Thursday, November 15, 2007

The FBI's 1427 Page File On Dr. Albert Einstein -- In America Even One Of The Greatest Minds Of The 20TH Century Was Not Safe From The FBI Gestapo

The FBI has been spying on millions of Americans for decades, without warrants, and in absolute violation of the Constitutional rights of these people. Amongst the myriad of FBI victims was the late Dr. Albert Einstein, who opposed the use of nuclear weapons, and for his brilliance was greatly feared by the paranoid and psychopatic miscreant who ran the FBI at the time -- J. Edgar Hoover.

Einstein's file was released by way of the Freedom Of Information Act. The readers can access it at the link below. Note that there are 11 pages which have been almost completely blacked out by the FBI. One must wonder what the FBI had written in these pages that it did not want the American people learning of. Obviously, something detrimental to the FBI and its Gestapo operation.

The FBI is notorious for its illegal spying and denial of the COINTELPRO operations that characterize its existence. And the fact that those being targeted by the FBI are surrounded by a WALL OF DENIAL in regard to the FBI's covert COINTELPRO attacks, while these attacks continue unabated, illustrates this criminal agency's covert roots and use of coercive tactics in which to keep others from speaking out in regard to the Bureau's criminal activities.

This is why the FBI has been able to get away with its rampant criminalty for nearly a century. It simply crushes those who challenge its actions, like the abject Nazi monster that it is.

The main problem with the FBI is that it has never operated within the rule of law in this country, and has been allowed to get away with its criminal activities, in which it robs those whom it targets for such crimes of their Constitutional rights. The FBI and other agencies of US Intel are responsible for the destruction of the freedoms that we once had in this country, and will be the primary reason why a new civil war within America eventually breaks out.
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