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Is It Any Wonder Why Representative Cynthia Mckinney Was Setup To Lose In The Last Election Given That She Was The Driving Force Behind HR 1026?

There was much anticipation prior to the US Congress reconvening for the 2007 year, that Cynthia Mckinney's attempt to reopen the Church Committee Hearings under House Resolution 1026, would lead to a new investigation (begun in the 1970's by then Idaho Senator Frank Church) into the US Intelligence community's use of illegal COINTELPRO tactics, since the attacks on 9-11 and passage of the fascist Patriot Act.

However, Mckinney was involved in a situation with a security guard in which he claimed that she shoved him while attempting to enter a Washington, D.C. building. The situation seemed to be done deliberately to destroy Mckinney's chances at reelection and the strong possibility that for the first time in three decades, agencies like the FBI would finally be held accountable for their outrageous violations of the US Constitution and the civil rights of American citizens.

Interestingly enough (however not surprising) was the fact that once Mckinney was out of the picture, Congress immediately moved to take HR 1026 off the House floor for consideration, leaving the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS to continue perpetrating the same criminal violations against a myriad of Americans, that these agencies have been committing for decades.

The readers should take a good look at Cynthia Mckinney's proposed investigation (listed at the end of this post), since she was one of the few people in Congress who fought to protect your rights as Americans (as well as those of other countries who are also being attacked by agencies like the NSA), instead of selling them out as many others have done.

After Mckinney lost her bid for relection (I believe she was setup to lose it), it was Congresses refusal to reopen this investigation, which has led individuals targeted for these crimes against humanity to sign many petitions forbidding the use of such weapons.

Also included here is the monumental task of putting together individual case files documenting what many TI's are being subjugated to under what has become a global system of Orwellian government; one in which the use of satellite based weapons to torture citizens within the privacy of their own homes, has been quietly sanctioned by those within our respective governments who are supposed to be protecting their citizens from such crimes -- not subjecting us to them.

All Americans owe Cynthia Mckinney a vote of thanks and confidence for her courage in standing up against those within the US Intelligence community who are so obsessed with their own power, that they have completely lost respect for the laws in this country, which they now regularly violate. Cynthia took a big chance with her own safety in order to put the following resolution on the table. If only more people within US Government were so courageous.



Western Australia, Australia
For Immediate Release
26 November 2006

Contacts: Deborah Dupre’: E.G.H International Coalition Campaign Coordinator:

USA Coordinator: Lynn Troxel

International Call for COINTELPRO Victim Testimonies:
Secret In-Home Torture Murder

Mounting documentation with hundred’s of tortured victim’s testimonies will soon be presented to U.S. Congress exposing the worst government crimes against humanity since the Nazi Holocaust. Evidence is expected to be more shocking than the Church Committee exposure of COINTELPRO (COunterINTELligence PROgram) abuses to silence dissent during the Vietnam War era.

Covert, organized, in-home and community, psychologically and physically tortured victims globally are urgently called upon to submit their testimonies by end of December 2006 on basis of, and with regard to pursuing principles and legal precedent in the U.S. Congress Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities: House Resolution 1026 IH calling to reopen investigation hearings into COINTELPRO.

Such exposure sometimes results in more extreme measures against victims and their families including disappearance and murder, a risk that victims are taking to gain a voice; end their torture; and provide greater protection for their families. Human rights group volunteers are urgently needed to protect and assist these casualties and loved ones to deliver testimonies to U.S. Congress.

Peace workers, environmentalists, human rights advocates, whistle-blowers, scientists, and others are being professionally torture-murdered in their homes and communities through terroristic sleep deprivation, poisoning, ritual abuse, break-ins and thefts, extreme stalking tactics, 1st degree workplace mobbing, isolation, privacy violation, framing, and military grade weapon assaults.

Hallmarks of this crime are: law enforcement refusal to protect victims, investigate, or prosecute; and covering-up the crime by torture tactics created to appear so unbelievable that “mental illness” is used to discredit targets, or so well-disguised that “mysterious illnesses” neutralize targets.

This heavily funded operation results in disrupting progressive social movements and neutralizing targets though trauma, discrediting, disappearance, imprisonment, murder and suicide.

Following the 9-11, 2001 mass murder, COINTELPRO operations escalated to infiltration of covert agents to virtually every level of society worldwide for silencing dissent by assaulting targets with deployed military grade weapons and testing new weapons on innocent targets.

Described as Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) in Air Force Research Laboratory's Munitions Directorate, 2001; these new weapons include laser, high-power microwave, and particle-beam.

Former Representative Cynthia McKinney introduced HRES 1026 IH to Congress stating, “A look back at the Nixon era Tom Charles Houston plan, referred to as ‘fascist’ by Congressional investigators, shows us it is being implemented in full since 9/11. Congress has a responsibility to open oversight hearings into the new abuses as well as their historical context, and to acknowledge and give relief to its victims then and now.”

Over 55 internationally renowned scientists, lawyers, professors, former military intelligence officers, and others representing eight countries united 21 October 2006, “1st World Day to End the Silent Holocaust,” to launch a coalition to halt of this well-hidden form of terrorism.

Information on writing testimonies, volunteering, or arranging casualty photographs and interviews can be obtained by contacting ICESH at and

Physical Tactics: use of a variety of tactics; financial abuse (money or property theft, financial contract breaches, legal fees for frivolous law suits and/or legal malpractice); cyber-stalking (including but not limited to internet spying, email spying and/or intercepting, password theft); privacy invasion (including but not limited to telephone tapping, misdirecting and disconnecting, mail tampering and intercepting); identity theft; forced homelessness; forced refugee status; framings; lethal bullying (organized bullying resulting in death of target); food-tampering, poisoning, drink-spiking; organized bullying (multi-offender lies, threats, intimidation, ridicule, sarcasm and sometimes overt assaults) and Directed Energy Weapons assaults.

Physical Symptoms: Fibromyalgia (severe pain in muscles and a host of other symptoms); Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS); Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) (hypersensitivity to chemical exposure); other mysterious “Environmental” Diseases” and unidentified illnesses or symptoms, induced heart attacks and strokes, induced cancer, sudden onset of blindness, skin burns and sleep deprivation; severe headache; extreme fatigue; skin and lung problems; sleeping disorders; general weakness; allergies and intolerances to chemicals, odours and foodstuffs; and tinnitus, (nuisance hearing of sounds).

Psychological Tactics: use of a variety of tactics; persecution (organized, multi-offender induced discrimination and harassment including frequent ridicule and sarcasm); discrediting (organized vicious rumours such as false accusations of mental illness, drug use, sexual deviancy, etc.); vigilante harassment (organized lies, threats, or bribery to coerce community to harass, alienate, and isolate target); organized stalking: (multi-offender “cause” or “terrorist” stalking including ongoing extremist tactics such as kept under surveillance, house break-ins, theft, moving of property, vandalism, discrediting, disruption of work; animal killings); ritual abuse (brutal abuse of children, adolescents, and adults, consisting of repeated physical, sexual, and psychological abuse over extended period, terrorisation, brainwashing/mind control often with electronic devices and drugs to create multiple personality or psychoses so victim is unconscious of behaviour, always with threats and fear as main controlling factor); gaslighting (extremist tactics such as moving of property and lies); 1st degree workplace mobbing (organized multi-offender workplace bullying, harassment, and coerced firing); discrediting (vicious rumours, disruption of work, gaslighting at work-station, employer coerced to fire target, set-ups at work); sleep deprivation (single or multi-offender induced fear and/or electromagnetic terrorizing at night to awaken, keep awake, or induce insomnia); intimidation and threats (ongoing comments to produce fear and trauma possibly including death threats).

Psychological Effects: mental injury (a natural response to unnatural events); Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (trauma resultant of abuse, torture and war); mind control with Directed Energy Weapon Effects (including sudden change in character such as becoming severely hostile, psychopathic, or suicidal, hearing voices or commands from synthetically contrived voice transmission techniques and sleep deprivation); misdiagnosed stigmatising mental illness; revictimization; Depression; and Suicide.

An untold number of targets are unaware that they are victims of COINTELPRO style abuse and/or non-consensual human research. They do not attribute their ongoing bad luck; mishaps; animal killings; or mysterious, untreatable, disabling “environmental” diseases to covert operatives using old COINTELPRO tactics plus new weapons of war to terrorize, neutralize, and prevent resisting the treatment.

Together, these professional, well-orchestrated intrusions induce excruciating pain, exhaustion, terror, alienation, and sometimes result in violent behaviour against self or others – eventually, one way or another, “neutralizing” and killing the target.
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