Tuesday, November 13, 2007

FBI Used Privacy Act To Cover Up The Identities Of The Vessels In The Water Below TWA Flight 800 -- Why Was This Necessary?

"It's amazing that the FBI can cite the Privacy Act to cover-up the identities of boats below Flight 800 and simultaneously claim that there is NO cover-up. More amazing still is that, in spite of an overt cover-up, many people believe claims of a cover-up are crazy. This is because they place blind faith in the major news networks which do not investigate the veracity of government claims about the Flight 800 crash but instead function as a reliable information-relay service for the Federal Government."

-- Ian Goddard

*The major news networks and other "so called" news programs are designed to promulgate disinformation. I caught a quick blurb on talk show host Bill Maher's program last evening where he ridiculed the 9-11 Truth Movement, claiming that it was comprised of a bunch of insane people. However, Maher is a very intelligent man and knows full well that 9-11 was an inside job.

So does Geraldo Rivera. Yet both are simply towing the New World Order line here and ridiculing anyone who challenges the official story. There is a myriad of circumstantial evidence showing that there was something very strange about the planes which crashed into the World Trade Center Towers. And anyone who saw the videos of the second plane hitting World Trade Center Tower 2 can clearly see that this airliner looked nothing like a commercial one.

In fact neither of the planes looked like commercial airliners; both appeared to have something strange on the bottoms of their fuselages; both seemed to fire something into the Towers just before crashing into them; both planes appeared to leave no debris (wings etc.) sticking out of the buildings. What we saw on 9-11 were more than likely nothing but holographic images of planes created by way of satellites which actually cloaked two missiles which hit the Towers. The same is probably true of what hit the Pentagon on 9-11, and why the FBI has gone to great lengths to keep the videos of the Pentagon from being seen by the public.

See Ian Goddard's article on the FBI's cover up behind the missile downing of TWA Flight 800 below. (It was a missile that destroyed TWA Flight 800 and killed all 230 passengers aboard -- not some malfunction of the aircraft -- what the FBI has been telling the public for the past 11 years!)

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