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The FBI's History Of Fabricating Evidence -- A Good Article On What To Expect When The FBI Attempts To Fabricate Evidence Against A Targeted Person

I have a particular interest in the FBI's use of fabricated evidence since I have seen first hand how they can coerce companies into altering documentation and in some cases completely fabricating it. In one instance a few years back the FEDS got a diagnostic lab in California by the name of Igenex, to completely fabricate a lab report that my Lyme Disease physician had ordered. This lab work, which I paid roughly $1000 to have done, turned out to be a complete fabrication.

In checking through this lab work, I immediately found that the titer numbers which indicated the presence of an immune system response to Lyme Disease were completely wrong. I had also never tested positive for Lyme Disease in any type of blood work, and instead only through two LUAT's (Lyme Urine Antigen Tests) which both showed the actual presence of the Lyme spirochete, and not simply antigens (antibody responses) to it. These early tests (first taken in 1993) were conclusive proof that I had Lyme Disease, and required treatment for it.

Realizing that something was wrong here, I immediately went to the Igenex Website to confirm my suspicions about Igenex's questionable report, and found that the numbers which claimed that I was positive for Lyme Disease had been falsified and did not correspond with the titer numbers on the lab work which I was given. There is no doubt that fraud had taken place here, and been perpetrated by Igenex and my Lyme Disease physician at the direction of the FEDS. I kept that piece of lab work on my desk as proof of part of the FEDS conspiracy to deny me my civil rights, and it disappeared a short while later.

Of course this would be the case as it was physical proof that the FEDS had coerced both my Lyme Disease treating physician as well as Igenex Labs not only to falsify this lab work, but to also get my doctor to play along with this gas lighting tactic, in efforts to furnish me with a placebo medication, as had two other doctors over the same period of time.

This would have continued to draw on my savings, while forcing me to undergo additional fraudulent office visits, all while the FEDS pulled the strings from behind the scene. Since 2003 they have done the same with two psychiatrists, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, and a CVS pharmacy, which on a few occasions supplied me with placebos instead of legitimate medication. This also constitutes additional fraud, as I was charged full price for one of these medications the second time it was ordered for me, and instead given a placebo (as I was when I ordered the generic).

And any documentation that the FEDS would offer up at this point in efforts to entrap me would be as bogus as the piece of Igenex Lab's Lyme Disease lab work which conveniently disappeared from my desk. There is no doubt in my mind that the FEDS requested that this be done, to remove any physical evidence of the COINTELPRO tactics and psywarfare operations that they have been perpetrating against me.

What they have perpetrated against my Family and self is not only criminal, but an outright fraud, in which they are now looking to save face by destroying us. This is what the FEDS have always done when they have perpetrated crimes against others and must then look to extricate themselves by destroying the lives of those whom they have harmed.

I have seen the FEDS orchestrate other such frauds against me including one in which they used Blue Cross and Blue Shield to deliberately send me payments which should have gone to a particular service provider. The excuse given was that the service provider did not have a valid tax ID number. However, if this was the case the service provider could not have been in business. Furthermore, by sending me this information, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield had committed mail fraud at the direction of the FEDS, in efforts to entrap me. As such, every check which was sent to me -- all but two of which were endorsed over to Blue Cross Blue Shield (the last two checks could not be sent as the provider had gone out of business) -- constitutes mail fraud by Blue Cross and Blue Shield, as well as the FEDS, for orchestrating the entire entrapment scheme in the first place!

I cite these instances as evidence of how the FBI and other US Intelligence agencies routinely use companies to falsify documents in efforts to entrap people whom they are attempting to arrest illegally. I am one of such people whom the FEDS are continuing to seek ways in which to entrap, given their efforts to cover up the extensive crimes that they have perpetrated against my Family and self for many decades.

I also cite the fact that I have been illegally targeted by the NSA for non consensual human experimentation (mind control research) since approximately 1980, and seek to prosecute the NSA and the FBI (and possible other agencies as well including DHS) in this conspiratorial violation of my Constitutional rights, which they are continuing to perpetrate in the present day.

Of course this is something that agencies like the FBI, NSA and DHS would prefer the public not know about, given their widespread satellite based spying and mind control applications on the American public.

All mind control targets who have realized what is being done to them are now subjected to the most vicious psychological warfare in efforts to get us to commit suicide, or to strike out in violent ways in which we can be arrested. This psychotic harassment continues in my life and my Family's 24 hours a day, and has for nearly four and half consecutive years. Not a day goes by where I am not subjected to psychological warfare, in addition to being targeted by directed energy weapons technology.

There is no rule of Constitutional law here at all. And as is the case with all other victims targeted for these federally orchestrated criminal conspiracies, we are being demonized in order to justify such outrageous criminal behavior by the FEDS -- as well as our very own communities -- both of whom have now become nothing more than glorified vigilantes, who take part in the crimes of organized stalking and psychological warfare in efforts to drive us to states of suicide.

Of the course the FEDS must demonize us, since they are the criminals and can no longer rely on the rule of law to serve their own interests! So the Constitution as it applies to our rights is completely disregarded!

The following statement can be made for a myriad of TI's who are subjected to illegal surveillance and the COINTELPRO style harassment of many agencies within the US Intelligence community. While the following quote concerns the CIA, the FBI and NSA are just as dangerous, perhaps even more so. The FBI is especially problematic, given that most Americans having been fed much media initiated propaganda, are taught to respect the FBI, not understanding its true nature as a secret police force which undermines the US Constitution and civil rights in efforts to maintain the status quo and to cover up any crimes perpetrated by
key officials within this country.

I again ask: what are agencies like the FBI and NSA doing spying on Americans within the privacy of our own homes for one second, much less for decades on end? Furthermore, what are these agents doing electronically accessing our minds? This is tantamount to going on an interogative fishing expedition in which the persons being targeted are being completely denied their rights to legal counsel.

And what does this portend for the Miranda laws? Given the satellite based remote neural monitoring that many TI's have been illegally subjected to, the FEDS would have to say something to the effect of: you have the right to remain silent, however you should know that we have been illegally and electronically picking your brain for many years without your knowledge or consent. Oh and by the way, we have also done some serious psychological damage to you as well.

These are damn good questions, which is why the FEDS are not answering them. They are also indicative of the fact that is it the FEDS themselves who are guilty of Orweillian types of crimes which they are now attempting to cover up, including use of this technology to manipulate our minds and behavior as they have done with myself and myriad others targeted for such outrageous abuse.

The real problem is that in utilizing these technologies, the FEDS also tend to use coercion to coopt those around a TI into taking part in these crimes against us. And in doing so what the FEDS have done is made innocent people accomplices to the crimes of these federal agencies. And n0w given what they all have to lose if the TI is not incarcerated or driven to suicide, they must act in concert to ensure that the TI is never allowed to recover from these attacks. I experience this first hand on a daily basis, where trigger words, and all sorts of gaslighting tactics continue to be used in efforts to drive me to suicide, as I am denied my Constitutional rights.

"Curiously, often a classic manifestation of people who are afflicted with certain psychotic disorders is the irrational fear that the CIA and FBI is conspiring to harm them. In this case, the CIA involvement is real and the covert nature of the involvement is not contested."

Orlikow v. United States (1988)1

The Tactics of Intimidation
from No Compromise Issue 5

"In the book Agents of Repression, Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall successfully argue that the Federal Bureau of Investigation's crime-fighting activities serve as a calculated ruse to cover-up and divert public attention from their true purpose which is maintaining the status quo by disrupting and crushing grassroots movements for social justice. They base this conclusion on the thousands of pages of classified files that a group calling itself the Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI liberated from the FBI's Media, Pennsylvania office in March 8, 1971.

These documents included internal memos about Counter Intelligence Operations -- or COINTELPROs -- designed to "disrupt, misdirect, discredit or otherwise neutralize" the leaders and groups of social justice causes. From these files, activists have gained insight on what types of activities the Feds -- in conjunction with local police units and reactionary "private" groups -- carry out against those of us trying to change society for the better.

Below is a list of their tactics so you can prepare for, identify, and lessen their impact when they are being used against you or other activists. This information is excerpted from the book Agents of Repression: The FBI's Secret War Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall. Published by South End Press, 116 Saint Botolph St, Boston, MA 02115. No Compromise strongly encourages all activists to read this book so that we are all better prepared to counter the government's actions against us. "

In the present day where the Bush Administration has destroyed what is left of our Constitution, the following article is more important than ever.
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