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Please Sign The Following Petition To Have The US Congress Force The CDC To Investigate Morgellons Disease

Morgellons Disease surfaced a few years ago and has since become one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the United States. It is characterized by a number of symptoms which to date physicians have been unable to explain. Consequently, the US Medical Community has adopted a position of denial when it comes to Morgellons, accusing those who suffer with its symptoms of being paranoid.

The same situation has occurred with chronically ill Lyme Disease patients, who've been told that we are making too much of our illness, and that Lyme Disease can be easily cured with any remaining symptoms resulting not from the Lyme Disease itself, but instead from what the American Medical Association has referred to as "Post Lyme Syndrome." This is an outright lie by the AMA in efforts to cover up the serious nature of Lyme Disease and the fact that like Morgellons, it finds its roots as a biological weapon.

Learn more about Morgellons at the following links and please sign the petition at the second link to force the CDC to formally investigate the complaints by Morgellons' patients and to research its origins. To date the CDC has dragged its heels in doing so. And while the CDC will not do any meaningful investigation, even a bogus one will help to give Morgellons more public exposure, which at present is desperately needed.

The Petition:

"The undersigned citizens of the United States urgently request a U.S. government oversight hearing to determine why the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is taking so long to investigate the cause of Morgellons Disease. The CDC has admitted that it has been receiving citizen complaints of symptoms of this disease for over a decade. Letters from senators from a number of states to the CDC calling for action on this apparently infectious condition that now affects about 9000 families have resulted in NO apparent investigation thus far by the CDC.

Recently, a government oversight hearing was called for to investigate complaints of contaminated pet food and determined that there was system wide failure by the FDA to protect pets from contaminated foods. We believe ill and suffering individuals are at least as important as sick pets. There were a number of pet deaths attributable to tainted pet food. At least 15 persons have died directly or indirectly after being affected by Morgellons disease and thousands more are suffering and becoming disabled.

Most were misdiagnosed as being delusional by dermatologists, largely untrained in psychiatric conditions, using badly flawed inaccurate and unsupportable assertions in the literature. Scientists have identified some of the physical manifestations of this disease using dermatoscopes, microscopes, DNA analysis and chromatography. The manifestations of this disease are real, multisystemic and progressive, not delusional. However the etiologic agent has so far not matched any known human pathogen.

There is no cure. Time is of the essence since one half of the 9000 people identifying themselves as ill with this disease have done so within in the past six months. This may represent an emerging epidemic. In our opinion, the CDC is failing in its obligation of 'controlling the introduction and spread of infectious diseases,' and we, the taxpayers have a right to know why this is happening and to have the current apparent failure of the CDC addressed immediately."

Please Sign The Petition Here:
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