Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Vatican Assassins" By Eric Jon Phelps

"When you go against Rome, the world becomes your enemy."

-- Martin Luther Leader Of The Reformation

For those who are familiar with the Illuminati and wonder who actually controls them, this book is invaluable. It will certainly never become a best seller because there are far too many powerful people (including those within the Vatican) who would not benefit by having it promulgated on a large scale.

In fact, their careers and lives would be finished if this information was to ever get out to the global populous.

This book goes to the very roots of why the modern day world is failing miserably; why there is so much human suffering -- and exactly whom is responsible for creating it. Given that the FEDS monitor me by way of satellite based remote neural monitoring and are now aware that this book is online in PDF format for anyone to read, I doubt that the following Website will remain up for much longer. As it is, a recent video that Eric Jon Phelps uploaded to Google has now been removed.

Your only really strength is the education that you give to yourselves. And as a race, humans have been so badly indoctrinated with disinformation -- starting with formalized religions -- that they must be completely freed of this brainwashing so that they are able to make their own determinations in the future -- based on factual information. Not the many abject LIES that we have all been told from the time that we were forced to first attend school.

Read "Vatican Assassins" at the following Website:

Also see:

And the following video in regard to talk show personality Alex Jones -- A Jesuit Co-Adjutor & Fraud using half truths to prevent the public from knowing about the Jesuit influence behind the Illuminati controlled world we live in.
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