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This electronic book is full of the fire and brimstone that the Middle Ages were notorious for promoting. Those who follow religious indoctrination will undoubtedly find it of interest in regard to the battle between God and Satan. However, those who see religious doctrine as nothing more than man made rhetoric used to explain the ineffable, will find this piece of writing both interesting and useful as an historical reference, given its myriad examples of how society has evolved over the last several hundred years.

However, keep the title "Beware" as a reminder, since the author, Ray Novosol, makes some statements which do hurt an otherwise excellent piece of work. The first is that the Holocaust was greatly exaggerated -- something that I totally disagree with. The second is that Novosol claims writer Sally Denton was travelling on TWA Flight 800 back in 1996, and that it was her exposes on the criminals within the hierarchy of the American Government which got her as well as the rest of the passengers on Flight 800 killed. There's just one serious flaw in Mr. Novosel's conjecture here.

Sally Denton is still very much alive in the present day. And I wonder why he would have gone to the trouble of doing so much research, only to mess up on a fact which could have been so easily checked? It doesn't really make much sense at all and it does hurt Novosel's crediblity. Unless he is asserting that Denton was murdered and an imposter (with plastic surgery) replaced her? However, he does not state this specifically -- just that Denton was on TWA Flight 800 and the reason that it was shot down by a missile (the missile aspect I completely agree with).

However, there is still much regarding the history of the Illuminati that he does get right, which will no doubt be of interest to readers who want to further research the "holders of the light."

Another interesting article in regard to a similar topic:

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky -- Founder Of The Theosophical Movement
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