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The FBI's Entrapment Of Abdallah Higazy -- How The FBI Gets Innocent People To Confess -- Is The FBI Removing Sites It Considers Unfavorable To It?

The following is a very important article given that it documents not only how the FBI coerces innocent people into admitting to crimes that they never committed, but is also surfing the Internet looking to remove articles which document its crimes. Blogger Steve Bergstein writes the following in regard to his experience pertaining to a document which indicts the FBI on a serious crime, only to find the document missing from The Court Of Appeals Website minutes later!

I experience similar situations on a regular basis with Websites containing disturbing information regarding the FBI, being deleted shortly after I have first accessed them. In my case I am well aware that the NSA (at the direction of the FBI & later DHS) watches every move I make by seeing what I see through my own eyes (satellite based remote neural monitoring).

I would now have to conclude that Steve Bergstein's Internet surfing is being monitored by the FEDS since the decision which he had read on the Court Of Appeals Website was removed almost immediately after he had accessed it. The FEDS are monitoring the Internet while participating in a substantial datamining effort of their own. They deplore the concept of privacy, since their existence is in direct opposition to such privacy. That is why we have the NSA spying on many of us within the privacy of our own homes -- as we are used for non consensual cover research and human experimentation.

The US Federal Government has become an Orwellian nightmare, and the NSA is the hub of the electronic mind control research that Americans are being subjected to.

I have also noticed the sudden disappearance of many unfavorable articles that I have read on Websites regarding US Intelligence, the Illuminati, directed energy weaponry and the rampant criminality of George W. Bush and his father George H.W. Bush ( as well as myriad other topics which this government would prefer that the American people not learn about). The following is Bergstein's quote pertaining to what happened to the Court Of Appeals opinion regarding Abdallah Hizagy, shortly after Bergstein had located it on their Website.

"As I read the opinion I realized it was a 44 page epic, too long for me to print out. I blogged about the opinion while I read it online and then posted the blog as I ate lunch. Then something strange happened: a few minutes after I posted the blog, the opinion vanished from the Court of Appeals website! I had never seen this before, and what made it all the more strange was that it involved a coerced confession over 9/11. What the hell was going on?"

-- Blogger Steve Bergstein

"Higazy alleges that during the polygraph, (FBI Agent) Templeton told him that he should cooperate, and explained that if Higazy did not cooperate, the FBI would make his brother 'live in scrutiny' and would 'make sure that Egyptian security gives [his] family hell.'”

-- Blogger Steve Bergstein

From Steve Bergstein's * Psychsound Website:

"A tale of two decisions (or, how the FBI gets you to confess)

The general public does not read court decisions, and that is a shame, because some of these decisions can be best-sellers. If you consider that some of the most successful authors of the last 20 years are legal fiction writers, it's a shame that some of the court rulings never become widely publicized considering the drama and human depravity that often surfaces through even a single lawsuit over civil rights or some other injustice.

The Federal courts do us a favor in writing their decisions: they write out the events leading up to the lawsuit at great length, really giving us a sense of what happened and why the case is important. A judge who can write well is able to suck the reader into reading the decision and a skilled legal writer can also write out the legal concepts in a way that makes sense to normal people.

In addition to this blog, I also maintain a legal blog covering the civil rights decisions of the United States Court of Appeals in Manhattan. Last week, my eyes lit up when I checked the daily decisions and saw that one case involved a guy who claimed he was forced to confess to a crime that he did not commit. This scenario surfaces from time to time for murders and other crimes, but this case was different because it involved the crime of the century: the 9/11 hijackings which launched this country into a new era.

The long and the short of it was that an Egyptian national, Abdallah Higazy, was staying in a hotel in New York City on September 11 and the hotel emptied out when the planes hit the towers. The hotel later found in the closet of his room a device that allows you to communicate with airline pilots. Investigators thought this guy had something to do with 9/11 so they questioned him. According to Higazi, the investigators coerced him into confessing to a role in 9/11. Higazi first adamantly denied any involvement with 9/11 and could not believe what was happening to him. Then, he says, the investigator said his family would go through hell in Egypt, where they torture people like Saddam Hussein.

Higazy then realized he had a choice: he could continue denying the radio was his and his family suffers ungodly torture in Egypt or he confesses and his family is spared. Of course, by confessing, Higazy's life is worth garbage at that point, but ... well, that's why coerced confessions are outlawed in the United States.

So Higazy "confesses" and he's processed by the criminal justice system. His future is quite bleak. Meanwhile, an airline pilot later shows up at the hotel and asks for his radio back. This is like something out of the movies. The radio belonged to the pilot, not Higazy, and Higazy was free to go, the victim of horrible timing. Higazy was innocent! He next sued the hotel and the FBI agent for coercing his confession. The bottom line in the Court of Appeals: Higazy has a case and may recover damages for this injustice.

As I read the opinion I realized it was a 44 page epic, too long for me to print out. I blogged about the opinion while I read it online and then posted the blog as I ate lunch. Then something strange happened: a few minutes after I posted the blog, the opinion vanished from the Court of Appeals website! I had never seen this before, and what made all the more strange was that it involved a coerced confession over 9/11. What the hell was going on?

I let some other legal bloggers know about this, particularly the How Appealing blog and Appellate Law and Practice. They both ran a commentary on the missing opinion. Then someone sent How Appealing a PDF of the decision (probably very few of them were floating around since the opinion was posted for a brief period of time) and How Appealing posted the decision.

Then things got even stranger. The Court of Appeals actually phoned How Appealing to request that he remove the opinion from his website since it contained classified information. The Court said that a revised opinion would come out the next day without the classified information. How Appealing actually refused to remove the opinion. Through it all, hundreds of people came to my legal blog to see my summary of the opinion. It was either my blog or printing out and reading a 44 page epic.

The next day, the Court of Appeals reissued the Higazy opinion. With a redaction. The court simply omitted from the revised decision facts about how the FBI agent extracted the false confession from Higazy. For some reason, this information is classified. Just as the opinion gets interesting, when we are about to learn how an FBI agent named Templeton squeezed the "truth" out of Higazy, the opinion reads at page 7: "This opinion has been redacted because portions of the record are under seal. For the purposes of the summary judgment motion, Templeton did not contest that Higazy's statements were coerced."

So the opinion, while interesting, is much less interesting because now we don't know how the FBI extracts false confessions from people. Looking at things from another angle, we don't know how the FBI gets suspected terrorists to tell the truth. Except that we do know this, because the opinion is still available from the How Appealing website. The horse is out of the barn, and the classified portion of the opinion is embedded in the Internet for all eternity. Not only is this decision not to remove the premature opinion now a subject of debate (people tend to think that How Appealing did the right thing in keeping the opinion available), but now we can see the part of the ruling that the Court redacted:

Higazy alleges that during the polygraph, Templeton told him that he should cooperate, and explained that if Higazy did not cooperate, the FBI would make his brother “live in scrutiny” and would “make sure that Egyptian security gives [his] family hell.”

Templeton later admitted that he knew how the Egyptian security forces operated: “that they had a security service, that their laws are different than ours, that they are probably allowed to do things in that country where they don’t advise people of their rights, they don’t – yeah, probably about torture, sure.”

Higazy later said, "I knew that I couldn't prove my innocence, and I knew that my family was in danger." He explained that "[t]he only thing that went through my head was oh, my God, I am screwed and my family's in danger. If I say this device is mine, I'm screwed and my family is going to be safe. If I say this device is not mine, I’m screwed and my family’s in danger. And Agent Templeton made it quite clear that cooperate had to mean saying something else other than this device is not mine.”

Higazy explained why he feared for his family:

The Egyptian government has very little tolerance for anybody who is —they’re suspicious of being a terrorist. To give you an idea, Saddam’s security force—as they later on were called his henchmen—a lot of them learned their methods and techniques in Egypt; torture, rape, some stuff would be even too sick to . . . . My father is 67. My mother is 61. I have a brother who developed arthritis at 19. He still has it today. When the word ‘torture’ comes at least for my brother, I mean, all they have to do is really just press on one of these knuckles. I couldn't imagine them doing anything to my sister.

And Higazy added:

[L]et’s just say a lot of people in Egypt would stay away from a family that they know or they believe or even rumored to have anything to do with terrorists and by the same token, some people who actually could be —might try to get to them and somebody might actually make a connection. I wasn’t going to risk that. I wasn’t going to risk that, so I thought to myself what could I say that he would believe. What could I say that’s convincing? And I said okay.

That's how they do it, folks. If a foreign national is suspected of terrorist activity, the FBI will threaten to have a brutal foreign government punish his family. And punishment in a place like Egypt is not like punishment here. Punishment here consists of solitary confinement and a very long prison term. Punishment over there is torture."

* Actually, the NSA is using covert forms of satellite based directed energy weapons to torture Americans within the privacy of their own homes. I know this for certain because I am one of the people being tortured in such ways and know of many other Americans who are being both physically and psychologically tortured by way of such weaponry.

Google sites such as the Mind Control Forums and Freedom From Covert Harassment And Surveillance and you will find a great number of people who have reported being targeted for longterm illegal government satellite surveillance as well as being tortured by satellite based directed energy weapons.

These are Hitlerian crimes which are being perpetrated against us, yet the US Congress and Media remain largely silent in regard to our complaints because this technology is classified -- some of it being so highly classified that it technically does not even exist -- even though those of us being targeted by it are painfully aware that it does.

Steve Bergstein's Website can be accessed below:

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