Saturday, November 24, 2007

Are The People On This Planet More Preoccupied With Hell Than Heaven?

While there is no way of knowing for certain, I did think it was interesting that a quick Google search showed nearly double the number of Websites for Hell than Heaven. If one considers the strong possibility that both of these concepts can find their origins in man-made indoctrination, and may in fact not even exist outside of the time space continuum (at least not as we have been told), it is at the very least intesting to note that Hell gets quite a bit more attention on the Internet than Heaven does.

Heaven -- 132,000,000 VS Hell -- 205,000,000

And given the terrible things that the human race is being subjugated to (at what appears to be its own hands), it is no wonder why so many people have as much of an interest in Hell as they do. As a TI and long-term sufferer of mind control technology, as well as the bio weapon chronic Lyme Disease, for many years my Hell has been right here on Earth -- as has many others -- who experience a myriad of government weapons illegally deployed against us. To put it quite literally -- our quality of life sucks.

What else can you say for those who are tortured everyday of their lives and left with virtually no quality in which to survive, by the most craven, sick and depraved people on this planet? (Many of whom work for the US Intelligence community -- and get their enjoyment using satellites and super computers to physically, psychologically, and sexually assault citizens whom they target for such Hitlerian abuse.)

These agents are perverts and sexual predators - and they work for agencies like the CIA, FBI, NSA and DHS. As a result of this, there is a cold war brewing against this government, in which it will eventually be held accountable for such wicked crimes. And these agents are going to find themselves under an onslaught of the most intense scrutiny they can possibly imagine; one in which the public will be investigating every aspect of their covert operations.

Remote neural monitoring any person on this planet is inexcusable and will be avenged, since those doing so have attempted to usurp the role of the creational force which is responsible for all that exists within the time space continuum. They have asked to be demonized by doing so, and most certainly will be.

And no government whitewash of this situation is going to be accepted any longer. There has already been far too much in the way of coverups regarding the despicable behavior of these agencies (that have no respect for the US Constitution or the rights of any American citizen), which has allowed for the current nightmare that so many of us are now experiencing in the present day.

These coverups are coming to an end. And the FEDS are going to find themselves under the same magnifying glass that they have subjugated so many of us to in the past.

And they deserve to.
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