Sunday, November 11, 2007

UFO Abductee Katarina Wilson's Latest Online Book

Since the early 1990's UFO abductee/researcher Katarina Wilson has done the best job of documenting the abduction phenomenon of any person on this planet. Even Budd Hopkins, one of the better known UFOlogists, has acknowledeged that Katarina's first book "The Alien Jigsaw" is the most impressive account of an alien abductee ever written. After having read it myself, I agree.

Katarina's latest book is available at the following Website for free. If the readers have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat, they can download this book in PDF format - the book is 279 pages and summarizes what Katarina has experienced since first being abducted by aliens as a child. Her testimony is as compelling as any you will ever read in regard to the UFO phenomenon.

While many people have seen UFO's hovering above them in the sky, Katarina has been aboard many of these craft, and brings a wealth of knowledge in regard to the EBE's who inhabit them. She is also of the belief that the US Military is in contact with EBE's (extra terrestrial biological entitites) and deliberately keeping this information from the American people -- something which has probably been happening since the early part of the 20th Century -- at least two decades before the Roswell incident.
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