Friday, November 23, 2007

When The US Dollar Is Now Worth Less Than The Canadian Dollar What Further Proof Do Americans Need That The Federal Reserve's Destroyed Their Currency

Comparison of Canadian Dollar To US Dollar As Of 11/23/2007

Americans should start buying gold bullion and replacing their nearly worthless Federal Reserve Notes as soon as possible.

The New World Order is going to create an electronic system of currency over the next few years (also basically worthless since it will be based on nothing of inherent value), in which America will become a totally cashless society.

This will give the Jesuit created Illuminati, complete control over your lives since you will no longer have the ability to make any purchase which is not thoroughly documented and sent to the Illuminati controlled Intelligence community.

This means that all of your transactions will be taking place by way of an electronic debit card. A card which can be turned off at anytime leaving you bankrupt and unable to even purchase the most basic necessities in life. Holding onto your fiat (fake) money -- AKA Federal Reserve Notes -- will make no difference because they will be worthless. However, gold is always worth something of intrinsic value -- especially when *doing business with other countries. And with gold bars as a hedge, you will have protected the value of your holdings, while the Federal Reserve Notes which you now hold lose what little value they have left.

*Recently, a few businessmen from the United Arab Emirate said that because the US Dollar was basically worth nothing regarding the purchase of their oil, that they no longer considered America a good place to do business. Their statement portends a very difficult situation for the American people in the future, as those in foreign countries who've bought up our debt in the past look to sell their investments, forcing the US Federal Government to satisfy them. This will occur as it always has, at the expense of the American people.

When the US Dollar has now sunk below the Canadian Dollar you know that the Dollar is in serious trouble, as are those who depend on it as their main source of purchasing power.

Don't wait until you have become completely bankrupted by the privately held Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiters, so that the bankers in this country can steal your businesses and homes for pennies on the dollar and resell them to wealthy speculators -- exactly what happened during the stock market crash of 1929 -- and exactly what is presently happening across this nation, as millions of homeowners are being forced to walk away from their homes as the Adjustable Rate Mortgages that their lending banks were holding spiraled out of control.

This is causing a serious recession within the US housing market which is already resulting in a negative impact on the stock market; In particular the REIT (real estate investment trust) market is having a deleterious impact on the American economy.

Buy Gold now!

These numbers don't lie!

1 CAD = 1.01367 USD

1 USD = 0.986519 CAD
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