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Another TI Reports An Identical Gaslighting Tactic To What I Have Experienced Over The Past Several Years -- Remotely Turning House Porchlights On/Off

An excellent interview with Julianne Mckinney, by Greg Syzmanski, regarding Ms. Mckinney's views on electronic warfare and the use of communities to target and stalk myriad citizens within the United States and abroad. This interview was first broadcast a few years back and quite enlightening for those being targeted for the crimes of electronic warfare (mind control) and organized stalking. Julianne also mentions that what we are witnessing may be used to gradually infiltrate every country on this planet in order to bring about a global dictatorship (which falls in line with those of us who believe in the New World Order). She also mentions the possibility of another Holocaust.

There is little question that a fascist oligarchy is already seizing control of what is turning out to be a one world government (with the hub appearing to be right here in the United States). Even more disturbing is that the Constitutional process of law here in the United States has now been completely eradicated for many US citizens, who are being remotely tracked and interrogated by way of satellites and supercomputers. I wish this were not the case, but I have had enough first hand experience with such violations of my privacy to know that it is.

These FEDS do whatever they want to do and they don't give a damn because for far too long they have not had to suffer the consequences for their crimes. Any police officer -- federal or otherwise -- who violates an American citizen's Constitutional rights, destroys their own credibility and that of the organizations which they work for. They become mercenaries who follow orders for a paycheck, instead of protecting and defending the United States Constitution as they took a sworn oath to do. These people and their covert activities are largely responsible for creating the complete distrust that Americans now have in US law enforcement -- a situation which is only going to grow worse in time.

And to know that there are a great number of others within the United States and abroad who are also being subjected to such outrageous violations of their Constitutional rights (while being completely ignored by the US Congress as well as their state politicians and police), only serves as further proof that we are on our way to another Holocaust.

While there is a movement to expose these atrocities, and there are a few politicians who are attempting to promulgate the information of the TI community, one must only look at the odds here to see how futile this will be.

The logical step is to go global in exposing these crimes using whatever venues present themselves. This is the only recourse that one has when living in a fascist cabal. And it should be understood, given the criminals and adversity we face, that any politician who attempts to make serious inroads into exposing the crimes of satellite based electronic warfare will be risking their own lives in the process. And while it is important to have as many of them addressing these issues as possible, they must understand that they do so at great risk to themselves and their loved ones.

Another TI Describes Gaslighting By Way Of Satellite

The following message was posted on the Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance message board today. I document it, because for about the past 11 years the NSA has been subjecting me to these types of gas lighting attacks. Around 1996 I began to notice that in the middle of the night the outside motion sensitive spotlights by my bedroom window would come on nearly every night. Prior to this, they rarely went on, and when they did, it was either high winds which set them off, or the errant cat or raccoon who happened to be crossing my property at the time.

Then suddenly the lights would come on without any reason and the moment they turned off they would go right back on again. However, I did not realize until the spring of 2003 that these lights were being triggered remotely. Over the course of the past several years, each time I would make a trip to the bathroom in the evening,the garage light on the house two "doors" down would be set off -- even at 3AM!

At first I though that these groups of stalkers were waiting up for me. However, as time went by I began to see that these lights were being remotely triggered (as were several other neighbors) in just the way that the motion sensitive spotlights on my home have been since 1996. In one instance I saw the garage light on the property two homes down turned on simultaneously with the driveway light on the home directly across the street from it in the early hours of the morning.

There is little question that these lights are being set off by way of satellites. And I believe that the person listed below, is also having their porch lite and streetlight turned on and off the same way. Over the past few years I have had streetlights go out while I passed under them, and even as I was parked at a traffic light waiting for it to change.

*Over the past two days the FEDS have triggered the blue LED pilot light on one of my hi-fi's amplifiers turning it on and off -- while the amplifier was left on the entire time! This goes to show that they can home in on even a micro sized circuit within this amplifier to control the pilot light. They can do the same thing to our home computers and brains! Something which they have been subjecting me to for years. Those who perpetrate these crimes are not local organized stalkers who are used as an adjunct to this mind control harassment.

The ones who are perpetrating these crimes in the United States are many agencies within the US Intelligence community, including and especially the NSA, who are subjecting a myriad of us to non consensual cover research and human experimentation -- in my case under the NSA's "radiation intelligence" program. There are many more people in this program who have probably been under illegal satellite surveillance for decades without realizing it.

I also found a similar way of handling these "PUNKS" quite sometime ago. Since most of mine are government agents (NSA, FBI & DHS) or their provocateurs, they take themselves very seriously and hate to be ridiculed. And making fun of them is the best way to show them how cruel they are acting.

I no longer tolerate any aspect of this abuse, and neither should any TI. Organized stalkers and the FEDS who in most cases orchestrate their DESPICABLE activities are nothing but "low life insufferable scum." What I find most appalling is that they will attempt to drive me (as well as many others) to suicide and then accuse of me being NASTY when I get angry, which indicates that those who perpetrate these crimes have an ENORMOUS SET OF BRASS ONES ON THEM! It is the Illuminati run New World Order who is responsible for this abject sabotage of the United States (and other countries); the subversion of our Constitution and Government.

And people who recognize what is going on had better begin to speak out at length about what they are being subjected to before we do in fact have another Holocaust -- this time on a global scale!

The following post listed on FFCHS this evening:

"Let me preface this by stating that "somebody" has control of my front porch light and they turn it off and on based on my habits with my cat when I let him out and back in again, and most nights when they cut it off, I'll cut it back on, they'll cut it off again, I'll cut it back on again. This will go on all night long (like you're playing a game with a child).

On 11/13/07 at approx. 2:45am I let Kitty out. My front light comes on automatically when it's dark. So when I approached the front door to let Kitty out, the light (predictably) went off. That's okay, because at other times I've said to "them" loudly that they actually do me a favor ('cause I always cut if off anyway when I let the cat out front). Anyway, "they" also turn on and off the street light across from my house (the darkness gives the new stalker trainees courage). So when I opened the door for the cat, the street was also dark.

Ok . . . when my cat is ready to come in, he lets out this screeching howl that my perps have also capitalized on -- they know I'm coming to the front door and they will turn the lights on and off so that I can see it happening. (Also, when I come home after dark, as I turn the corner and then park in front of my lit front, the light will go off -- sometimes even as I'm walking up my walkway!)

So when Kitty let out his howl, I came to the door, flicked on the outside light and let him in. At that point, out of the shadows some girl came walking down the middle of the darkened street past my house carrying some kind of bag or large ladies' pocketbook ("they're" always carrying some kind of bag, duffel bag or backpack, etc. - don't ask me why).

Oooooooowwweeeeeeeee . . . this was gonna be good! I stood in the door and started singing loudly "I'm perpin', yes indeed. I'm perpin', just you and me' (a la the old Fats Domino tune), and then started singing "The perps come out at night, Hey! The perps come out at night" (you know, the old song "The Freaks Come Out at Night" by Whodini).

It must have unnerved this girl because she almost fell and dropped something in the street, then picked it up and quickly walked over to the corner where these weirdos seem to come from. I laughed. It was Absolutely Wonderful!!!! Then, when I shut the door, I said real loud, 'I'm gonna call the police and tell them that prostitutes are on my street. And I'm gonna call Pepco and tell them that that street light is going out. Been doin' it for about a week."

The street light mysteriously came back on My front porch light stayed on.

But I know . . . like flies and roaches they'll be back. "

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