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Another Target Of FBI COINTELPRO & The FBI's Psychological Warfare -- Speaks Out Against Them

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FBI Mind Control Tactics
by Charles Aamsellem

CIA/FBI Mind Control Info For Activists

"A Free Society's best defense against unethical behavior modification is public disclosure and awareness. The more people understand consciousness altering technology, the more likely they are to recognize it's application, and the less likely it will be used."

-John Marks, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate

I can attest as a first hand witness that COINTELPRO tactics didn't end in the '70s. I have posted about what they did to me before on indymedia and it inspired lively debate:

In this article, I will explain the history of, and brainwashing techniques that, I was subjected to by the FBI, RCMP, and local police personnel in the United States of America and Canada. They were using technology developed by the CIA and I will footnote all conclusions below except those that reflect personal testimony as a victim of mind control.

I began study in this subject after being abducted and tortured several times by the aforementioned personnel after years of corporate sponsored harassment and I am committed to exposing them and educating activists about their criminal and inhuman actions. During my informal research, I found John Marks' book 'The Search For the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control' which is based on 16,000 pages of FOIA documents received directly from the CIA, the Senate Church Committee that investigated their activities in the 70s, and personal interviews.(1)

In 1947, the National Security Act was passed and formed the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Council. No time was wasted in developing their behavioral control program, which started in 1949. The CIA's project ARTICHOKE, which was formerly called BLUEBIRD, was established between 1951 and 1952. According to many of the documents Marks acquired, the agency stressed goals like 'controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self-preservation.' (2)

A technique was developed under Project ARTICHOKE appropriately dubbed, the A-Treatment. The subject was injected with a knockout dose of sodium pentathol and then methodically stimulated back to a semi-conscious state with Benzedrine. Hypnosis is then administered in this highly suggestible state, sometimes with the assistance of other narcotics. (3) Most of the detractors of my posts regarding mind control were the same agents, disinfo drones, and cops that stink up the newswire. When I explained certain things like the fact that alien abductions were ritualistically acted out, however, I believe some people had honest skepticism about my story. The A-Treatment, in association with a technique called regression could produce realistic fantasies in up to 70% of the people subjected to it (4). For example, One suspected Russian agent, according to CIA documents, was made to believe he was having a conversation with his wife, Eva, who was impersonated by an agent, to extract personal info from him. He was then commanded to sleep and forget everything and he did so. (5)

The alien scenarios, aside from being a tool for controlling my reality, were an attempt to destroy my credibility when I eventually spoke out about it. Brainwashing is a technology that people know exists but if they could convince me that it was an alien abduction, I could be more easily dismissed as a paranoid. The scenarios would break down eventually. None of them lasted longer than 5-10 minutes. For example, the drug and hypnosis induced fantasy figure of the aliens would dissolve visually into the real agents, cops and thugs impersonating them and the scenario would immediately lose its impact. I was always knocked unconscious at this time for reconditioning with a drug administered on a handkerchief or gas mask.

The agents, cops and constables abducted me from my bed late at night and transported me to various safe houses each time. I was living alone and in both King County, Washington and London, Ontario, Canada where this terror occurred, I was thousands of miles away from home. Also, I was thoroughly marginalized by the FBI, local police, and the slander and harassment of my former employers. At the safe houses, I was subjected to this torture repeatedly for either a few hours or a few days at a time.

Through repeated conditioning sessions, I submitted to some commands against my will. I disclosed much deeply personal information including ideas for future projects. From my personal info, they assembled data for the personality assessment system. This technology was developed by CIA psychologist, John Gittinger. He was remarkably talented at assessing personalities and predicting the behaviors of individuals whom he never met. His predictions were uncanny and shockingly accurate.(6) In the later sessions, when they compiled enough info on me, they were referring to computer terminals.

The Gittenger Assessment System was created in the 1960s(7). Forty years later, the intelligence establishment has compiled a computer model, based in part, on that system. It is a database that had its origins in Gittenger's work and the CIA's Human Ecology Study and no doubt augmented further behavioral science research. In it, an individual is studied in context to his full environmental experience in an effort to control him. (8) A computer model of you and your known friends and associates' behavioral patterns and psychological data is cross referenced with other data such as demographics and scheduled cultural events. The result is a model of some of your future behaviors and interactions with others, TO THE DAY, with uncanny accuracy!

After each session, I was conditioned to forget what happened. As incredible as that sounds, as far back as the 1950's the Project ARTICHOKE crew stated that they had some success in inducing amnesia(9). I was also subjected to massive electroshock's which were used throughout the CIA mind control program to cause memory loss(10). Dr Sidney Gottlieb, of whom Gittenger was a protege, researched mind control, amnesia, and electroshock for the CIA for decades (11). Dr D. Ewen Cameron, of the Allen Memorial Institute, conducted a major CIA brainwashing experiment in Montreal during the '50s. He also used electroshock and drugs to instill amnesia(12). Yet, like me, 60% of his patients had recall within six months to ten years(12). A foolproof method of lasting amnesia has not yet been found by the CIA according to Marks' interview with an agency veteran(13).

Most of these sessions consisted of trauma based conditioning. The scenarios were often rape based. There were beatings, electric shocks, and other aggravated assaults. Through various scenarios and interrogations there were repeated hypnotically charged threats such as that I would be killed, or imprisoned, or lobotomized, or that I would be made a ward of the state in a mental institution if I ever came out about this. I was threatened that I would be inoculated with cancer and after one of the last rapes that I can remember, they threatened that I was just given AIDS.

There were threats on my family and that my mother's house would be taken by the Feds. There were threats on my personal works and terror has been conditioned in association with independent projects: that they would be stolen or I would be jailed for 'stealing' them from my former employers. As I am committed to activism along the lines of disbanding these criminals and ending corporate hegemony, it is in their interests to make sure that I am not able to support myself financially unless my work is owned and controlled by a corporation and that I am unable to enlist the services of an attorney. Trauma based conditioning is designed to inflict the maximum possible damage emotionally so that instability or clinical depression or some other psychological or health problem ensues: in short, to kill you by covert means.

They developed a combination of techniques using the Gittenger Assessment System in association with the A-treatment to further assault a victim's mind. From previous conditioning sessions, I was forced to reveal deeply personal info: basically everything that they couldn't put together from years of surveillance and all other records. All of this data was put into the computer model of the personality assessment system. Perhaps because of this technology, they somehow knew that I would eventually recall these events. I was then told some of this information while in a sedated hypnotic state and commanded to remember it after the fact. Then they induced amnesia.

Months later I would begin to recall the torture sessions. Certain events that they predicted would actually transpire and then I would recall the agents telling me that it happened. This process is intended to entrain ongoing emotional trauma long after the conditioning sessions have concluded. You're running on their emotional treadmill this way and its a real challenge to step off. What's more, who would believe you? "You say you remember it AFTER the fact? You think maybe you just need medication?" etc. These "future shocks" were most frequent and intense in the first few months after recall and dissipated gradually in frequency and intensity. This leads me to believe that the further ahead in the future, the accuracy of the personality assessment system may taper off.

The FBI prevented my filing an EEOC complaint and an official investigation that may have uncovered their activities in my life and other things like my former employers' harassment's and slanders. The RCMP was trying to avoid a NAFTA suit from my former American employer and destroyed my original contract and forced me to sign another one that was favorable to him; Also, to prevent an anarchist activist from establishing himself in Seattle or Canada respectively. Both agencies had the full cooperation of local cops in every city I lived in. The interests of my former employers and major entertainment giants that I was subcontracting through them were guarded exclusively and I was completely treated like a slave and a guinea pig.

Firms like Microsoft, Disney, TDK, and Dreamworks: their all important products that I worked on could also get negative publicity by an investigation. Since the agents went to so much trouble to attack my personal work, let me be clear that I only developed characters, textures, and animations for various of their licenced products. I have never developed any full game concepts or any comic books my former employers in Washington or Canada . I will soon release a simple 2D game that the RCMP tried to co-opt in favor of Disney through the illicit conditioning and torture that they subjected me to along with an FBI agent. I began development in mid April of this year and it will soon be released. Furthermore, my next cartoon and article will be about how Disney has stolen large sums of money from the Winnie the Pooh properties and obstructed justice by shredding documents that may have proven it.

I believe that monies were distributed to all of the parties involved. As an example of the kind of people the London, Ontario police are, Al Gramolini, who was chief of police during my stay there has since been forced to step down after disgraceful breaches of the public trust. (14) During my stay, he was suspended pending a corruption investigation. He was reinstated and received a slap on the wrist for the breach of trust charge with no jail time. The subservience of federal agents and local cops to commercial interests and their brutal disregard for human rights should scare people to death regarding the agencies' supposedly 'new' powers.

As far back as 1954, the CIA created its first Manchurian Candidate(15). Morse Allen, who was with Naval Intelligence during WWII, where he prowled after people with leftist affiliations in NY, eventually became head of project BLUEBIRD (16). Still a top man at project ARTICHOKE, he experimented with hypnosis on some of the project's secretaries. He succeeded in getting some of them to steal from each other, to start fires, and to give secrets to strangers. One secretary who hated guns was hypnotized into shooting an unloaded gun at another coworker. She believed the gun was loaded and was successfully conditioned to forget it(17).

Morse concluded that, "This activity clearly indicates that individuals under hypnosis might be compromised and blackmailed." (18) Marks uncovered documents proposing terminal experiments at ARTICHOKE in the 1950s. One such experiment proposed the formation of a separate personality within a person that the agent could interact with(19). The subject would not know of this other self and would not remember the missions he was sent on or the inhuman acts he was made to perform.

The nature of these experiments, what depths they reached and if they succeeded is so classified that Marks was unable to get any documents released about them even under the freedom of information act.(20) Marks made the conclusion that the CIA, "...wouldn't have acted in a limited fashion when they felt they were on a breakthrough in technology."(21)

Dr G. H. Estabrooks, in a 1971 article, confirms that some success was achieved in this area years before the establishment of the CIA. The Rhodes scholar was hypnotizing subjects for military intelligence during and after WWII. During the conflict, Estabrooks describes in the article the successful creation of a robot courier. The subject was given classified info and the person intended for message delivery knew the trigger to unlock the soldier's mind. The soldier is unaware of this separate self and will not reveal the info, even under torture. According to Estabrooks, hypnosis was an effective means to both create and treat multiple personalities as far back as the 1920s(22).

Dr Stephen Aldrich, Morse's successor, was medical director in the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence. There he oversaw the development of space age technology that makes the Project ARTICHOKE techniques seem anachronistic. Electrode brain experiments were conducted on animals and probably humans as well. Several remote controlled species were successfully created in the early 60s(23). As far back as 1956 when the CIA created the Scientific Research Institute, they were looking into how to influence human behavior with energies such as radar signals and radio frequencies. One researcher from the CIA's Office of Research and Development was quoted, "Everybody was afraid of building the super soldier who would take orders without questioning like a kamikaze pilot. Creating a subservient society was not out of sight." (23)

Currently, Electromagnetic weapons are all the rage in the intelligence community. Dr Eldon A. Byrd headed the Marine Corps Nonlethal Electromagnetic Weapons Project in the early 80s. Byrd specialized in medical engineering and their effects on organisms. "We were looking at electrical activity in the brain and how to influence it." (24) He succeeded in experiments to entrain brainwaves to pulse in sync with those from external, even remote, energy sources.

His project was shut down within a year of the formation of an operational weapon. Byrd and other scientists researching electromagnetic radiation described being taken aback by their research being immediately classified when close to succeeding or creating operational models of their experiments and having their work and research transferred to unknown hands.(25) That was 20 years ago, when the first Macintosh computer was commercially available. With all of the advancements in technology, electronics, and personal communications since then, imagine where the technology must be at today.

Typically, those subjected to these inhuman experiments and assaults are dismissed as crazy when they come forward about it. Schizophrenia is often diagnosed on whistle blowers even in the rare instance that they present physical evidence or even if they show other rational data. My own as well as other posts about this subject have met with ridicule or allegations of questionable sanity, although some of those are probably disinfo agents. There is a real danger that independent thinkers and those engaging in dissent will be targeted by these new inquisition thugs. Slavery, HUAC, the draft, and segregation are all examples of deeply entrenched institutional structures that many Americans believed would never be dissolved. The challenge of this generation is to speak openly about, and organize around the principle that the CIA, FBI, and RCMP should disband for their collective history of criminal malfeasance, repression of freedom, and crimes against humanity.

"And it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing... a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods."

-Aldous Huxley, 1959

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Another Mind Control Target Speaks Out In Defense Of Charles Aamsellem:

Saving Ourselves From Tyrants
by Tom McKay 2:31am Mon Jun 24 '02

Dear Charles,

I am shocked and outraged to hear your story. I myself have been a target of relentless government psychological warfare for the past 8 years so this gives me good reason to believe your story. This is an atrocity. Freedom and Democracy are long gone and we are going to have to find a way to save ourselves from these criminals.

I was targeted because I criticized the Virginia Beach Police Department for ignoring the Constitutional Rights of some journalists who were trying to cover a Labor Day weekend riot about 10 years ago. The police "detained" all the journalists in a fenced in tennis court and confiscated all their notes, videotape, and photographic film.

The media never got to tell the story from a balanced perspective. We only heard the police version of events. I found only one brief comment by a young person who was there that accused the police of inciting the riot by aggressively enforcing rarely enforced laws such as "music too loud" and "jaywalking." The young people finally just got too angry and started a riot.

I think this situation is caused by people who become obsessed by Greed and Lust for Power and Authority to Dominate, Control, and Exploit their fellow citizens. They gradually come to the conclusion that violence and cruelty leads to successful domination if you can maintain control over Law Enforcement, Courts, and Legislators. When people become too powerful to prosecute for their criminal acts the system divides up into Dominators and Slaves.

I think the Authoritarian System itself needs to be questioned. I see it as inherently immoral, unethical, and unjust. Furthermore, it creates a system whereby the greatest Tyrant gets to control the world by force of arms, violence and cruelty. Sort of like - the greatest Bully on the block wins all.

It is so hard to speak out against the leadership of our world, and yet they are leading us in the wrong direction. If we do nothing else we must at least refuse to follow these leaders in the path to destruction or slavery. Global rule by the Criminal Elite is a real and serious threat.

I hope the American people are able to wake up to this evil and take back control of our government. Our military power is being used to conquer the world and impose a Global Dictatorship. This is totally inappropriate for the world superpower that we are. We should be promoting nonviolent diplomacy and respect for national sovereignty and diversity around the world.

I thank you for having the strength and courage to expose this criminal behavior. People have said that Power Corrupts. There seems to be no doubt about that.

Tom McKay
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