Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Wrote This Some Time Ago Regarding US Intel's Use Of Psychological Warfare Operations On Americans

While I was surfing the Internet this evening, I found an article that I had written back in 2005 when I was attempting to illustrate the myriad ways in which the FEDS utilize their psychological warfare campaigns on those targeted for COINTELPRO operations. I posted this article on an Angelfire Website I had created at the time, which the FBI has since had deleted. I guess it makes for bad press when the public sees how this covert Nazi organization operates. Not to mention how the FBI completely disregards people's 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech when they don't like what these people have to say.

And as painful as much of the following post is, I list it here to allow the readers to learn of how volatile a time we are living in, with a government that is the polar opposite of what the American people think it is. And I list on this Website what is perhaps the best documented case of the worst violations of both civil and human rights ever recorded here in the United States -- especially given the duration of such violations, which in my situation spans nearly three decades -- in order to give the readers a better idea of just how badly the freedoms in this country have been eroded since the self inflicted wound that we refer to as 9-11 took place.

Over the past few years I have found many articles that I have written, on the Websites of others, simply because they realize the import of what I am saying.

And while the FEDS are constantly attempting to have my articles removed -- in some cases entire Websites have been deleted because these people would not capitulate the FEDS' requests -- they still manage to circulate in large enough circles so that people learn of the outrageous abuses that my Family and self have been subjected to, as well as the NSA's illegal satellite spying and use of remote neural monitoring technology for those of us who've been targeted for mind control research.

As for the FBI, it's a dirt digger -- a filth devouring maggot that thrives on such depravity. And they look to play Families against one another taking every opportunity in which to do so. They exploit modern day life in ways that most of you have never even considered, while taking great joy in causing enormous pain and suffering; oftentimes to the point of driving their targets to suicide -- something these PIGS relish.

These agents are fascists and they are garbage. They should be thrown in prison for life, for their crimes against humanity. And that is better than they deserve.

Those people who are smart enough to recognize this also know that the US Federal Government has essentially become nothing more than a fascist cabal; an oligarchy using the pretext of a Congress to deceive Americans into believing that they have control over their own country.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Any control the American people have over this government is an illusion.

And they haven't had control for more than a Century. Although the situation began to snowball in 1913 when then President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law, thus allowing for the creation of the Illuminati operated and privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel -- a US Government sanctioned counterfeiter which prints money based on nothing but thin air -- the reason why your Federal Reserve Notes are basically worth next to nothing in the present day, and that you are paying an illegal and unconstitutional tax on your wages. The entire government has been corrupted, and it is now run by the military/industrial complex in this country, from whom the Intelligence community and media take their directives.

"The Federal Reserve can create a million dollars, then lend it to the US Government (at exorbitant interest rates) for a total cost of of around $230.00!"

-- Beware Of The Mark Author Ray Novosel

There have been many other pieces of deleterious legislation over the past Century, but perhaps none worse than the Patriot Act, which has allowed this President, the Congress, and the US Intelligence community, to decimate the US Constitution and the freedoms that it has always guaranteed to all Americans. Never before have there been so many complaints within the United States, regarding the abject losses of our freedoms; taken from us by a President and Congress who are the most corrupt in this country's history.

And it is your children who are going to inherit this nightmare of a government if you don't act as soon as possible, to restore the Constitutional Republic that this country once was.

Why pass your nightmare on to them? Do something about it while you can.

The following is what the FBI/NSA and Department Of Homeland Security -- the New World Order's pitbulls -- have subjected my Family and self to. This article was written a few years ago, before I learned about remote neural monitoring or how it is used by the NSA to electronically access and manipulate the brain -- something which has been done to me for years -- without my knowledge (that is until 2005 when I learned what was happening) or consent. I am now all too familiar with how this technology operates and how it can literally become part of the human body without the person being targeted, even realizing that they are under 24 hour a day satellite observation.

I truly despise these agencies for the enormous suffering that they have caused us, and look to educate the entire population of this planet (one person at a time if necessary) in regard to satellite based and oftentimes weaponized technologies which are being used to gradually destroy humankind. Please share this information with others and use it protect yourselves and your loved ones -- while you still can.

If you don't believe that the Illuminati is looking for ways in which to covertly destroy you, then you need to do your own research on an organization which should be considered complete anathema to the human race.

Psychological Operations & Psychotronic/Electromagnetic Weapons

There are many tactics for the Federal Government (FBI in particular) to consider when targeting a person for psychological warfare. Psychological operations and Psycho-electronic weaponry can be used in conjunction with one another to increase the effectiveness of these operations when employing them against a target. Used together, these strategies are a vicious combination which enables the FBI to attack their targets on several different levels.

Furthermore, these attacks can occur 24 hours a day 7 days a week for years on end. It is no wonder that when you hear of other targets describing these attacks, the phrase 24/7 remains so consistent.

It should be noted that the FBI has not just had my family and myself under illegal *surveillance for decades, but that they did so in the most blatant ways possible, watching us within the privacy of our homes, including our own bathrooms and bedrooms.

* I learned in 2005 that this surveillance included the use of satellite tracking me by way of the electromagnetic field that surrounds my body, which enables the NSA to not only see me 24 hours a day, but also know what I am thinking at all times. A violation of both civil and human rights this extreme is cause for cleaning out this government and the cesspool that it has become. Of course that is after the lawsuit
against the current President and the US Intelligence Community commences.

To quote a former special agent of the FBI in a phone conversation I had with him sometime ago: "these fbi agent are pigs." He also went on to say that he believes that these agents watch their targets commit suicide real time within their own homes, due to the vicious psychological warfare tactics which the fbi subjects them to. I can say firsthand that the fbi subjects me to psychological torture daily and that these agents are without a doubt the most disgusting pigs I have ever seen.

The FBI, in their effort to force me into committing serious crimes (which I have not done) has threatened my family into cooperating with them. The FBI has illegally spied on us for roughly a quarter of a century in our homes (including bathrooms and bedrooms) in such offensive and precedent setting ways that their crimes can no longer be ignored.

They have ruthlessly pitted my family and me against each other at every possible opportunity, and have done as much damage to my relationship with my family as is humanly possible. If I am such a criminal, why not arrest me for any crimes that the FBI feels that I have committed? Why bother to go to the trouble and expense of psychologically torturing me if all they have to do is arrest me? Could it be that I have not committed any serious crimes and that that is why the FBI is committing the felonies against me that it is?

It is important to remember that the persons targeted have not been charged with any crime and are entitled to due process under the US Constitution. In my situation and many others, the FBI has clearly violated many of my Constitutional Amendments, and in doing so, opened itself up to a lawsuit. I will attempt to describe many of the different experiences that I have had with the aforementioned illegal types of abuses.

The use of certain types of trigger words or phrases by different FBI agents provocateur in an attempt to provoke the target into committing a hostile act, or to break the target down psychologically in an effort to force the target to commit suicide. The FBI regularly perpetrates these crimes against targets and at times will watch these targets that they torture commit suicide real time. These trigger words and phrases are especially destructive when used by either family or friends of the target, given the target's emotional ties to these people.

The FBI directs my family and others who I am in contact with from time to time, including my homeopath and those in her employ to use these triggers whenever possible as a source of provocation.

As I have noted in the past I do not blame my family in anyway for these attacks as I know for certain that they are at the direction of the FBI, and that my family is cooperating with the FBI because they are in terrified of losing their own freedom. While my family will deny this, the fact is that they themselves have been regularly abused by the FBI over the past two years.

The FBI has brainwashed my family into believing that their only way out is to turn on me, which they have done. I cannot describe just how horrible a feeling this is, but I have no choice but to accept it. The FBI can be extremely persuasive and regularly intimidates those who are close to a target, to enable them to gain access to that target.

Trigger words and phrases are mentioned when the target is within earshot -- they are not used overtly to insult the target, but used in a context in which the target knows that he/she is being referenced. As I previously mentioned, it is extremely painful to a targeted individual to hear their loved ones using these words or phrases in reference to them. It does have a devastating psychological impact in the long run. Some of the following words are commonly used on TI's:


Other references to food can also be used in the FBI's psychological operations.

These include:

I have noticed that this "food" aspect of psychological operations is commonly used by many of those who are targeted by the FBI to denigrate us as much as possible. The FBI will also use any possible means to destroy the reputation of someone they target; this includes the demonization of these persons or even referring to them as being subhuman. Of course, as anyone who who can plainly see through the FBI's smokescreen of criminality, it is the FBI agents who take part in this sadistic harassment who should be referred to as demons or subhuman.

pretzel -- an attempt by the fbi to show me that they can tie my life up like a pretzel
barbecue -- the word reflects FBI sentiment that barbecuing me is their goal in their harassment
fish-- as in new fish in a prison ward
ham-- as in the persons a ham
turkey-- as in the persons a turkey
bologna-- as in the persons full of baloney
chicken -- A big one coinciding with being yellow/scared

In my case, other references to my brother as being my parents' only child are repeatedly employed by the FBI. Over the years when my parents would refer to my brother and me it would always be our boys or our sons. When they would refer to one of us it would be either my son Bob, or my son Jim. Now when my parents speak it is only in reference to their son; as if I am dead. This is undoubtedly done deliberately by the FBI in their attempt to discourage me from ever trying to repair my relationship with my family (which I am still constantly trying to do); a relationship which was solely destroyed by relentless FBI manipulation and instigation.

Holidays and birthdays have become a nightmare for us, as the FBI forces my family to use the triggered words and phrases repeatedly to achieve a damaging effect. Moreover, the 2004 Holiday season including Thanksgiving and Christmas were particularly miserable. Gifts chosen for Christmas had themes -- the predominant one was that of a nutcracker. Picture many family members getting nutcracker sweaters and nutcracker figurines. Is it any wonder why they were exchanged after the holidays? The nutcrackers had particularly sinister faces. I was also given a belt by my cousin -- a subliminal trigger meaning hang yourself.

Types Of Street Theatre Used By The FBI For A PSYOPS Campaign

There are many types of street theatre that I have experienced in regard to the FBI's psyops campaign against me. I have included some specific incidents below:

Entering the Circuit City Appliance store in Hicksville, I noticed from the time I entered the store that rap music was playing at ridiculously high levels -- much louder then I had ever heard before in a store of this or any type (including hi-fi emporiums). The FBI knows that I do not enjoy rap music. I left the store soon afterwards, realizing that those employees in the store were being used as part of the FBI psyops campaign against me. I have had cars pulling up along side me in traffic with rap music playing so loudly that the ground was shaking.

I have also had cars boxing me in and traveling at a very slow pace to keep me boxed in. Usually the vehicles in front of me had some type of personalized license plates that portrayed some FBI theme that they were trying to convey to me. Also, having my Mom's car's door locks remotely opened as I drove back from a doctor's appointment. Also, cars which would be sitting at a red light which turns green: car sits at green light until it turns yellow then accelerates quickly across intersection leaving me stuck at the red light. Early on many different types of panel trucks with strange lights on the back -- flashing yellow and red lights that appeared to be almost neon-like -- definitely designed to grab one's attention.

Cars also cutting me off regularly in traffic making it so obvious that at times I was forced to use my brakes to avoid a collision. Actually being crashed into while on my Honda FSC 600 scooter by FBI or gang stalkers at their direction, causing costly damage to several fibreglass panels. Yes, the FBI does commit felony assault on targets when they are frustrated at their inability to control them.

Being stared down by people in public establishments. I began to notice this phenomenon a few years earlier, yet dismissed it as being my imagination. I had been eating at JD's, a Fort Lee, New Jersey restaurant, with my family when I noticed that several waiters standing along side each other and at about 50 feet away from my table, began staring me down with smirks on their faces.

As I had never been to the restaurant before, I found it quite strange. I visited the restaurant on a few later occasions and experienced the same thing. In fact the last time I was there, while exiting the establishment (there is a bar at the entrance which one must walk through to get in and out of the restaurant) I also noticed one of the barflies staring me down. All I could think of was why was this guy angry with me, since I had never met him before? I dismissed it as being merely coincidental or even my imagination. I felt a sense of deja vu in all of this and suddenly realized why.

When I purchased my first Honda Scooter in 1999 I noticed that one day when I went into the store to purchase a few items, I was being stared down by three employees standing behind the counter. They were not just looking towards the door to see who was entering the establishment. They were actually staring right at me, smirking as though they had been expecting me and knew something that I did not.

I also had a cousin of mine do this to me only a few weeks later, while he was visiting my family's Long Island home. A few years later, in 2002, I went to the same ATV store to purchase my new Honda Silverwing scooter and experienced the same phenomenon again. I should note though that if I were to walk up and speak with these people, their demeanor would change quickly and that they'd become pleasant. However, if I did not address them directly, they would assume the staring down stance.

This staring down is no longer rare, as I find it wherever I travel to. I have eaten in restaurants on several occasions in the past few years (usually with my family) and found that I was stared down by waiters in many, but not every instance. Moreover, the food I ordered was almost always under cooked. I enjoy seafood, especially fried calamari, and have ordered it out many times over the years and found it cooked perfectly. However, anytime that I ordered it over the past two years, it would be cooked on a high flame leaving the outside done and the inside raw.

Of course, sending it back was pointless since it would have been charred on the outside just to cook the inside properly. Since that time I rarely if ever eat out, and when I do, it is usually just fast food. However, I have had pretty much stopped eating fast food as well, because I have noticed that on several occasions after eating said food, I have become extremely drowsy. This is not at all common for me, and I am certain that the FBI has been tranquilizing my food whenever possible.

Other community involvement includes the use of neighbors who drive up and down my road even in the middle of the night (many times at even 3AM, cars will go up and down the road repeatedly)even though I live on a dead-end road.

Also, the sound of car doors slamming more then would be usual; especially when I open the door to go outside, or open a window. I have also had neighbors time to the exact second turning off all the lights in their homes simultaneously; not one room at a time like a normal situation. The sound of loud music playing late in the evening. I live in a very quite residential area, where this type of behavior would not be tolerated prior to the time in which my stalkers wanted me to know that I was a stalking victim.

I am also stalked whenever I leave home; no matter where I go, whether it is an FBI vehicle surveillance team or a group of paid gang stalkers harassing me at the FBI's direction. I believe that it is a combination of both, in addition to local police and fire departments (both commonly used in FBI stalking campaigns). If I travel out during the day the vehicle behind always has its headlights on.

I should also state that what the FBI is doing can in no way be considered as surveillance, since they are acting in a proactive manner, taking part in gang stalking and other forms of criminal harassment.

As I have said in the past, the real FBI is not representative of the pristine persona that they portray to the public, but rather, a criminal organization with vast authority and resources. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the FBI is, along with the CIA one of the two most corrupt organization in the United States, and that it regularly violates the United States Constitution and Title 18 United States Code section 241,pertaining to the violation of civil rights by a policing agency under the color of law.

Neighbor's homes can also be utilized in an effort to affect someone targeted. My neighbors directly across the street are without a doubt part of this harassment and their home has all of the earmarks of an FBI undercover home. Strange things go on over there. You rarely if ever see them. Also, there are always service types of vehicles present appearing to do some sort of work -- the FBI surveillance teams regularly operate in this fashion.

These "neighbors" have several lights mounted in the ground along their driveway. One would think that these lights would all go on at the same time. However, during this past winter every night different lights were on. There are about 6 of them. Sometimes two lights adjacent to each other would be on at the top of the driveway while only one light further down would be turned on while the remaining lights were off.

For several evenings this past winter the light away from the other two would move further down the driveway until after several nights it was the very last light at the bottom of the driveway. (Was the FBI telling me how I was gradually losing my parents by representing them as the two lights at the top of the driveway while the light at the bottom of the driveway represented me?). Of course this sounds crazy to someone who has never experienced psychological operations, but this is a perfect example of how the FBI uses them to get into your head, yet still afford itself plausible deniability. In an ordinary situation if you have that many lights on a driveway you may have one or two switches to turn these lights on.

But not 6 switches to turn 6 lights on, which would be inefficient as well as ridiculous. I should also note that these lights appear to be on some type of sliding rods as they are height adjustable and can be raised several inches above the ground. Moreover, when I would sit out in front of my parents' home regardless of the hour in the evening, a front spotlight from the house across the street would be turned off and then back on again. What was the point of turning a light which was on, off, and then on again? If I responded that I noticed it, it would be turned off and then on again. I should also mention that during the winter time this spot light was kept on all day long as well as at night.

I should also add that when I drive on the road in broad daylight, I am always followed by groups of cars with their headlights on. These people stalk me whenever I leave my home, regardless of the time or how far I travel. I have come to the conclusion that they are in contact by phone or radio which enables them to assemble quickly. There also appear to be themes including the makes and colors of vehicles used. A favorite of the FBI is the VW beetle (bug) in various colors - which I have taken to mean the following:

Also to let me know that my parents' home has been bugged for a long time.

red = Communist/death
green = envy
yellow = coward

Personalized license plates are also used as a consistent theme in this harassment. The following are just a few of many plates that I have noticed over the past two years used as themes that the FBI was trying to convey to me (on vehicles that were used to stalk me).

RUBugginYet (VW beetle)

There are many consistencies with how these vehicles gang stalk me and the reports by some other people whom I have read about who are also targeted by the FBI's COINTELPRO operations. Stalking vehicles will follow in a way in which to box the target in. A typical FBI floating box system.

Stalking vehicles will have their headlights on.

Some stalking vehicles will be located either on the same side of the road as the target's vehicle or on the opposite parked with either their headlights on or flashers blinking (sometimes both). When the target approaches a part of the road incorporating a U-turn one or more stalking vehicles in oncoming traffic will quickly turn through the U-turn directly ahead of the target and place their flashers on.

Some will continue on while others pull over to the side of the road.

Sometimes stalking vehicles will pull up to the target at a red light with their stereo's playing rap music so loudly that they shake the ground. The FBI knows that I do not like rap music. Others will engage in loud conversations talking about what I had for dinner the previous evening or even what the I watched on tv.

Sometimes these stalkers are less subtle and will make comments that are directly related to something occurring in my life. It can be something simple like "we need more toothpaste, or we're out of shampoo," or something more serious. The FBI vehicle surveillance teams also have access to hand held remote devices which enables them to remotely control stop traffic lights. They can freeze these lights anytime they like. I have them freeze traffic lights on me anytime I travel on a side road, as a form of psychological harassment

Other Forms Of FBI Psychological Harassment

The FBI will also SPIN anything positive about a target into a negative. For example:
I have been afflicted with a chronic illness called Lyme disease for the past 12 years. I have spent much time alerting others to the horrors of this illness (a biological weapon created by our own US Government back in the 1940's) including CO-starting a chatroom for other ill Lyme patients back in 1997. I spent much time helping people and have many letters of thanks for doing so. I also created a pamphlet on Lyme disease which was applauded by many in the Lyme community at the time. In my experience with Lyme disease I decided that writing about it might be cathartic. I found that it was and believed that it would be helpful for others suffering from Lyme to write about their experiences as well.

The result was the Lyme Disease Quilt Page, a repository of stories of Lyme Disease patients throughout the United States. This labor of love took me thousands of hours to put together. The FBI would say that I did it to be a hero, not to help others. To the FBI I say, not only are you people totally out of touch with reality, but you have not even one single conscience among you.

** The FEDS had Angelfire delete the entire Website which also deleted the Lyme Disease Quilt Page.

The Lyme Disease Quilt Page -- Accounts Of Lyme Patients Nationwide

Other forms of harassment include precision like timing. For example, when I open a window or door the fire department siren will sound, or a car horn will go off. Sometimes a car alarm will go off when I attempt to do the same or a car will pass my home as I enter a room facing the road.

There is constant air traffic over my parents' home. Jets, helicopters and fixed wing planes buzz us many evenings a week. Other times they are strangely absent. I believe that the FBI has various themes that they work through in my harassment, and that these are planned out well in advance, in the way in which one would plan a weekly dinner menu. Perhaps they alter their harassment from time to time to prevent habituation, which is a psychological defense used in court. I can safely say that this defense would be quite acceptable in my situation, as the FBI has caused me to become habituated to the torturous situation that they have subjected me to.

The Internet is another venue that the FBI uses in its harassment of me.

If I join a forum, I soon notice that members' posts have trigger words or phrases which are deliberately aimed at me. Of course, this is in an effort to make me paranoid. I do find it of interest when people who know what I am being put through cynically tell me that I am just being paranoid and should find a way to enjoy my life. This type of sadism can only be at the direction of the morally bankrupt and irreversibly corrupted FBI -- no sane person could ever come up with such a cruel MO.

More harassment includes the following: Television programming used as a theme through "TIVO" technology.

However, we do not subscribe to "TIVO," yet the programming that I watch is frozen so that when I switch from channel to channel I am forced to see the part of the programming that the FBI wants me to see. I have also had the FBI remotely turn my TV on and off on many occasions and even switch and sometimes freeze channels while I was watching a program. There are times when they will actually move the program from one channel to another in an attempt to confuse me. Whether or not the cable company is involved in this activity or it is being done solely by the FBI is unknown at this time.

I have given up watching programs that have tv commercials because the commercials are used as a form of psyops as well. I usually just watch movies now. It is not uncommon for me to see the same movies run at least twenty or more times in a time span of a month or so. These movies have included: Chasing Liberty, Lost In Translation, Jagged Edge, Matchstick men, Something's Gotta Give, Fatal Attraction, Predator, The Big Chill,The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellboy, Mystic River etc. Obviously, the FBI/NSA choice of programming for me is very limited as they continue to run the same movies over and over with little change, in an attempt to convey certain themes to me.

**** More recently, the FBI has also been altering the video and soundtracks to movies I watch so that they are out of sync. The end result is that a person will speak and a few seconds later you will hear what they said.

The late Dr. Ross Adey was a pioneer of electronic mind reading technology which enables a person's brainwaves (EEG's)to be carried by way of microwaves to super computers which then translate the EEG waves into code which can be converted to words.

Early on the word recognition was very basic, but today it has evolved into a very effective way of electronically reading a person's -- you no longer have to be a clairvoyant to achieve this. Of course, the use of this technology is in total violation of the United States Constitution as well as human rights, and by utilizing it, the FBI opens itself up to serious consequences for doing so.

As for psycho-electronic weaponry, I have experienced the following. The FBI use any venue possible to alert me to the fact that they are reading my thoughts including the use of my television set.

The tv venue has been used for the past two years in their effort to control my thoughts subliminally through the use of certain programs and commerical representative of themes. The FBI's electronic version of mind reading (synthetic telepathy) occurs daily and I am convinced that I am being used in an experiment to study brain mapping and also, to see how much abuse a human being can withstand before they either suffer a psychological break down or manifest their anger outwardly by attacking someone else.

I believe that the technology being used on me is the same as that used to make the perfect "Manchurian Candidate." For more than *two years now (roughly 750 consecutive days) the FBI has used synthetic telepathy in their attempt to break me down. They have also implanted their own thoughts into my mind and have gone as far as (and this is embarrassing but must be said) using this technology to force an orgasm. I know that many other targeted individuals have experienced this phenomenon as well, but may understandably be too embarrassed to admit it.

*This NSA's use of satellites to remotely read my thoughts and manipulate them has been going on for nearly three decades. They are also recording this by way of videotape, and have been accessing what I would imagine to be roughly 240,000 consecutive hours of myself since approximately 1980, in what is most likely the best documented case of the worst violations of both civil and human rights in the history of the United States. The FBI and NSA must now take to demonizing me in efforts to cover up their outrageous crimes.

I have also had street lights turn off as I pass under them. And experienced an intense unnatural exhaustion which comes on almost instantly and literally forces me to lay down before I fall down. I have also experienced my body overheating very abruptly even though I was in an air conditioned room at the time and not exerting myself (radiational heating by way of microwaves?).

Sometimes, certain parts of my body will be targeted. There are times where I have experienced a dull pain throughout my body. I have had my arm jerk in spasm without my moving it -- this usually occurs when I am trying to put down a coffee cup or moving dishes etc. Sometimes I drop items as a result of it. I will also find that at times I can suddenly become dizzy (vertigo) and experience nausea -- from have a directed energy weapon aimed at me(DEW)? I have also experienced heart palpitations as well as the inability to fall into an unconscious sleep since August of 1993. I once associated this with becoming infected with the biological weapon Lyme Disease -- however I have had many symptoms which Lyme patients have not reported, including some very bizarre heart symptoms.

I have also experienced charley horse type cramps in my calves, vision problems, voice to skull communication which includes the use of virtual reality scenarios, in which I am sexually assaulted.

Other symptoms will include jabbing sensations like being poked with a needle. Also, other sharp pains in my groin, hip, chest area, etc. Sometimes intense itching in certain areas including my stomach and arms, and especially my eyelids, without having any signs of a rash. Feelings in my rib cage area of small electrical shocks. A ringing in my ears and sometimes having my hearing in one ear reduced for a time.

The Voice to skull transmission of voices in my head is technology which does exist and the first unclassified example occurred in 1974, when Dr. Joseph Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute, was able to transmit a human voice into the skull of a person -- entering the auditory cortex of the brain, while completely bypassing the subjects ears. The Department Of Justice and the FBI have access to this technology.

The following are other experiences that I have had since being targeted by the FBI. I hope that others who read about them are helped in knowing that while they must endure the tactics employed by this insufferable organization (as well as the NSA), that at least they are not alone.

Had my car broken into -- strange because nothing was stolen and I'd left my wallet on the console between the seats. Any common thief would have at least taken the cash I had from my wallet. When I opened my wallet two fortune cookie sized pieces of paper both with the words inspector and then a number afterwards fell out. This was the FBI's way of letting me know that they can break into my car, home, bank account or anything else that I have, anytime they want to.

I have always had good credit and never had a problem using my credit cards. While I would float at times when younger (back in the 1980's) I would always pay any debt that I had on my credit card account. I built up from having a cash limit of about $1000 (23 years ago), to having a credit line limit between the three credit cards I had of roughly $20,000 by the mid 1990's.

Clearly, the CC companies don't continue to increase your line of credit if you don't pay your bills on time. The first strange incident that I noticed in regard to my credit cards was sometime in either 2001 or 2002. I had two cards issued by Citibank, a Mastercard and a Visa card. I was constantly using the Visa card and hardly ever used the Mastercard. Citibank inexplicably issued me a second Mastercard with the account number of my Visa card.

I was never given a reason why the Visa card was removed from my account. Stranger still is why the account number for the Visa card remained the same, even though it was switched to a Mastercard.

What practical purpose did Citibank have for doing this? None that I can think of. Just another aspect of some FBI psyop. In the past two years using my credit cards at an ATM or in a restaurant has become an entirely different experience -- it became a hit or miss proposition. An issue so problematic that on more then one occassion I would actually have to ask the waiter in advance to check my card to ensure that I could pay for my meal before I would order. I would enter a Citibank branch to use an ATM machine only to be told that there was a problem which could not be rectified by phone.

However, when I arrived home and called Citbank I would be told that there was no problem and that I could use my credit card anytime I wanted to. The stress that the FBI put me through eventually ended up in my shutting down emotionally, and spending most of the day on the couch. For the first time in my life, I stopped paying bills, including those for my credit cards. This gave the credit card companies the excuse to close my accounts. The FBI excels at this type of harassment, where they may not actually commit a crime directly, but by committing many other less blatant crimes, can achieve the same result -- that of wearing the target down to the point where they're forced to make their own mistakes.

Interestingly enough, having my credit cards cancelled did not happen immediately, as I was still able to use them sporadically, when it served the FBI's purpose. For example, if I was filling my car with gas to attend a psychiatrist appointment, the FBI would allow me to use the card. (I should note that I had seen two psychiatrists over the course of a year or so as the direct result of psychological trauma caused by the FBI's harassment campaign against me.)

Moreover, the psychiatrists that I saw were used by the FBI to entrap me. These psychiatrists were aware of the FBI's presence and committed fraud by agreeing to see me under false pretenses. They are also co-conspirators in the FBI harassment campaign against me. Interestingly enough, as part of this hit or miss use of my credit cards, during this time if I chose to buy lunch at a restaurant, my credit card would be declined.

To summarize, if I used my credit card for something that served the FBI's purpose, it was allowed. If I did not, it was disallowed. I paid my credit cards' outstanding balances figuring that this would allow me to continue to use them and keep my account in good standing. However, after these payments were made I attempted to use a credit card to pay for food and it was turned down.

When I got home I called both Citibank and Firstcard, and was told that my credit card accounts had been cancelled. Please keep in mind that before I paid off the balances of these cards, I was able to use them. However, once I paid off these balances the cards were cancelled. It makes absolutely no sense that something like this would happen in a normal situation. If you fail to pay the minimum of an outstanding balance your account can be frozen. If you pay the balance your account is reactivated. My situation worked in exactly the reverse. Of course, given the FBI's involvement, I now know that this was to be expected.

When I inquired at the time as to why my credit cards were cancelled, I was given absolutely no reason. This action would have at least required these companies to have sent me a notice of this deactivation of my accounts, however, they never did. Instead, a few days later I was notified that I would have to pay at least the minimum balance of a credit card before I could use it. According to the credit card company (Citibank) at least one of my credit cards had not been cancelled; quite a surprise since a few days earlier, I was told not by one company but by two, that all of my credit cards had been cancelled. It would appear that as is the case of many former government employees who have turned to whistle blowing in efforts to expose the crimes which they have witnessed within their own agencies, one aspect of the FBI's terrorist campaign against my person is to destroy me financially.

I do not know if Citibank still maintains an account for me or not, and at this point I really could not care less. As far as I am concerned, aside from some minor conveniences, I do not miss credit cards. I also no longer spend money that I can't afford to spend; something which credit cards encourage all of us to do.

It's amazing to me how the FBI can have you going in circles anytime they want to and include the public in this harassment; a public I might add which goes along willingly with everything the FBI tells them and never even seems to question it. From what I have learned about the FBI I would question every word out their mouths.

What I am experiencing is just more head games by these miserable FBI bastards, and a clear demonstration of how they can control anyone or any organization in our society, given the essentially unchecked authority that they have at their disposal. (Afterall, the FBI is for lack of better phrase -- a criminal enterprise that puts the mafia to shame.) This corruption also applies to an abusive control that they have over the medical community; an abuse that I have experienced first hand.

FBI Interferes With My Medical Treatment

As I've previously stated, I am a chronic Lyme disease patient and have been so since first contracting Lyme disease in 1993. I have spent years being treated for this illness in an attempt to cure it. However, given that it is a biological weapon, it is not likely that I or others so afflicted can ever expect to be cured. I do, however, know of certain Lyme patients who became symptom free after treatment - a major accomplishment for someone chronically ill with Lyme disease -- only to relapse at a later time.

I myself have never been symptom free, even after years of treatment and continue to experience refractory illness. Refractory refers to the continuation of symptoms of an illness even after a treatment protocol adhering to the medical community's guidelines has been administered by a physician specializing in the treatment of a specific illness. One of the physicians who treated me (whose name for obvious reasons shall not be posted here), became part of this FBI harassment campaign but before I was even aware that there was such a campaign. The first time that I became aware that something was wrong was when he took a photograph of me during an office visit.

I asked him why and he just shrugged it off. On the following visit he again took another photo. When questioned he again shrugged it off. I did not realize that he had been approached by the FBI at that time.

Exactly what his role was to be was beyond me. However, over the past two years, this doctor, like two psychiatrists that I was talked into seeing, have been utilized by the FBI in an attempt to entrap me. In taking part in this attempted FBI entrapment, these doctors have committed fraud and under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, conspired in several ways to deprive me of my civil rights. What these doctors did in conspiring with the FBI is to create very high stakes for themselves. The FBI cannot as necessarily promised, deliver on keeping them out of court if I choose to file complaints aqainst them, as co-conspirators.

In regard to fraud pertaining to one of the doctors treating me for Lyme disease, I can say that not only did he conspire to defraud me, but also, had one of the labs in which he sends blood work, falsify testing that was done, at a cost of over $1000 to me.

I had kept the results of this testing on my desk. Over the past week the paperwork regarding this testing which was definitely fraudulent has disappeared, as have a number of other items including some college term papers and a few photographs. Missing items have become a frequent occurrence for me.

Sometimes, as in the case of a pen knife that my Dad gave me in 1975 and my wallet, some of these items reappear just as mysteriously as they had vanished. Other items, however, have never turned up again. Just another miserable aspect of being targeted by the FBI. But why would this doctor, whom I have known for years take part in the FBI's harassment campaign against me? As I have said in the past, it is my belief that the FBI, in addition to having my family and me under 24 hour in home surveillance has also had our phones tapped. This means that every conversation that we have had for decades they FBI has more then likely recorded.

Several years ago, a nurse who worked for this doctor (and who had become a personal friend of mine) had complained to him that she was not begin appreciated or paid enough for her services. She though that he would respond kindly and give her a raise and more consideration in the future. Instead, he told her that if she was not happy with the situation that she could leave. Understandably, she was angry with the outcome of this situation. She called me one night to complain about it looking to vent and looking to get even with him. She told me some personal things about this doctor that the FBI could have used against him to coerce him to try to entrap or at the very least harass me.

The first of these things was that this doctor had taken several illegal kickbacks from others looking to do business with him. She said that these kickbacks included a high performance car known as a ZR-1 Corvette as well as a copier machine. The second was that he had taken the test to become a board certified physician on several occassions but failed to pass it. Whether what she told me was true or not is open to question. However, if it is true, the FBI could certainly have used this information as coercion against this doctor, to incorporate him into its psyop attack against me.

I have also had the pharmacy at which I get my medication deliberately replace my medication with a placebo. There is no way that they would have ever done this and opened themselves up to the consequences of such criminal acts unless they knew they would be able to get away with it. The FBI was definitely behind this. I have taken the medication Sinequan periodically over the years to help me to rest at night.
It is a mild tranquilizer and can also be used as an antidepressant.

Note that Sinequan was never prescribed to me as an antidepressant, but by my Lyme disease physician as something to help me rest and also to help to rebuild my immune system. Research has shown that Sinequan can help to improve T-cell count (your white blood cell count) which is the main component of your immune system. I have taken 25 mg. tablets of Sinequan in the past and can state that even just one of these tablets can make me feel drowsy and allow me to rest comfortably, even though in my case I am no longer able to fall into an unconscious sleep (have not been able to do so since August of 1993 as a result of Lyme disease).

I had not taken Sinequan since 2000, but in 2004 was written a prescription for a generic version of this medication which I had my CVS Pharmacy fill. After taking one capsule with no effect I began to wonder if I had been given a placebo. Given the harassment I had been experiencing by the FBI I began to wonder if they would actually prevent me from getting medication that was prescribed to me. I decided to test the medication by taking two capsules at a time. When they had no effect I increased to three and so on. Finally, I took 10 capsules at once with absolutely no effect.

The pharmacy had charged me for a generic and given me a placebo. When I complained to a psychiatrist I had seen about this, I was told that the generic form of the medication might not be strong enough. Of course he knew that the medication was a placebo and also knew that the brand name version of Sinequan would also be replaced with another placebo. He offered to write me the prescription anyway as part of the FBI psychological campaign against me. I now know without a doubt that the FBI was interfering with my medical treatment as well as creating false documentation as an adjunct to their harassment campaign against me. CVS pharmacy also cheated me out of at least $90 by charging me for a prescription that was a placebo, thus committing fraud and becoming a co-conspirator in this harassment campaign.

Other Bizarre Occurences:

Many times I'll notice what appears to be electronic bird sounds esp. in the evening. I have also noticed tapping sounds which appear to emanate from above my bedroom ceiling. Other sounds include clicking and banging noises.

A few weeks back I was sitting in the backyard one evening when I noticed something strange. The sky was clear and I suddenly saw what appeared to be a star moving from a fixed point to the right for approximately ten seconds. Then it stopped, and reversed in exactly the same direction. Please note, it did not loop around, but simply, reversed. I have never seen a UFO, but this object defied physics.

Someone posted in response to my question as to whether or not this object could have been an iridium flare. To that I say I doubt it. An iridium flare is just an optical illusion caused when light hits the surface of a satellite. What I saw was motion. Not something that took a split second but instead, what appeared to be a solid object moving for roughly 10 seconds. Had I not seen it move backwards I would have dismissed it as something else, but given what I saw I cannot.

The FBI harassment had been ongoing for at least a few weeks when the following occurred. About two years ago in the early morning hours, I felt my bed drop to the floor. At first I thought it was an earthquake, but no one else in my home reported it, and nothing was on the news. I realized later that my bed had been levitated and suddenly crashed to the floor. From the impact I would say that the bed was roughly 3" in the air at the time.

Several times in the past year I have been detoured by accidents in which vehicles were severely damaged but no occupants were at the scene. Also, unlike most severe accidents, where the road was closed off well in advance, I was able to drive right up to the scene. There were never any injured people either in or anywhere near these damaged vehicles. My belief is that these were staged occurrences where vehicles that had been damaged in prior accidents were deliberately towed or flatbedded to a particular location, and a mock accident scene was created. Fortunately, no one was in the vehicles or injured.

Police vehicles with their sirens on, always pulling someone over just about anytime I go out. Prior to the past two years, I might see someone getting a ticket once every few weeks (depending on how far I was driving), but never every day.

While visiting the mausoleum that my paternal grandparents are reposing in, the lights were turned out and I was deliberately locked in the facility. I have been visiting that mausoleum nearly each year for the past thirty-five years and it is only this past year that it has happened to me.

I should also note that on arriving at the facility a local fire chief's Suburban raced passed me with his siren blaring. This misuse of fire department vehicles as well as police cruisers is commonplace for me.

Since the FBI has been videotaping me in my bathroom for years (yes the are voyeurs and deviants), is it any wonder why they would not want to watch my reaction to any odd occurrences? Roughly a year ago, one of the sinks in my bathroom seemed to have the hot and cold water reversed.

Rather then having two knobs, there is only one. When you get used to this system it is instinctive and one can immediately discern whether or not something is wrong. I noticed the change immediately, but thought it was crazy. Of course, after two years of these psychotic types of FBI harassment I am no longer surprised at any strange occurrences, since I know that the FBI depends on them to keep me off balance.

I have also noticed strange reactions to animals since the FBI made themselves known to me. The following accounts are clear: A chipmunk that walks over to me, comes to a halt and begins to vibrate, as though he has electricity running through him.

Birds in my parents' backyard that act abnormally. Some fly in oval circles, touch down and then fly again in an oval (this can happen repeatedly for several minutes). Birds that appear to be playing touch and go. A bird will launch itself from the roof of my parents' home head straight for a tree, then just before arriving at the tree, turn around and go back to the house, landing again on the roof. This can happen repeatedly for minutes. A woodpecker so strong that is literally sounds as thought it is going to peck right through the shakes on of my parents'home. I have heard woodpeckers peck in the past but I have never heard one this powerful. He sounds like he is on steroids.

Raccoon families that run out into the road while I am riding my scooter, forcing me to detour around them or lock up the brakes. This happened to me last night -- a raccoon ran out in front of me with no warning and I had to lock up the brakes which caused me to skid. This has happened to me many times over the past few weeks.

Flocks of geese that will, quite literally, circle around me many times before moving on (The most I have counted is 4 times). Prior to the past two years I have never experienced anything like this before.

A seeing eye dog whose owner sees the same osteopath as I do. One day she came into the room where I was having accupressure and laid down next to the table. Literally a second later she was snoring. I have had this type of induced fatigue used on me on several occasions. I can be OK one second and the next feel like I am going to fall down. Administered by some type of directed energy weapon? It is almost instantaneous. The Russian Lida medical device can cause this type of reaction.

James F. Marino
Brookville, NY 11545
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