Monday, November 05, 2007

FEDS Attempt To Infiltrate TI Groups In Their Demonization Campaign Against Me -- What A Surprise Since They Have Already Hit Everyone Else

"It Is Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong"

-- Voltaire

The FEDS' attempts will turn out to be a complete waste of their time since all they are doing at this point is attempting to obfuscate their complicity in the continuous crimes that they have perpetrated against me for nearly three decades. Since posting my information on an International scale it is a certainty that the FEDS are looking to sever any ties that I have with the TI community (if I actually did have any -- I don't), given that I am one of the few people who can actually document that the FBI and NSA are the genesis of the mind control weaponry being deployed against me.

Remember that with the FEDS they operate on the divide and conquer principle. However, it is impossible to divide the individual unless you attempt to split their personality through the use of psychological warfare. And if the person is aware of what is being covertly done to them, this becomes far more difficult for the FEDS to accomplish.

Moreover, given that I have never actually been a participant in the TI community per se, there is no relationship to sever -- much to the FEDS' chagrin. In fact, I have managed to avoid many of the donnybrook type arguements which have taken place with some of the giant egos in this community. However, that is not to say that there are not many decent people within it who are trying to affect positive change regarding an end to their harassment. There most certainly are. And these people are suffering in ways that no person should be, while being attacked by those insufferable pricks who have adopted a Nazi ideology for themselves.

So is it any wonder why many TI's are so short tempered, given that they are in one way or another tortured on a regular (and oftentimes daily) basis? For this reason, one never knows when an incendiary situation will take place between some TI's who are at their psychological breaking point -- many of them are, given the inhumane treatment they are constantly being subjected to.

And for this reason, it makes sense for many of us to work alone in documenting our cases, and to then share them in efforts to show the extreme ways in which we are being abused. Many of the forums dedicated to helping victims of mind control and organized stalking crimes can be just as damaging to some TI's as they are helpful to others.

And like myriad other TI's who document their own harassment while offering whatever support they can to other TI's without actually becoming involved in these forums , I simply stand alone while documenting exactly what I have experienced -- illustrating some of the most outrageous and precedent setting violations of both constitutional and human rights in the history of the United States. Furthermore, the federal agents whom I have perpetrating these crimes against me are nothing more than Americanized Gestapo; mercenaries who use demonization tactics to dehumanize those whom they cannot legally incarcerate.

And in my situation, their demonization tactics are indicative of their frustration in having been "found out" by someone whom they have been perpetrating horrific crimes against for a substantial period of time. I now know how agencies like the FBI and NSA obtain their information -- satellite based remote neural monitoring of the human brain which is an outright violation of the US Constitution and the Miranda Law. Yet this has not stopped the FEDS from perpetrating such anti-American crimes.

To be spied upon 24 hours a day where you can't even go to the jon in privacy is not something that you would expect to have happening here in the United States -- however it is happening at an alarming rate and by agencies like the NSA and FBI. And if they actually admitted to this, one might only imagine the extent to which they would attempt to "bullshit" the public in efforts to convince them that checking out the bowel movements of TI's is really critical.

Let's face it: these FEDS are Nazi PIGS, looking to dig dirt on anyone whom they find of interest, which is why they resort to their sexually predatory satellite peeping activities. And the more outrageous their behavior, the more they will look to justify it. Screw them. No one who violates your rights in such outrageous ways is worth the air they are breathing. Especially the predatory skunks operating within US Intel who regularly use their high tech surveillance gear to eavesdrop into the homes of Mr. & Mrs. American front porch. -- If only the porch's knew how badly their rights have been violated by these covert Nazi thugs who operate with bottomless supplies of cash in which to feed their black operations, they might actually grow a real set of acorns and stand up to this abuse instead of cowering in the shadows as they have continued to do for the past Century.

Given how badly they have been ripped off by this government, the American people should be absolutely livid by now - I know that I am.

And because of such outrageous violations to my privacy, whether others choose to acknowledge my accounts or not is immaterial to me, since I know that I am documenting accurate information with regard to what I have been subjected to (some of the most accurate information regarding John Akwei's lawsuit that you will find anywhere on the Internet), and will continue to do so.

Those who fail to heed what I am saying will only later find out that it has been the truth.

Even as it now stands and in spite of the FEDS' attempts to have my information "pulled" from Websites, there are still quite a few which continue to link to this site (and many more individuals who visit here) in spite of the FBI/DHS smear campaign being waged against me at this time.


Because when you are documenting that the US Intelligence Community has been ILLEGALLY electronically tracking you for decades simply by tapping into the electromagnetic field which surrounds your body, while accessing and manipulating your thoughts, this is not exactly the type of news that people will ignore -- even if they simply want to prove you wrong. Moreover, learning that this technology actually exists and is being deployed by the covert Nazi's within the NSA is not going to improve anyone's day -- that is for certain.

And while they may initially doubt your accounts, as you continue to document information which proves that the technology which you describe does exist, this only feeds their own curiosity - wondering if they are in some way impacted by the same technology that you are.

According John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, they are -- all Americans are.

Akwei has documented that every person within the United States can be tracked by way of NSA satellite instantly -- which can only mean that the NSA has within its database, the bio electrical code to the body of each person in this country.

And there is no question that as Americans continue to learn about this, they will begin to question what other deep dark SECRETS the NSA is hiding under the cover of national security.

As I have said in the past, what we are witnessing in the United States and abroad is a Nazi influence which has totally subverted the governments of this planet -- which are now gradually being consolidated into one enormous cabal that will be used to enslave the proletariat in each country, while the Illuminati elite continue to live like the Luciferian royalty that they are.

We will be back to feudalism before long where the majority of the people in this country will lose whatever assets they presently have, while becoming forced to work as slaves for the Illuminati. The average American family is not only unable to afford a home, but being crushed by the financial debt which they are forced to absorb each month. And even many of those in what used to be middle class America -- who have in the past been able to afford homes -- are now being forced to mail their keys back to bank, given the upward spiraling rates of ARM's -- while leaving whatever investments they had in their homes, for the lenders to benefit by.

2007 has been a particularly bad year for this, reminiscent of the housing crunch in Long Island, New York back in the 1980's, where a very similar situation adversely affected the State.

And the present housing crunch does portend a feudalistic outcome within the future, whether we choose to presently acknowledge it or not.

In reality, Americans have been involved in a form of indentured servitude since the Federal Reserve central bank took over the US economy and created what has become a nation of debtors. When you first began working, didn't it seem normal to want to secure a credit card? A card which has kept so many of us in a perpetual state of financial debt since first obtaining it.

That is how badly most of us have been brainwashed.

The change back to a full fledged form of feudalism is presently in the making, and will only continue to grow worse over time, as those who are aware of what is occurring will be rounded up and later murdered, while the rest of the unwitting population experiences the "frog in the pot" syndrome.

And as for TI's who are accused of exhibiting strange behavior (in some cases very strange), that is after all why they call what we are being subjected to "mind control" experimentation. For if we were functioning in a perfectly normal capacity, we'd have a far less convincing argument to make.

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