfare operations in American history, that the U.S. Justice Department and its FBI underling, as well as the Department Of Homeland Security, may well be responsible for orchestrating the U.S. Federal Supreme Court's recent land mark ruling regarding the 9Th and 10th Amendments to the U.S. Bill of Rights, in order to allow for the incarceration and furtive murder of organized stalking targets who reside in the United States.

    This is about as illegal and unconstitutional as everything the Zionist controlled federal government in the United States has done regarding this vigilante hate crime, and an act of complete desperation by the federal government, in order to murder American citizens, who can testify in court to the fact that the U.S. Intelligence community is using many Americans for a modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA mind control experimentation, and perpetrating these crimes through a signals intelligence satellite network that is used to target and track the unique set of EMF frequencies which emanates from each person's brain.

    Moreover, if the FBI is attempting to use coerced testimony taken from the
    Family members of targeted individuals, who have been intimidated by the FBI, while being denied their Constitutional rights (suborning witness perjury), as part of the FBI's demonization campaign against these targeted individuals, this will serve as yet a further example of the FBI's attempt to subvert the U.S. Judicial System, in efforts to cover up the crimes of its own agents.

    Crimes which have now established a new precedent in the Bureau's already outrageous violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights. If the FBI has such disregard for the Bill of Rights that its agents would attempt to torture and murder anyone whose rights they have violated, why should the American people tolerate the FBI and its Gestapo tactics? Especially when the lack of a legislative charter means that the FBI has never operated with the proper legal documentation.

    You can't open a business within the United States without a charter, so how is it that the FBI has been able to exist in America since 1924 without a legislative charter?

    Why not write your local state representatives to obtain an answer to this issue, and don't be satisfied if you are told that the FBI exists as an act of Congress, because the lack of a legislative charter for the FBI means that there is no definition with regard to what the FBI can and cannot do.

    The FBI has no legislative charter, so that the Bureau can violate any rule of U.S. Law under Title 18 and never be held accountable for it, just as the FBI has done to this author any myriad other Americans, whom the FBI must now find a way to murder, in order to conceal the crimes which its agents have perpetrated against us.

    Subverting The 9Th & 10Th Amendments In Order To Violate
    The 4Th, 5Th And 6Th Amendments

    The 9Th and 10Th Amendments also concern human rights, which is why organized stalking targets are being portrayed as less than human. Even though they are human by their very biology, TI's are being portrayed as less than human so that they can be denied the basic human rights that the 9th and 10Th Amendments are supposed to protect. There is no question that the men, women and even children who are being targeted for non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking are being treated inhumanely. As Americans we are seeing a pervasive Nazi influence within U.S. communities that is emanating from the Intelligence community, and which has grown extremely aggressive since the 2001 passage of the Patriot Act.

    Moreover, what we are witnessing here is the emergence of the shadow dictatorship which lurks beneath the U.S. Federal Government, and why all citizens should be concerned about the Supreme Court's recent landmark ruling regarding the 9Th and 10Th Amendments.

    This ruling, which was made by the U.S. Federal Supreme Court in June of 2011, appears to have allowed for a further expansion of these violations under the 9Th and 10Th Amendments, so that those who are actively taking part in the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, may now be able to vote on the expulsion of any citizens whom they deem to be a threat to the State that they're residing in.

    This act would establish the most dangerous precedent imaginable, since the state would now be able to target any U.S. citizen who could not be prosecuted legally, and incarcerate that person indefinitely. The total destruction of the right to due process of law under the 6Th Amendment, as well as the right to a speedy trial under the 7Th Amendment, and the right to avoid cruel punishment under the 8Th Amendment.

    Moreover, keep in mind that most TI's have no criminal records, and have certain inherent rights under the Bill of Rights that neither the federal nor state governments can legally violate.

    So how are the U.S. Federal Government and the individual State governments getting away with these treasonous crimes?

    Because the American people are allowing them to.

    The Gestapo tactics being used against Americans through the vigilante hate crime organized stalking also calls into question who is supplying our communities with the information that is being used in regard to those persons who are being targeted for such vigilantism, while being denied their constitutional rights.

    The FBI?


    Fusion Centers?

    And how many laws these people are violating with their total disregard for the U.S. Bill of Rights?

    Moreover, what types of methods are they using to obtain this information? Illegal satellite surveillance, remote neural monitoring via digital computer to brain interface, or other forms of classified surveillance which are illegal and concealed under the National Security Act?

    If you think that the Occupy Wall Street movement is angry about Wall Street's corruption, imagine how enraged they will be when they learn that the U.S. Intelligence Community that is presently attempting to murder this author and many other targets of organized stalking, has secretly branded the American people through a national brain fingerprinting network, that can be used to instantly target and track any citizen residing within the United States.

    What is also called into question is the legitimacy of the information that DHS, the FBI and their Nazi idealized fusion centers are circulating, much of which may be fabricated, since the persons who are being targeted for these crimes are never confronted directly with any allegations, but instead subjected to psychological warfare operations, which are used with the express intent of forcing them to commit suicide.

    In other words, the targets of these crimes are never confronted directly, because the people who are committing these crimes have been illegally empowered to do so by the U.S. Federal Government which is using classified brain scanning technology that is a threat to the privacy of all American citizens.

    Moreover, what kind of government would completely ignore its own rule of law? The same kind that would murder thousands of its own people under a false flag operation like 9-11, which was used as an excuse to implement a dictatorship in the United States, while attacking two countries that were not a threat to us. The same kind of government that is presently near total collapse in the United States.

    The U.S. politicians are now finding themselves in an untenable situation, given that their cover up of the 9-11 false flag operation has only escalated the American people's distrust and hatred for this government.

    Americans know that the Federal Reserve System has cheated them out of what is rightfully theirs, and that it is the Federal Reserve that furtively controls the U.S. Federal Government, through its counterfeiting and laundering of bogus currency.

    Moreover, Americans are beginning to realize that the 9-11 false flag operation was done in order to undermine the U.S. Bill of Rights, while also furnishing the Bush 43 Administration with a plausible (however completely untruthful) reason to allow the shadow government in the United States to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, for the express purpose of stealing Iraqi oil and natural gas reserves, while allowing the CIA to take control of the Opium trade in Afghanistan.

    The shadow government in the United States now oversees the construction of the Trans Afghanistan natural gas pipeline through an Asian consortium. However, prior to this, the Bush 43 Administration was interested in having Unocal corporation construct this pipeline, even though the Taliban, then still in power, refused to break its contract with Argentina's Bridas Corporation, to build the pipeline.

    From that time forward the accounts of how the pipeline eventually came under the control of this Asian consortium remain speculative, however, this business venture has been furtively brokered by the United States.

    Moreover, the Bush 43 Administration's interest in having Unocal oversee the construction of the Trans Afghanistan pipeline, and the Taliban's refusal to do so, was clearly one of the motivating factors which resulted in the false flag terrorism which took place on 9-11-2001.

    Read Richard Behan's "The Fraudulent War - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror" to learn more about the Project For A New American Century's control over the Bush 43 Administration, and its use of this Administration to start illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    As for those citizens who are being singled out for organized stalking crimes, they are also targets of mind control experimentation, who have already documented that the U.S. Federal Government is illegally using classified brain scanning technology on the general population in the United States.

    This latest subversion of the 9Th and 10Th Amendments is in fact a threat to the entire American citizenry, since these Amendments can be used to violate the inherent rights of any citizen in the United States at any time.

    This is especially true if the federal government has failed to prosecute American citizens through entrapment schemes, and instead relies on this subversion of state's rights, in order deny these citizens their inherent rights within the states in which they reside.

    Simply put, if the FBI or DHS can't prosecute an American citizen through federal law, they will do so by subverting Amendments to the Constitution which focus on state laws.

    This recent ruling by the Supreme Court was based on a case that had nothing to do with organized stalking crimes. However, the rulings made by the Supreme Court can be applied to targets of organized stalking.

    One might say that the rulings were specifically made in regard to targets of organized stalking, however, done so in a furtive way, since the Federal Supreme Court has refused to acknowledge that organized stalking crimes have become a major problem throughout the United States, and responsible for the suicides of many American citizens.

    The U.S. Congress has also completely ignored the community of men, women and children who are being targeted for organized stalking and electronic harassment crimes.

    Given this, this ever growing community who remain targets of OS/EH, should be very concerned about the U.S. Supreme Court's latest ruling in regard to the 9Th and 10Th Amendments, because this expansion of state power, is in reality being used to benefit the federal government, while at the very least, violating the 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendment rights of each American citizen.

    For more than a century, the Zionist controlled federal government in the United States has never done anything to empower the individual states, nor the individual citizens of these states, so when it appears to do so, the public must question why. Such acts are done to carry out the agendas of the federal government under the pretense of empowering the states and their citizenry.

    This further circumvention of the Constitutional rule of law may also possibly later be used to declare any person of interest as an enemy of the state, while either imprisoning them without a trial, or incarcerating them in a psychiatric facility, where they can be used for more aggressive forms of non consensual human experimentation, or murdered in a plausibly deniable way.

    Something the FBI and NSA are presently attempting to do with this author.

    This is especially convenient when the persons being subjected to these crimes are in fact targets of mind control experimentation, which involves the use of signals intelligence satellites and a wireless form of computer to brain interface interrogation of the brain, such as the National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    This domestic surveillance program has been referenced by at least one former employee of the NSA, whose lawsuit against the agency exposes what can only be described as a national brain fingerprinting network, secretly implemented in the United States in the early 1980's under the Reagan Administration.

    So much for Ronald Reagan being the great American Patriot, given that he signed an Executive Order (12333) which for all intents and purposes destroyed the U.S. Bill of Rights long before the Patriot Act was ever drafted.

    A piece of the most treasonous legislation which has allowed the U.S. Intelligence community to not only spy domestically, but to commit crimes against the American people regarding non consensual human experimentation that are so horrific, that neither the White House, Congress, nor Judiciary will ever admit to them.

    It is also more than a coincidence that an NSA whistle blower has stated that the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network was implemented against the American people in the early 1980's, and that Executive Order 12333 was signed by Reagan in 1981.

    If ever there was a case to be made that Executive Orders should be abolished, it is in Reagan's signing of EO 12333, which turned the Nazi idealized intelligence community loose on an unsuspecting American public in a way far greater than the CIA's MKULTRA program had ever done.

    How else can one explain this government's ability to instantly track any American citizen via satellite, while remotely reading and manipulating their thoughts? The government is not going to admit to these crimes against the American middle class or this government's use of clandestine technology to destroy the U.S. Bill of Rights, any more than it will admit that the Federal Reserve System is a counterfeiter and launderer of bogus currency, that began looting the U.S. Treasury of the American people's gold in 1914 - much of which (according to Eustace Mullins) was then secretly shipped to Europe.

    So it is up to those of us who know that this treasonous crime is taking place, to alert the American people to it, regardless of the cost. That is what making history is all about. Taking the risk of telling the public a dangerous truth about their own government that can get you killed, and which will eventually become commonly accepted.

    The American people have been electronically branded through a national brain fingerprinting network, which has been controlled by the National Security Agency for the past several decades.

    It is this EMF scanning network that the NSA is currently using to illegally track this author as well as myriad other Americans, most of whom have no idea that their inherent rights to privacy and due process of law have been so outrageously violated.

    This Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has also been used to conduct mind control experimentation of my person for several decades, which this author learned about several years ago.

    And this is the reason why the FBI and NSA must find furtive means in which to murder my person, and why their current smear campaign against this author is taking place.

    Since the politicians in America are not going to admit that Americans have been electronically branded, it is up to the American people to learn about this technology for themselves. There are many different articles available on the Internet which describe this domestic spy technology.

    John St. Clair Akwei's April/May 1996 article in Nexus Magazine is the best place to begin your research, since it contains the contents of a 1992 lawsuit which Akwei filed against the National Security Agency, which describes Akwei's knowledge of the NSA's infrastructure, as well as the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. Akwei has stated that this EMF Scanning Network is used by the NSA in order to electronically identify and track American citizens by way of their brains' own unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies.

    Why should this government be allowed to perpetrate such outrageous violations of the American people's rights to privacy and due process of law, while the media system in the United States is used to conceal this technology from the U.S. population? And why should any citizen tolerate a government that willfully disregards rights which they are entitled to by law?

    - James F. Marino

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